Attractions to Visit as a K-Pop Lover in Seoul 

If you are planning your first trip to Seoul Korea, and you are a huge Kpop fan like us, then I bet you are looking to find all the Kpop-related attractions to go to! Besides trying to pick up the Korean language the last minute, we know next on the list is all things KPop. Seoul can be so big and grand, and it can be hard to know where to start, especially when the things to do in Seoul that are related to Kpop can be pretty spaced apart. Worry not, we have picked out three of our top places to visit in Seoul for Kpop that you can add onto your itinerary. Let’s begin!

HiKr Ground 

First on the list of places to go in Seoul Kpop is HiKr Ground. This is a brand new space with no admission, so Kpop lovers can rejoice in spending hours here at absolutely no cost at all. HiKr Ground Seoul is an interactive space where you can come in and take photos and videos of themes set inspired by Kpop videos! It is a rather large building with a ton of space, so you’ll find yourself wandering the building for quite a while. There is a subway set, laundry set, and a space set just to name a few. How it works, is that you can choose your favorite Kpop song and a moving background. Then the stage is all set up for you to record your Kpop dance! Don’t forget to pack your favourite Kpop-inspired clothes before heading over so you can take advantage of really feeling and looking like a Kpop star! Why not try to recreate the latest Blackpink Pink Venom Music video with these dupes we found at Lychee the Label while you are at it.

Hikr Ground Seoul empty and lit up in pink

In addition to their Kpop attraction, you can also their movie and Kdrama room, where you can check out their VR experience for free as well. Visit their culture space and experience some interactive and digital activities. Last but not least, if you are looking to take a break, visit their cafe on the fifth floor, where they serve cute and yummy drinks and desserts. If you are a Kpop lover looking for things to do in Seoul related to Kpop, this is definitely the one experience you don’t want to miss during your time there!

Buskers in Hongdae

As a lover of all things Kpop, I’d have to say one of the things I truly enjoy the most is observing Kpop buskers in the streets of Hongdae go all out on their favourite Kpop idol’s cover. In Hongdae, regardless of weekend or weekday, you are bound to find Kpop street performers when the sun starts to set. There is one particular area in Hongdae, where the streets expand out, and there are few rows of elevated seating found in the Center of the road. Here, many performers secure their spots and sing or dance their hearts out for onlookers. Often times you can hear the crowds cheering, and for bigger performers, you will see quite an elaborate setup from fans, as they bring professional cameras and tripods to record their favourite moments. Several of these buskers even do a live stream during this! It certainly is an enjoyable and lively activity to do in Seoul if you want to find something Kpop-related. If you are tired from standing, there is actually a Cafe across this area where you can a perfect (if not slightly far) view of the buskers while sipping on your favorite drink. Sky rabbit cafe, also featured in Running Man, has a great view to observe buskers. 

Hongdae Buskers performing with a crowd

For those that wonder why busking exists so commonly in the streets of Hongdae, it is because it is part of the youth’s culture. Besides busking for pure joy and desire, busking also pays off for particular Kpop stars that have now earned a name in the limelight. It is a way to share their passion and gain recognition. If you are a lover of Kpop, this is one activity you must see in Seoul for Kpop. 

K-Star Road 

Located in Gangnam around the upper areas, resides a road known as K-Star road. To be more specific, it is the road that connects Apujeong Rodeo Station and Cheongdam. It’s a long curved road that makes its way down a row of extraordinary designer buildings with the most extravagant architecture, often referred to as the Luxury Road of Cheongdam. Of course, it’s not so much the designer buildings and shopping we are recommending you check out, but the rows of bear mascots sporting iconic Kpop groups that you need to keep your eyes peeled for. These mascots are referred to as GangnamDol, which is a word that is meant to combine both Gangnam and Idol and Doll into one. Here you can find all the famous Kpop group’s own human-sized GangnamDol, usually decked out in a signature color, design or theme, accompanied by the group’s name and photo. In addition to finding all your favourite old school Kpop groups such as Girls Generation, Super Junior and EXO, you will also find popular new groups such as BTS and Blackpink. 

kstar-road-gangnam collage of three of the bears and fans

Once you’ve walked this K-Star road, you will be greeted with the surrounding area where the Entertainment industry of Seoul resides. Here, labels like JYP, Cube Entertainment, and more can be found. Can’t get enough of this area? Try dining at the secret cafe operated by Cube Entertainment: CUBAKER. Not only is it a cafe designed exclusively for fans, but also their idols! 

And there you have it. The top 3 places in Seoul for Kpop-related activities you can do while you stay in Korea! If you haven't already prepared for packing, you can check out our tips and guide on What to Pack for your Korea trip over here! For more Kpop-related news, don’t forget to check our blog or visits us at Lychee the Label for exclusive Kpop-inspired streetwear pieces. 

October 03, 2022
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