The Electric Beat: Exploring Rave Culture in Korea

Rave culture is a worldwide phenomenon that has taken the music and dance scene by storm. While its roots can be traced back to the United States and Europe, it has found a vibrant and passionate following in South Korea. Korean rave culture, much like its counterparts around the world, is a colorful, pulsating, and immersive experience that unites music, art, and an undying sense of community. In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating world of rave culture in Korea, exploring its history, influences, and what makes it unique. By the end of it, maybe you’ll decide if you want to participate in Korean rave culture and try it out yourself the next time! If you think so, let us help you take it to the next level and check out our post on everything you need to know on preparing for your first rave.
November 11, 2023

Affordable Clothing Shops in Seoul Korea

So you’ve traveled to Korea, explored the best K-pop attractions already, and now want the best deals on cheap clothes in Seoul. We got you. With the currency conversion visiting as a tourist, you are already saving big when it comes to clothes shopping in Korea. Of course, there are better places to shop for clothes in Korea if you know where to look and you want to be really savvy about getting the best deals in Seoul. In addition to giving you tips on the best places to shop for clothes in Korea, we will also be giving you some key tips to look out for to optimize your budget and spending. 
November 25, 2022

Top 3 Cafes and Restaurants Owned by Kpop Stars to Visit

If you are traveling to Seoul as a Kpop stan, it’s no joke that you must make the most out of your stay in Korea. Besides filling up your itinerary with the best food and Kpop-related things to do in Seoul, we know that part of supporting your favorite Kpop group entails supporting their family businesses. After all, many Kpop stars and their family have begun to operate their own business lately, and this trend has undoubtedly allowed their fans to have a way to personally support them. With the pandemic and lack of accessible tourist the last few years, it has been really unfortunate that many of these family businesses no longer exists. So definitely come and support the Kpop owned cafe and restaurants that are still currently around in Seoul. If they’re lucky, they might even run into the stars themselves at their Kpop-owned cafes and restaurants. Today, we list our pick of the top five best cafes owned by Kpop stars and their families.
November 25, 2022