The Best Tips for First Time Ravers

If you have never been to a rave before, we can bet that you’re feeling all sorts of crazy and exciting emotions. There’s just so much to look forward to and we’re so excited for you to have that first-time rave experience. With that being said, there’s a lot to know before you go to your first rave. We created a list of the best tips for first-time ravers to get you started on prepping for your first-ever music festival. 

Discuss your designated meeting spot

For those that haven’t attended a rave or music festival before, they might be surprised to find out that oftentimes their phone won’t work! Due to the huge amount of people concentrated in a single area, people are rarely able to find any service. With that being said, do not rely on your phone as a way to contact your group if anyone is lost. The best tip we can give first-time ravers is to decide on your designated meet-up spot in the event that someone is lost or cannot be tracked. Usually, festivals will provide you with a map to let you know ahead of time where all their stages and amenities are. If they don’t have one readily available before the event then you can try to obtain a map of their ground from the year before. If possible, loosely define the timeframes you plan to be in certain areas and if people are not present during that time, you can easily find them through the established meeting spot you all decided on. This will be super helpful to eliminate any wasted time trying to track someone in a sea of thousands of people. Best of all, you won’t miss your favorite artist during their set just because you had to spend that time trying to locate all your friends. This first-timer rave tip is crucial and highly recommended 

Refill your hydration pack every time

A helpful first-time raver tip we can provide for you is to ensure that your hydration pack is always filled up when you have the chance to. If you walk by a water station, take a moment to refill it to full. If you see the water station empty, take the chance to get ahead. We say this because oftentimes, these water stations are filled to the brim and can take a while to line up for. This is especially true when a popular DJ is about to perform and everyone is scrambling to fill up before jumping into the crowd. This can cause a huge delay and you possibly miss out on some of the songs in a set. By ensuring that your water pack is always full by filling it when you are able to, you can eliminate the hassle of rushing and securing your spot in the crowd. Staying hydrated is one of the biggest musts for first-time ravers since you probably don’t know how quickly you become dehydrated during a rave. With you constantly jumping around, dancing, and running all under the hot sun, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll be reaching for that water pack. So do yourself a favor and fill up when you can! 

Get into the rave wear spirit

If you are a first-time raver, you’ll probably be shocked by all the amazing rave wear you’re going to see. People get so creative during music festivals, it’s hard not to join in and just immerse yourself with rave culture. There is no right or wrong in rave wear, it’s technically whatever you want it to be. But there are themes that are typical for rave wear that you can start to dip your toes into, whether it’s neon outfits, streetwear outfits, bohemian outfits, or more. Check out our Music Festival Outfit Guide for in-depth detailing on the best rave wear for first-timers. Our favorite style of rave wear tends to gravitate towards streetwear aesthetics. Matching sets make for a really unified look and grab the most attention. Adding details like reflective pieces, strappy accessories, and interesting design is only the tip of rave wear culture. Here are some first-time raver outfits for you to get some inspiration from. 

first rave wear outfit of purple hair model wearing a black bustier and pleather shorts
first time raver outfits of model wearing all black outfit

Have your essentials packed and ready

Sometimes we forget in the moment of excitement all the important things we’re going to need. For first-time ravers, must-have items could go amiss when you’re not sure what you need. While we do have a blog post illustrating The top 10 Rave Essentials to Pack in greater detail, for the purpose of this post we’re going to just list off the must-have essentials for first-time ravers here. Be prepared to bring with you a portable charger for your phone, as the battery will likely drain between you trying to contact all your friends (spoilers: probably unsuccessfully from the lack of service) and all the videos you’ll try to capture of your favorite artist performing. Be sure to also pack with you some anti-bacterial wipes as you’ll likely get quite dirty throughout the day. Sunscreens are also a must, especially if you plan on staying throughout the day and standing under the hot beaming sun. Comfortable shoes will be your best friend after the first 3 hours, so be sure to pack a pair that you have already broken into. Earplugs are great for those with sensitive hearing and will protect you in the long run. Last but not least, a backpack of fanny (size-approved) to carry all the necessities. 

lotus streetwear rave bag flat lay close up


Now that you’re a little more prepared than when you first started reading this post, you can start your first-time rave planning! Don’t forget to check out Lychee the Label’s selection of Rave Wear to get you started on the ultimate rave outfit for your first event! Remember to have fun and stay safe. 

March 11, 2022
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