Top 4 Olivia Rodrigo Outfit Inspirations

Olivia Rodrigo has been making headlines ever since her hit debut “Driver’s License”, becoming the youngest artist to ever debut with a single hitting number one. Gone are the days of her Disney past as she has been stepping up and making big moves on her own. Besides her successful music career blowing up in the industry, Olivia Rodrigo's fashion sense has been making news as of late. Known for her unique style, Olivia Rodrigo's outfits consist of a modern twist of the Y2K aesthetic mixed in with a side of soft grudge (peep our post on Cool Grunge Outfits or Y2K Aesthetic Outfits if you’re unfamiliar with the style!). Not only is she a style icon to her young fans, but she’s also a role model in the way she approaches to fashion. Olivia Rodrigo’s closet consists of carefully selected diverse high-mid fashion pieces that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Additionally, she also makes a conscious effort to collaborate with secondhand platforms such as Depop, where Olivia Rodrigo clothes worn from previous music videos can be purchased. Ultimately, this rising star has been garnering attention from both her music and keen fashion sense, it’s hard not to admire such a strong female figure in the industry. To honor Olivia Rodrigo’s fashion sense, today we’re going to go through some iconic Olivia Rodrigo outfits and our take on the best dupe inspired by it. 

Tees and Zipper Pants 

In August of last year, Our superstar can be seen rocking this trendy number inspired by the modern and old, a mix of new age and nostalgia. She can be seen wearing a Christian Cowan flare zipper pants, accompanied by a casual Marc Jacob Tee. Truly showing off her best mix of Y2K Aesthetic and soft grunge, a signature she is known for.

olivia rodrigo zipper pants standing in a photoshoot set up

This look can be achieved and modernized with our own take on Olivia Rodrigos outfit here. Our inspired look consists of the Viola Zipper Pants with an updated skinny fit, matched with our fitted Asymmetrical Assam Tee that is more inspired by Olivia’s soft grunge aesthetic. Our streetwear outfit here is made to look more cohesive but still heavily take from themes of her original outfit. We love the fitted tee and zipper bottoms and incorporated it into this new look. 

assam asymmetrical top flat lay close up


viola zipper pants flat lay close up

Matching Plaid Set

Last Summer, Olivia was seen rocking a girly matching plaid set decked out in a pink, white, and black color scheme. This iconic Chanel suit surely was inspired by the fashion icon in ‘Clueless’ who also sported her classic yellow plaid dress and pant set. This feminine and modest set shows yet again, the diversity of Olivia Rodrigo's closet and another reminder of 'What can't she pull off?' 

olivia rodrigo plaid pink suit matching while walking candidly

Our take on Olivia Rodrigo’s outfit is our own version of a matching plaid set. The top worn here is a crop Raspberry Buckle Plaid Top that perfectly works with the Salt n’ Pepper Plaid Suspender Skirt. This matching duo is our modern take on this classic plaid pink suit but leaning away from the overly feminine aesthetic, we opted for something a little harder and edgy. 

plaid top and skirt set on red hair lychee the label model

Little Black Number

In November of 2021, Olivia stunned everyone with her glamorous little black dress by YSL in Miami Beach for the Art Basel. The high-waisted black dress had a slinky spaghetti strap detail and was decked out with sequins and glitter. Little black dresses are such a classic outfit choice, because how can you go wrong with simple and classy? 

olivia rodrigo little black dress sparkling and posing for the camera

Our streetwear take on Olivia Rodrigo dress is a black top and pants set inspired by this look. Dashi, the spaghetti strap crop top pairs beautifully with Tare, the high-waisted strappy shorts. This black-on-black combo is a streetwear classic that reminds us that minimal is all you need sometimes to make a killer statement. 

dashi top and sleeve set on purple hair model sitting down

Cyberpunk Vibes

During the iHeartRadio festival held in Las Vegas last year, Olivia sported this edgy streetwear crop top paired with arm sleeves and a punky chain belt. She finished off her look with a pair of dusty blue baggy trousers.

olivia rodrigo top and sleeve outfit with asymmetrical detail

We love the asymmetrical crop top aesthetic and immediately thought about the Sesame Cross Strap Crop Top, which feels like a blend of her top and belt all in one. Alternatively, Dashi Top and Sleeve Set is also a great dupe for this Olivia Rodrigos outfit. For bottoms, we went with a baggy number as well, but a reflective black jogger to stay more on the theme of streetwear. We love seeing this music festival look on her as it really shows her diversity in style! Don’t forget to check out our guide for Music Festival Outfits to rock for more fashion inspiration similar to this look. 

bandeau top with a cross front strap flat lay close up
caviar reflective jogger flat lay close up

And there we have it! Our take on the top four most iconic Olivia Rodrigo outfits and the dupes we choose for each look. Tell us which look inspired by Olivia Rodrigo outfit is your personal favorite and how would you choose to style it! If any of our dupes caught your eye, be sure to check out the rest of our store and our best sellers at Lychee the Label for similar outfits.

January 25, 2022