Everything you need to know about BlackPink Pink Venom MV + Outfits Inspo

If you didn’t already know, Blackpink is back and better than ever. BLINKS can now rise up once again to give their support. For us, we can get back into updating you on the latest Blackpink news as seen from our previous blog posts such as How to Dress Like Lisa from Blackpink and Top 6 Blackpink Fashion and Stage Inspired Outfits. This extremely successful and talented Kpop girl group is set to launch their second album Born Pink this September 16, 2022. Astonishingly (but then again, not surprisingly), they have already sold more than 1.5 million copies during their pre-sale. Blackpink Kpop group is set to also perform at the MTV VMA’s this following month, in addition to launching their world tour starting this October. Currently, only 12 hours after launching their Music Video (MV) Pink Venom on YouTube, it has already accumulated over 61 Million views so far. 

black pink pink venom campaign at brooklyn bridge

For those that were not in the loop, don’t you worry, we are here to give you all the insider and behind the scene info on everything you need to know about Blackpink’s Pink Venom Music Video and launch. Pink Venom, BlackPink’s latest single, was teased very abruptly this month in August, with their promo video accumulating over 20 million views to start. There were a couple promotions that went behind the launch of Blackpink’s Pink Venom such as the #PinkVenomChallenge which took place right on YouTube where fans would create their own YouTube Shorts and choreograph their own dance to Pink Venom. In addition to these fun challenges that they have set, the team has gone above and beyond to promote this new single that was set to launch Aug 18/19 (depending on what country you are based in). The single ‘Pink Venom’ by Blackpink was set to be released alongside their Light Up The Pink campaign, which would take place simultaneously in major cities around the world. Landmarks and significant buildings would be lit in pink to honour to release of Pink Venom, this included cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bangkok, New York and LA. 

BlackPink Pink Venom Outfit Dupes

Pink Venom Rose Zipper Pants 

In one of the dance scenes in the Pink Venom Music Video, you can see Rose rocking a pair of black denim zipper pants that had multiple functional zippers that went across both legs. It’s an edgy statement pants that certainly fits all the bill in the streetwear category. Our take on these pants would be the Kombu Zipper Pleather Shorts. They give off the same vibe with their dark fabric finishes, and zipper thigh detailing. While similar, Kombu is a pair of pleather shorts instead. So if you want to rock something inspired by the zippered pants Rose was rocking, this has the same look and style you might be searching for. 

rose pink venom outfit red top and black shorts
kombu pleather shorts with black top on model

Pink Venom Jisoo White Buckle Top 

If you were just as mesmerized as us when you saw Jisoo walking in that gorgeous white number, you’d know that we were already on it to find the closest thing in that style. We love the strapless look of her top, and we loved how it was completely whited out. Her top featured a row of buttons that went down the center and two strappy buckles that went across the top. Our take for this look is the Meringue Pin Tube Top. They both have the same style of a strapless white top, followed by metallic detailing across the front of the top. While they both have very streetwear like qualities, they give off a slightly more formal and classy look to your overall outfit. 

meringue pin tube top dupe on jisoo white on white outfit
meringue pin tube top with denim shorts on model

Pink Venom Lisa Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Shawl

We were totally blown away by the all-black street Kpop outfits the girls wore during one segment of the dance. Particularly Blackpink Lisa’s Asymmetrical cowl neck shawl. It was such a cool and unique streetwear piece that we have never seen before and absolutely loved it. It has a chucks turtle neck with an asymmetrical finish that has the fabric draped down on one side of her outfit. This piece is reminiscent of the Dorayaki Asymmetrical Turtle Neck Shawl available at Lychee the Label. They both have the same streetwear look with the oversized turtleneck and draping of the fabric on one side. Additionally, Dorayaki also features additional streetwear elements such as the stacking pleather straps found on one side of the shawl. A unique streetwear kpop piece from Blackpink Pink Venom music video that you would want to find that dupe of! 

blackpink venom outfit dangling distress theme
dorayaki shawl on red hair model

Pink Venom Jennie Layered Corset Tank Top

One of the really cool streetwear looks that was worn in Pink Venom was Jennie’s layered corset top. It was a lighter color scheme and made from what looks to be a cotton tank top merged together with a denim corset top. The side of the denim corset also had a really cool cut-out detail that lifted the top to a higher crop. This was something that seemed to be the most casual of all the outfits and totally wearable for a day to day outfit. Our take on Jennie’s Pink Venom top is the Croissant Colorblock Zip Up Tank Top which also features the same mock layered corset detailing found in Jennie’s top. This top is made from a lighter material, likely the top portion of Jennie’s Pink Venom tank in the photo, and comes with a slightly raised waistline (although not cut-out like Jennie’s top). It’s a similar look that can be worn casually but still exudes that edgy streetwear vibe you get from the Blackpink Pink Venom music video. 

matching black pink pink venom outfit in wild colors
corset tank top in white and beige worn on red hair model

What is your favorite look in Blackpink’s Pink Venom music video? From the four inspired looks, which one do you want to rock in? For all the latest update on everything Blackpink, don’t forget to check out our other blog post such as How to Dress Like a Kpop Star. Need more inspiration on Kpop clothing? Check out our full Kpop fashion collection over at Lychee the Label to stay inspired. 

August 22, 2022
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