Top 3 Fall Fashion Trends to Watch Out For 

Fall has arrived, and for some, this may mean a couple of things. Pumpkin spice lattes, apple cinnamon candles, and sitting by the fireplace enjoying your favorite book. The typical things you look forward to during the Fall time right? Of course! But for us here at Lychee the label, Fall time means just a little more. It’s about embracing oversized sweaters, cozy knits, plaid flannels, and thigh-high socks. Fall fashion is one of the most exciting seasons to really dress up and go all out. With the weather working in your favor, you have the option to layer up without feeling like you’re going to overheat. Conversely, you can also walk out in just a sweater dress with just a pair of thigh-high socks without feeling as if you’re freezing to death. It’s the season of perfect balance and that’s why we love to take advantage of cozy Fall fashion! While we would love to live in trendy Kpop sweatshirts forever, we’re taking you on a ride in alternative cozy fashion you can rock for a day or night out. 


Streetwear Style Fall Fashion

Today we’ll be covering Fall 2021 fashion trends to look out for this season. We’ll be examining some of the unique styles that are making their way into mainstream fashion and how you can incorporate these trends into your Fall fashion this year. While we love all the conventional styles of cozy fall fashion, it never hurts to spruce things up a bit and personalize your seasonal look with a bit of you. If this means incorporating streetwear elements into your Fall fashion essentials, we got you! Here’s our analysis on the top Fall fashion trends you need to get your hands on right now. 

Top 3 Fall Fashion Trends 

Slit Sleeve Sweaters 

We know sweaters are the ultimate Fall apparel but remember you’re not limited to just oversized sweaters when it comes to Fall fashion. Fall sweaters can take the form of many styles, it just depends on how you want to style them! An emerging trend that we love seeing is the slit sleeve sweaters. This Fall sweater trend is a unique one as it plays into an edgier style of Fall fashion. Slit sleeve sweaters can come in the form of a zipper or button that allows the sleeves to dangle from the arm. We love this look because it shows just a little bit of skin compared to the oversized frumpy sweaters we often find ourselves gravitating towards during the Autumn season. The slit sleeve sweater trend is a unique look that we anticipate to popularize itself even more as time goes on, so we recommend jumping on the trend while it’s still fairly new!

In this photo here you can see the model rocking a cozy Fall sweater that features the slit sleeve trend. The sweater still has all the homey elements you’d want for Fall fashion, as evident from its ultra-soft velvet ribbing material. It has a large off-shoulder neckline that gives a little bit of breathing room and skin to show through. The sleeves are accompanied by an optional zipper function that allows you to wear this cozy Fall sweater normally or unzipped. 

slit sleeve sweater with strappy shorts


Zip Back Sweater

Another unique take on the Fall sweater is the zip-back sweater trend. It’s rather subtle and you might miss it if you don’t carefully look as the zip-back sweaters can be fully zipped to appear like a regular hoodie! The zipper is located on the back end of the sweater, forming an upside-down U shape along the back of the hood. When unzipped, the sweater falls lower, revealing your lower back (and any cute tops with unique back designs you might want to show off). This creates a sort of asymmetrical look to this sweater allowing the front to be slightly cropped compared to the back. 

In this photo here, this sweater still has all the elements of a cozy Fall sweater you know and love, with the option to transform it to something slightly edgier. The hoodie is made from a super-soft velvet material, perfect for the Fall season. It’s rather heavy and weighted, which further adds to the cozy element of a hoodie because at the end of the day we like a dense and comfortable hoodie we can drown ourselves in. The zip-back trend we love is the star of the hoodie, with the option to unzip for your standard look. We love versatile fashion and this zipper back hoodie checks all our boxes for Fall 2021 fashion.  

red velvet velour zip back hoodie on lychee the label model

Zipper Slit Shorts

Depending on where you live, shorts are not entirely out of the question when it comes to Fall fashion. With a pair of tights and thigh-high socks, it’s cozy and warm enough to rock throughout the season. But what shorts are really going to stand out this year? While pleather has long been a popular choice of fabric for the fall season, have you seen it with a strappy zipper twist? The latest trend to circle this fall season is shorts with a slit zipper opening. It can be zipped to appear like any ordinary pair of pleather shorts, but unzipping it brings an element of edge that you just don’t normally find anywhere. 

The model here is rocking a pair of pleather shorts with a zipper twist. It has a high-waisted fit to elongate the legs and flatter the waistline. The center dips into a slight v-shaped where the middle zipper is located. Along both sides, imitation zippers are also placed for that metallic contrast. The real star here is the functional zippers found on both sides of the thigh. It drops to the side and reveals just a little bit of skin, really giving your outfit a lot of choices for interest. Wearing a fishnet stocking underneath, for example, would give this Fall look a really unique character. For more ideas on how to style fishnet stockings, you can check out our post on How to Wear and Style Fishnets.

kombu pleather zipper shorts with matching black meringue top


And there you have it. The top three trending Fall fashion styles you need in your closet this season. Forget conventional Fall fashion essentials and think outside the box on how you can add streetwear flair to Fall fashion. Don’t forget you can always add more to the base that we’ve given you today. Have a look at our Top 6 Ways to Style Streetwear Accessories to widen your knowledge on streetwear accessories you can rock with your Fall fashion. For more style inspos, check out our Bestseller collection on Lychee the label to keep up with the latest trends.
October 05, 2021