Top Three NIKI 88rising Outfits and Their Dupes

Nicole Zefanya, better known as NIKI, was born in Jakarta Indonesia in 1999. From a young age, she had shown an interest in music, learning the guitar from being self-taught at the tender age of 9. By 15, NIKI was able to garner some attention from being the opening act for one of Taylor Swift’s Red tour. From there NIKI heavily pursued music, maintaining a Youtube before officially releasing her original singles under her Spotify. By 2017 she had signed on with 88rising under their label and have since become an advocate for empowering Asian Americans and being the voice of the under-represented in the music community. Today, you can find NIKI creating music and spreading her message and passion on popular Asian festivals like 88rising. 

Three Outfits NIKI Popped Off In 

In honor of NIKI’s iconic journey, we’re bringing to you our top three favorite outfits worn by NIKI and our affordable outfit dupes to match. Whether you’re looking to find inspiration for outfits to rock at the next HITC festival or just want to change up your look, these outfits worn by NIKI should give you some new ideas for yourself! 

NIKI Outfit 1: White-Out 

Let’s bring it back to this iconic NIKI outfit she wore at the 88rising festival. Here, you can see NIKI sporting a classic all-white fit with a streetwear flair. The entire outfit gives off a clean and casual vibe, bringing truth to the statement less is more. NIKI 88rising is wearing a halter white tank top, perfectly cropped above the belly button. For pants, she’s sporting what looks to be a fusion of denim shorts and long pants, held together by a harness strap. The top half can be worn as is, like a pair of fitted white shorts, but is seen attached to a flared baggy bottom. NIKI finishes off with a pair of chunky sneakers for this streetwear-inspired 88rising look. 

NIKI all white outfit 88rising with a group of people

We love rocking single-color outfits, something about emphasizing one color choice really makes a statement for itself. For our NIKI-inspired outfit, we went ahead and took notes on the main components of her streetwear outfit, but went a slightly different direction. The Rosehip dress here takes all the same aspects of her outfit. It’s an all-white dress that doesn’t need too much fuss to make it a statement piece. The thigh strap has the same elements as NIKI’s outfit as well.  

rose hip thigh strap dress on lychee the label model

NIKI Outfit 2: Match Made in Heaven

Is there an outfit that you can think of that suits NIKI as much as this matching duo did? We think not. This flattering bold printed duo was worn by NIKI during the 88rising festival. The top she sports is a fitted cropped turtle-neck long sleeve top. For the matching bottoms, she is wearing a fitted mini pencil skirt. Both the top and bottom are decorated with a bold plaid-like patch pattern. True to the first outfit, her choice of less is more is still apparent in this matching duo. Despite the loud pattern of the outfit, it’s rather simplistic overall, showcasing that you can still rock a killer outfit without the need for layers, accessories, or anything extra. 

NIKI 88rising matching yellow plaid outfit

Matching sets are one of our specialties, so you bet we have the perfect outfit inspired by NIKI’s outfit. This matching top and bottom plaid duo here is our version of Niki’s matching outfit. The top is a plaid cropped tank, featuring a zipper down the middle and a buckle waist strap. The bottom is a fitted plaid pencil skirt that is adorned with a buckle suspender strap and mini buckle waist detailings. Comparatively, this outfit has a little more detail and extra streetwear flair compared to NIKI’s look, but the core element of the inspiration is still there!  

raspberry plaid top and matching plaid bottom skirt

NIKI Outfit 3: Streetwear Casual 

There’s something about a casual streetwear outfit that looks so good when you can pull it off correctly. It’s the sweet blend of looking perfectly cool and effortless while still having that flair in your outfit. NIKI does this well in this next outfit she wears in collaboration with Guess for her Moonchild collection. Here she is wearing a sparkly high neckline cropped tank top, decorated with the Guess logo centered in the front. For bottoms, she’s wearing casual high-waisted joggers, decorated with some moon designs and the same Guess logo. 

NIKI 88rising guess collaboration streetwear outfit with guess logo

Casual streetwear outfits are what we live and breathe, and our next outfit is heavily inspired by this very look NIKI 88rising rocks. In this outfit, we are going with the same streetwear theme, leaning towards the darker color scheme. For the top, we went with a different type of basic and opted for a spaghetti strap crop bralette. For bottoms, we went with similar high-waisted casual joggers with an elastic waist and drawstring front. Instead of decorating the bottoms with moon prints, the joggers here are adorned with reflective straps and pockets to give off that wow factor.  

musubi cropped bralette with matching black joggers and silver chain

NIKI is a gift to Asian-Americans, as an empowered female minority, she’s dedicated to spreading her influence and voice for the under-represented. We continue to be inspired by not only her presence but her mark in the fashion industry for her streetwear appeal. For those looking to support NIKI at her next HITC festival, don’t forget to check out our post on the Top 5 Essentials to Bring to HITC and our take on the Best Concert Outfits to Wear. You can also find more fashion influenced by her style over on our streetwear collection on Lychee the Label
January 11, 2022