Must-Have Outfits to rock at HITC this year

Prepping for a rave is no joke, especially when it comes to an iconic one such as Head in the Clouds. As advocates of Asian representation, we support anything that highlights Asian culture and brings Asian artists to the forefront. With that being said, a rave like this is close to our heart - which means we have to do it right! When it comes to celebrating an event like HITC, it’s important we stay prepared in every way, not just knowing what essentials you have to bring to HITC. We’re talking about looking fresh and rave-ready with the perfect HITC outfit. Today, we’re going to be going through our take on the best Head in the Clouds outfits you need to rock this year. Let’s begin!

Shine Bright Like a Star

When it comes to a rave, especially one like HITC, we feel like it is an obligation to put your best foot forward and show up in the best possible rave fit you can possibly show up in. And what rave outfit is complete without having some form of reflective on you? Our top pick for a must-have HITC outfit includes rocking out in reflective gear. The pros? You can literally not be missed. Having such an eye catching material that will surely bring about the attention of the long awaited rave bae. He’s out there somewhere in the HITC concert and you’re one reflective away from finding him. Also another pro? It’s unique and fun and always a great conversation starter. 

reflective joggers with black bralette on red hair model

How much you want to rock out in reflective gear for your Head in the Clouds outfit really depends on how loud you want to be. Starting small is okay too, if you want to wear something with only a bit of reflective piping like the Tofu Reflective Tank Top. Stepping up a little more into adventurous zone, you can try something like our Caviar Reflective Pocket Joggers that really reflect the spirit of reflective clothing (pun intended). And if you’re really ready for full on boss-level reflective clothing, you have to simply try the Gelato Reflective Bomber Jacket. It’s honestly just top tier reflective clothes for your next HITC outfit. For more reflective ravewear inspo, be sure to check our blog post on Rave Fashion Trends.  

Strap in Baby

If that first outfit isn’t really your taste when it comes to outfits for HITC, no worries at all because we got plenty of alternatives for you. When it comes to raving, strappy outfits are all the rage. Mixing in a combination of streetwear-esque style and soft-punk, you’d normally find some pretty cool outfits when you look around the rave scene. We don’t want you to fall behind, so let’s look at some strappy rave wear options for what to wear in Head in the Clouds. Straps can come in many forms and they all work great together. Some straps might be body-hugging that sticks close to your thighs or waist, others like to just dangle and hang off the clothing item of choice. Either way, the strappy aesthetic says the more the merrier. 

strappy rave wear HITC model in black top

An example of a streetwear style strappy rave outfit you can wear to HITC is a number such as this one. The top is a fitted cropped with a layered harness that features a strapped buckle that can be found near the neckline. It’s an interesting look that draws your attention immediately to the top. In addition, the strappy top is complemented by the dangling pleather strap belt found on the velvet shorts. These two black on black streetwear inspired rave outfit is an eye-catching and trendy look that you can rock at your next Head in the Clouds concert. 

Kpop Glam

Still not quite what you’re looking for? It’s alright, we have more cute HITC outfits to suggest for you. To celebrate Asian artists, we can think of no more of a perfect scenario than to honor it with your best Kpop outfit. Kpop concert outfits are known to be loud, confident, fun and extreme! There’s no better place to be all that then you living your best life at a HITC concert. Kpop concert outfit aesthetics can mean a lot of things, but normally we like to categorize it with clothing that are fitted, flashy with a little bit of extra flare. This could mean chains, glitter and glam, extravagant detailing and much more. 

HITC kpop skirt with matching crop black top

An outfit we would use an example is this matching top and skort set here. This cute Head in the Clouds outfit screams Kpop aesthetic. The model is rocking a V-bottom shaped crop top that is unique but very easy to style and match with. The skort is the star of the outfit, featuring a hidden built in short within the adjustable skirt panel, exposing two dangling chain that really pops out against the black on black fit. It’s a classy, glamorous and easy to wear HITC outfit that you can totally rock out this year. 

Girly Boss Babe

Alright, one final outfit for what you can wear to HITC. This time we’re going a girly direction, so if you’re looking for cute HITC outfits, this might be the look for you. Mixing together different aesthetics can be so fun if you do it right, and one of our favorite combination to rock is the streetwear aesthetic mixed in with the girly and feminine aesthetic. We’re talking about straps, dark colors, metallic finishes, all blending together with fitted silhouettes, skirts and the like. If you want to still show off your shape and look cute in your next rave fit, we think going this route is a great option for HITC outfits. 

In this outfit for example, the model is rocking an edgy spaghetti strap bustier with metallic finishes and a cheeky upside-down V cute. The shorts are a fitted strappy bottom that is shown off through the plaid slit skirt cut. This is a cute HITC outfit that shows off both the girly and streetwear aesthetic that will surely please both sides of your style! 

If you’re looking for more rave inspo, don’t forget to check out our top picks for rave wear at Lychee the Label. With constant new arrivals of the latest trendy fits, you’ll definitely find something to suit your style and to rock out at  your next HITC concert. 

December 08, 2021
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