Must-have Winter Accessories to Pair With Your Winter Outfits 

Winter styling is no joke. Some of us struggle to find the perfect balance of stylish and practical. For those that are already ahead of the game and checked out our post on How to Rock Winter Streetwear Fashion, you might already have some idea on what to go by this winter. But as you know, fashion isn’t just limited to your tops and bottom, it’s all about the entire look coming together through all the details too. With that being said, today we’ve compiled a brand post to add to our winter streetwear must-haves, this time we’re diving deep into must-have winter accessories. 


Something we don’t see nearly enough of in winter accessory trends is the use of shawls. While yes, they are used here and there, we think a piece that big should be able to make just as big of a statement when it comes to winter outfits. Forget about scarves and shawls only being necessary because they help combat the cold, why can’t it be both essential and fashionable? Shawls are fantastic because they’re that easy extra layer you can throw onto your winter outfit and play up your look by adding texture, depth, and dimension. This shawl right here, for example, is an excellent way to incorporate streetwear winter accessories all while making it still edgy and fashionable. This shawl has all the regular components you would have in a shawl, but with details and pieces that make it a little more unique and fashion-forward. For example, the use of the double pleather buckles found on one side of the draping end. It’s subtle but it elevates it simply by drawing your eye over to it through the added detail and contrasting material. It’s the perfect compromise for staying extra warm but looking extra put together - even in the winter when it seems like all fashion sense goes out the door. 

Dorayaki leather buckle shawl on red hair model standing

Layered Accessories

Accessories come in all forms, and in this case, we’re going to consider articles of clothing as a piece of accessory in the sense that it is meant to be worn as a layered piece to complement the overall outfit. For example, pieces that are worn to add to a look can be counted as an accessory in this case. Layered pieces can include a throw-over piece such as the one in the photo. This winter accessory is a great piece to incorporate into the colder season as it not only acts like a jacket but nearly doubles up as a shawl and a winter accessory piece. It doesn’t have a zip-up or front closure which allows your inner outfit to show through and shine a bit more, as it does its job by layering your look, adding warmth, and also adding a streetwear element to give your outfit a little something more. With the oversized sleeves dangling and the straps peeping through, you got yourself a very interesting winter accessory that looks great for layering with your winter outfit. 

angelhair strap sleeve jacket with distress shorts and strappy belt on red hair model


Furry Head Band 

Hats are such a necessary winter accessory to have, but what other alternatives do we have for headpieces that would do just as well as a winter accessory? I think headbands don’t get nearly as much as long as they should! Furry headbands are such a look for the winter season. Not only do you look all cozy and bundled up, your ears and head is protected by the warmth. Staying warm can always double up as being a fashionable accessory, you just have to know how to pair your winter accessory with your winter outfit. 

furry head band winter accessory in blue, brown, black and grey

Streetwear Face Mask

It’s no surprise that face masks may be here to stay for a little longer than we’re hoping for, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work with it to complement an outfit. Prior to the pandemic, face masks were not only used for medical purposes but also as streetwear accessories. Face masks adds an element of mysteriousness and edgy to all outfits. In the winter, face masks are also a great way to keep your face staying warm all winter long. Having that extra layer of protection goes a long way. Try incorporating face masks into your outfit as your next winter accessory. 

lychee the label streetwear face mask with model rocking an oversized bomber and shorts


Shrugs are such a great way to rock an outfit you might otherwise have trouble wearing in the winter. It essentially adds sleeves and a turtleneck to any of your tops, while avoiding any bulk. Unlike heavy sweaters, hoodies, and jackets that you might find yourself wearing over a cute sleeveless top or tank, you can eliminate that bulky aspect and opt for shrugs as the perfect winter accessory to your outfit. This super-cropped shrug, for example, complements your inner outfit while giving you that warmth factor through the use of the knitted long sleeve and high neckline. Shrugs are a great winter accessory to incorporate into your winter outfit as they help play up pieces you wouldn’t have necessarily been able to wear in the winter. 

soju neck buckle super crop with black strappy shorts on model

Now that you’re ready to face the winter weather in style, what are your top picks for our list of winter accessories? For more inspiration to go with your winter accessories, check out our post on the Top 5 Korean Winter Fashion Styles You Need in Your Closet and peek into our Winter 2021 Women Streetwear Line. Stay up to date on all our latest arrivals and best sellers at Lychee the Label for more!

January 19, 2022