What to Bring to Head in the Clouds Festival

HITC may be one of our favorite music festivals to attend. For those that might be new to Head In The Clouds, it is a rave that is organized by 88 Rising, showcasing and representing asian artists across the diaspora. We are keen supporters of Asian representation and vibe deeply with their vision. For the upcoming HITC festival, we wanted to create a list of essentials for HITC for you and anyone planning to attend. Sometimes it can be overwhelming planning for a rave, and you end up missing some of the key things for what to bring to HITC, so we compiled a list of the must-haves for Head In The Clouds. Of course, if you are looking for any additional add-ons that you could carry along, be sure to check out other post on the Top 10 Rave Essentials to Pack as well. 

Portable Charger

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget to bring along some of the most basic essentials you need to have on you at all times. And in the moments you need it most, it becomes so apparent. Our top HITC essentials to bring is a portable charger as arguably it is the most important on this list. Thanks to the advancement of technology, portable chargers don’t have to be heavy or bulky and can fit easily into any of your mini rave bags. The importance of a portable charger knows no bounds. Give your phone battery the boost it needs for all the HITC moments that you will be looking back on for years to come. Make sure you have enough battery life for all the photos and videos you’ll be taking with friends to cherish the moments that really matter. Alternatively, a safety net for extra battery comes useful for those late nights on the way back home, making sure you still can access your phone to check up on directions, your friends and anything else you need. For this reason, we highly recommend grabbing a portable charger to bring when packing for HITC.  

portable charger HITC raving of pink pig

Reflective Rave Wear 

When it comes to what to wear for Head In The Clouds Festival, there really is no shortage of options. However, there are options that can be better than others right? Let’s skip the basics and boring because how many opportunities do you really get when it comes to going all out in some baddie rave gear? Our next pick for Head In The Cloud Essentials are reflective rave wear. For those that are new to the reflective scene and you just want to dip your toes into it, we recommend a piece such as the Tofu Reflective Slit Tank Top to start. It has a streetwear-like finish with a cheeky slit detail found on the waistline and reflective piping along the front and back side of the tank top. For veterans of reflective ravewear that want to really send a message, you’re going to love the Gelato Reflective Buckle Bomber that will have you visible from a mile away. For your reflective bottoms, why not go for something a little edgy on top of all that? The Caviar Reflective Mesh Joggers are the perfect combination for any of the tops you choose to pair it with. In our opinion, reflective rave wear is a HITC must-have. If you are looking for more inspo within this realm, check out our post on Music Festival Outfit Guide for more concert wear. 

head in the cloud reflective wear on red hair model

Ear Plugs 

Trust us, it’s not uncool to be proactive when it comes to protecting your hearing at these festivals. We’d argue that an essential for HITC music festival are ear plugs. Think about it, you’re at this rave for nearly the entire day with music blaring from all different stages and directions non-stop. The closer you are to the stage the louder it gets. At this point you probably can’t even hear what your friend next to you is screaming to you about. Ear plugs are a cheap, easy and fast way to stay protected when jamming out at HITC. We always thing its better safe than sorry and we don’t want you to look back with any regrets during the event. So make sure to grab a pair for you and a friend as they’re so compact and comfortable, you won’t even notice it’s there. 

ear plug for raving HITC product photo


This goes without saying, but perhaps for those new into the rave scene it might not be so obvious. When it comes to footwear for HITC, you want to make sure comfort is the top priority. After all, you’ll likely be standing around for hours at a time. You want to ditch the heels for the fear or sinking into the grass or anything that will dig into your feet that will have you groaning the entire night. Sneakers are a great option because they’re protective enough to stop the pain of those jumping on your foot when the beat drops and still comfortable enough for walking around everywhere. Don’t be a fool, just bring your most comfortable sneakers and call it a day. For more options check out what we have to say about the Best Rave Shoes

rave sneakers HITC light up in white

Bags/Fanny Packs

If you’re the mom in the rave group, you know how everyone is always coming up to you for things they need. And that’s alright because you don’t mind taking care of your friends! Bringing a lightweight bag or fanny pack is a must-have for HITC to carry all the things you need at the moment you need it. As mentioned earlier you can slip in your portable battery charger, your ear plugs, wallet, keys, phone and much more. Don’t reply on the pockets of your pants to do all the heavy lifting (especially when pick pockets are running rampant), just bring a reliable cross-body bag or fanny pack that can store everything without being too heavy or bulky. 

purple hair lychee the label model wearing a strappy black set with a dangling side bag

Prepping for a music festival doesn’t have to be so scary. Don’t forget you can always refer back to our list of HITC essentials when you plan for the next event. Going prepared is crucial for having the best time and being totally worried-free. For more rave wear that you could potentially mix and match for your next HITC outfit, be sure to check out our Rave Outfits for Women section at Lychee the Label. 

November 28, 2021
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