An Outfit for Every Joji Song Mood

Joji is a half-Japanese, half-Australian singer and songwriter that has quickly risen to fame these last few years. Originally named George Kusunoki Miller, he has since taken up the stage name Joji for all his artistic work associated with him. Joji was the first Asian-born artist to hit number 1 in the Billboard top 100s, producing lo-fi R&B music that quickly captured a fanbase. Today, he has worked with 88rising to release several hit songs and collaborated with other 88rising artists like Rich Brian where he is consistently set to perform at Head in the Clouds (peep our post on the Top Essential to Bring to Head in the Clouds). 

Yeah Right 

The hit Joji song Yeah Right is the classic break-up love song we all know and love. In this number, the artist is depicting an individual who is going through a difficult break-up but chooses to cope with his struggle with a mindless quick fix that we’d generally refer to as toxic. The person is choosing to ruin their life through a messy lifestyle of partying and prefers to stay in this empty and mindless state of feeling numb. It’s a tale as old as time. 

This Joji song mood has a laid-back tone. The slow jams and beats indicate a groove to the vibe. It has a bit of a “don’t care” and “living in the moment” aura that blends together with the slight depressive mood implicit in the lyrics. 

musubi-triangle-bralette with black zipper pants and black jacket

A Joji outfit we think represents the song Yeah Right is something that mainly showcases a more laid-back and carefree demeanor. As the mood of this song implies, the person isn’t busy being deep in thoughts, but rather casual, plain, and mindless. This would mean a comfy and casual outfit that might play into the darker color schemes. 

In this photo, the model is rocking Musubi, a basic triangle bralette with an adjustable spaghetti strap. It’s cropped to show off a little bit of skin and has an open-back design. The casually drop over the bralette, the model is wearing Angel Hair, a baggy cropped jacket with a zippered design, and dangling satin straps attached from the sleeve. The finish off, the model is wearing Viola, a fitted pleather belt pant with mock stacked zippers throughout the front panel. 


Popularized in Joji’s Nectar Album from 2020, the song Sanctuary describes a beautiful relationship blossoming into a mutual feeling of love. The expression of love between the two and the meaning they hold is so powerful that it is described that they are each other’s ‘sanctuary’. Like most of Joji’s music, the song Sanctuary has a soft and laid-back tone. Unlike his other music work that generally faces sadder tones, this one has a bit of a rhythm and a feeling of hope that matches the positive vibe for this Joji song mood. 

A Joji outfit we think represents the song Sanctuary is something that showcases the hopelessness and beauty of falling in love and finding your one person. Love is beautiful, complicated, and light so we think the outfit should represent all three of these points. The outfit should be on a lighter color scheme to indicate the light and positivity associated with this ethereal love song. 

rosehip-leg-strap-dress in white on model

In this photo, the model is rocking the Rose Hip Dress. This white dress has the perfect balance of light and edgy which we think is a perfect representation of this love song. Multiple strap details are found along with the dress including the shoulders and thighs. The dress also has cheeky slits at the bottom and is decorated with stacking waist buckles. 

Slow Dancing in the Dark 

Joji’s most popular song Slow Dancing in the Dark is not to be missed from this list. The song implies the slow demise of the romantic relationship between the couple, as indicated through the metaphor ‘slow dancing”. Alternatively, people have also stated that the song could have the double meaning of a man being cheated on by his lover and him being unaware, thus the lyric “in the dark”. This Joji song mood is heavy, slow-paced, and dark. It feels regretful with the lingering tones of love fading from a relationship that was once strong. 

A Joji outfit we think represents the song Slow Dancing in the Dark is something that showcases this dark tone from slowly losing a lover. This feeling of needing to go and not wanting to leave and feeling trapped, with clothes that have straps as a metaphor for this. It should be a statement dressed in something plain to indicate the strong feelings and emptiness associated with this Joji song mood. 


In this photo, the model is rocking a matching set. The top, Dashi, is a cropped strapped tank top with a hidden zipper side. It also comes with long detachable sleeves with thumbholes. The matching bottom, Tare, is a pair of fitted black shorts with straps wrapped around the waist and a single thigh. 

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March 05, 2022