What You Need to Know For Gov Ball 2023

For those that are new to the rave community, welcome! Could it be that you’re looking into the Gov Ball 2023 music festival as a first-time raver? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we also created a comprehensive post for First-Timer Rave Tips that you can check out before you carry on here. Today we’re going to let you in on all the things you need to know about Gov Ball 2023 for you to have the best time this year partying. Let’s get started, shall we? 

gov ball 2023 fish eye shot of the crowd and stage

To preface, Gov Ball is a fairly new rave that originated in 2011, and has since been hosted at Randalls Island in New York year after year Gov ball music festival is a 3-day event that features a wide variety of musical genres such as electronic, rock, pop, hip hop, and indie. Last year Gov Ball 2022 included headliners like Kid Cudi, Halsey and J.Cole, along with other popular artists like Louis the Child, Playboi Carti, Jack Harlow and more. There are hundreds of thousands of people gathered every year to enjoy this New York City rave. 

When Does Gov Ball 2023 Start

Festival time starts as early as 11:45 AM and ends at 10:00 PM for all three days of Governors Ball music festival. However, you are not obligated to arrive right at the opening. Festival goers can check the set that their favorite artists are performing and plan to arrive accordingly if an all-day event sounds too much to you. Just be sure to prepare plenty of time in case you get held up by arrival. 

What You Need to Know About Gov Ball 2023 Wristbands

Remember to only put your wristbands on during the days of the festival. Do not tug or pull the bands prior as it will be a lengthy process to get it replaced during the music festival. Wristbands can be pre-registered before the Gov Ball event, allowing you to enjoy the event cashless. Just activate your wristband, create and remember your specific pin, and make your purchase as seamless as possible with your wristband. However, if you do not want to register pre-set money into your wristband, the option to use a credit card and debit card is still available to you. Gov Ball 2023 will not be accepting cash. 

Can I bring food into Gov Ball? 

There will be food trucks and eateries readily available for you to enjoy your meal on the festival grounds. As for drinks, you will have a number of options to choose from including beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks. Water, however, will be free and available throughout Gov Ball grounds. Remember to stay hydrated! 

Can I Leave Gov Ball Music Festival and Come Back? 

Festival goers with Gov Ball 2023 wristbands are only permitted to enter and exit the premise once per day, therefore re-entries are not allowed. We recommend double-checking on your end that you have everything you need before entering the music festival. 

Can I Bring a Bag into Gov Ball 2023?

You may bring a bag but it must meet the size and design requirement to enter. Bags cannot be bigger than 12” x 6” x 12” and must be clear. For smaller clutches, they can be no bigger than 4.5” x 6.5”. 

gov ball 2023 bag must have essentials

What Happens if it Rains During Gov Ball 2023?

Gov Ball 2023 is a rain or shine event, be prepared to check the weather forecast ahead of time. Prep for the necessary shoes or raincoat if you want to enjoy this event to the fullest even in the rain! 

Gov Ball 2023 Parking

If you’re not opting for the subway or bus into Citi Field and want to take your car instead, here’s what you want to know about the parking situation. It is located near the festival ground but is very limited. You need to pay for parking in advance online to secure yourself a spot. You will not be able to pay on-site and will be asked to leave by doing so. 

And there you have it! Every question you had answered for your trip to Gov Ball 2023. Looking for generalized rave tips to help you with your experience? Be sure to check out our blog post on The Top 10 Rave Essentials You Need. Going with a rave bae? You’re going to love our Rave Couple Outfits blog post. Be sure to check out our Rave collection at Lychee the label for more rave fashion inspiration that you can use towards Gov Ball 2023! Until then, have fun!

August 22, 2022