How to Style Yourself like Lisa from Blackpink

If you’re a hardcore fan of Lisa from Blackpink, you’d know that Lisa is much more than just a Kpop icon, she’s also a fashionista within her own rights. Besides killing it in the music industry and topping billboards alongside Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosie, she also dabbles in the fashion industry in major ways. More recently, she was granted to become a judge in a prestigious French fashion competition known as ANDAM for 2021. Lisa also participates in viewing several famous fashion shows from the front seat for brands such as Prada and Celine, with Celine also being one of the brands that hand-picked Lisa to be their global brand ambassador. With such an impressive background within the fashion world, it’s no surprise that Lisa from Blackpink has a killer style to match. Whether it is everyday wear, airport fashion, and of course, stage clothes, dressing like Lisa from Blackpink is a style to be rivalled with, evident from the millions of followers she’s boosted on Instagram and the fans that try to snap photos of her on a daily basis. Today we’re going to be looking into all the ways Lisa styles her clothes and some ways we can incorporate her unique style into our own wardrobe. Let’s get into how we can dress like Lisa from Blackpink. 

Boxy Blazers

One thing we noticed about Blackpink Lisa’s style is her love for oversized or boxy blazers. Lisa likes to wear her blazers dressed down and as casual wear since she often chooses blazers that are a little more relaxed in shape and fabric. This allows her to drape it over a casual outfit that usually consists of just a tee or long jeans. This gives a great balance to her going-out look as she is able to skirt the boundaries of looking dressed up and just looking relaxed or casual. 

Luckily for you, these types of blazers are rather popular in Korean fashion right now so they won’t be too difficult to track down if you look in the right places. We recommend checking out these Top 7 Asian Clothing Stores that will likely carry these styles. If you want to mimic Lisa Blackpink style, you will want to look for a blazer that is rather shapeless to emphasize that lounge aesthetic. Often they are slightly oversized and will land slightly above the thigh. For more tips on styling and personalizing the look to be more you, check out our post on How to Style Korean Jackets. If blazers aren’t really your thing but you still want to style your clothes along the same lines, you can start with something a little more casual such as an oversized dress shirt instead. 


lisa blackpink boxy blazers solo shot outside

Oversized Sweaters and Jackets

It’s no surprise that Lisa tends to gravitate towards the casual and comfortable after having to rock those form-fitting and flash concert outfits half the other time. If you want to dress like Lisa Blackpink’s true style, this is definitely her preference! We often see her rocking very oversized tops, whether they are jackets or sweaters, they always seem to slightly drown her petite body. This gives a very relaxed look that also exudes a bit of youthfulness from the softness of the shape and fit. 

To find the right oversized sweater or jacket and style it like Blackpink Lisa, is no easy feat as she tends to make even the most comfortable fit look stylish. However, we have some tips and tricks that will dress it up enough to avoid the bummy look. Look for oversized sweaters that have a little more design and detailing that would elevate it from a regular home sweater to a going-out sweater. Look for fabrics and textures that are slightly more sturdy so they give your top half a little more volume instead of plainly draping over your body. 


blackpink lisa oversized sweaters and red and white shirt underneath

Signature Tee and Jeans 

You’d think that to dress like Lisa from Blackpink, you’d have to really change up your whole wardrobe to replicate her style. But perhaps your existing closet already has some of her favorite pieces that you can mimic and style. One of Lisa’s favorite outfits to wear is her everyday tee and jeans. Sounds simple enough right? But how do we change it up to feel more like a Lisa Blackpink outfit? 

Again, the key point here is to look for this outfit in all its oversized glory. Try finding a tee-shirt that is 2 or 3 times too large for you and have it drape over, slightly tucking into the top of your jeans. The tee’s sleeve should be long enough to reach the tip of your elbow and have a form of graphic design as the centerpiece. As for the bottoms, we find that Blackpink Lisa’s style is the mom jeans aesthetic. She likes comfort and breathability and this is obvious in the ways she gravitates towards straight-fit jeans or something a little boxier. Look for a bottom that is more free-flowing and has casual details such as distress seams and the like for the closest match. The overall effect of your outfit should be casual, oversized, and slightly grunge in order to match dressing like Lisa Blackpink. 

blackpink lisa posing in a corner with an oversized tee in two photos

And there you have it! A short and sweet guide on how to dress like Blackpink Lisa. Her style is comfortable and casual that can easily be implemented into your closet. For more Kpop inspired outfit choices, you can check out Lychee the Label’s collection of Kpop Fashion. If you’re looking for Lisa’s alter ego style, you can check out our post on How to Dress Like a Kpop Star to complete your look!

December 01, 2021
Tags: kpop fashion