Four Streetwear Essentials You Need This Winter 

Depending on where you live, some of you may experience the cold sooner than others. Now that Fall Streetwear Fashion is coming to an end, changing up your wardrobe to suit the season is something we all have to navigate around. For some, adapting your personal style to suit the cold weather may be difficult to figure out. However, when it comes to winter streetwear fashion, learning how to build your closet for the cold comes easy. Winter streetwear is extremely versatile and the pieces you loved wearing in the summer can easily be reworked into the colder season. This is because streetwear fashion leans towards layers, oversized, and generally anything that tends to add more. For today’s post, we’ll be guiding you on the best pieces to have for your winter streetwear wardrobe as well as tips on how to incorporate different clothes to suit the colder weather. Let’s begin!  

Layering to Add Depth and Warmth

Lucky for us, winter streetwear tends to favor the cold as layering is a big part of creating that perfect hip-hop look. The layers can take the form of many things when it comes to streetwear, but for the purpose of this blog post, we’ll be looking at the ways we can double up on different articles of clothing to create dimension, and most importantly, warmth. You can start with a basic such as a fitted tank or bustier and continue to layer it with a long sleeve mesh or cotton top underneath. Take it another step further and add on a flannel, dress shirt, or cardigan. Add on elements like a shawl or oversized scarf and a face mask for even more dimension. The contrast in length and layers will give you that winter streetwear look. To note, layering in other senses with it comes to streetwear comes in the form of accessories. Find out how you can also create layers through our post about ways to style streetwear accessories.

cosmo crop top with strappy cobra belt

In this photo, we can see elements of layering in a number of ways. Starting from the top, we can see the model dressing for winter streetwear through the use of building warmth through layers. The model has a long sleeve turtle neck top as the base, and layers a fitted V bottom crop top over it. In addition, she is also layering her distressed shorts by wearing it over some tights for warmth. If you want to really add more and prepare for colder streetwear fashion, throw on a pair of thigh-high socks to complete the look. 

Thicker Fabric to Fight the Cold

While this may sound like a no-brainer, it really has to be said. For some, streetwear for the cold means layering until you get your desired warmth. Sometimes this doesn’t have to be the case at all, especially if you’re not into all that bulk. You can always opt for rocking a single piece without all that layering by just looking for articles of clothes that are higher quality and thicker, to begin with. This could mean materials like thick fleece, double-layered fabrics, pleather, and the like. By investing in pieces that are warmer on their own, you’ll be prepared for dressing for colder streetwear fashion. 

chardonnay oversized cargo pants with reflective bomber on model

In this photo, the model is dressed head to toe in the perfect winter streetwear clothes. We want to particularly note her choice of pants. She is wearing high-quality and thick cargo pants, lined with a slightly fuzzier interior. They cap at the ankle through a thick elastic, which further reduces any cold airflow. Bottoms like these are great examples of how to style winter streetwear and goes to show that investing in a great high quality bottom like this can go a long way for your winter streetwear wardrobe.  

Accessories that Adds Warmth 

As we briefly mentioned earlier when discussing layering for the colder weather, accessories can also add to creating warmth for your winter streetwear outfit. For example, incorporating pieces like streetwear face masks, detachable sleeves, thick shawls or scarves, quality gloves, and fuzzy hats are all great ways to add more warmth to your winter streetwear outfit.

dashi top and sleeve set on purple hair model

In this photo here, the model is rocking a top and sleeve set. The piece we want to point out for this outfit is the detachable sleeve in particular. Pieces like these are great because of how versatile they are. They can be easily incorporated into any outfit. The top can be interchangeable, provided they match the sleeve color. This allows you to wear tops that are sleeveless but make it appropriate to rock streetwear for the cold weather. 

Oversized Sweaters/Hoodies

Another way to ensure you are perfectly warm throughout the winter is to add pieces that are a little bulkier but still very popular within the streetwear niche. This goes for pieces like oversized sweaters and hoodies. Streetwear loves the oversized look, so let’s capitalize on that. Incorporating pieces like these leave room for more warmth underneath, where you can add an extra layer of clothes like a tank or t-shirt to seal in all that body heat! 

buttercream oversized sweater and strappy shorts on model

In this photo here, the model is rocking an oversized knitted sweater. The sleeves are long and cozy and the hood is made to look oversized, such as the style. This allows them to wear pieces hidden from view that can add to bringing warmth, without taking away from that streetwear look. 


Now that you’re ready for the colder weather, how will you be rocking your winter streetwear outfit? For more tips on winter fashion, you can check out our post on trendy winter fashion pieces this year. Get mixing and matching for your new winter wardrobe right now by browsing our latest arrivals at Lychee the Label.
November 07, 2021