What to Wear For Your Next Ultra Music Festival

If you didn’t already know, Ultra Music Festival (UMF) is an annual rave that takes place in Miami, Florida. Set to play every March for a 3-day event, this music festival has been around as long as 1999. It’s been held in numerous locations such as Miami beach, Virginia Key and Bayfront Park in downtown Miami. While Ultra Music Festival in Miami is officially known as the flagship event, UMF has spawn across the globe under the brand Ultra Worldwide and has events located in South Korea, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa and more. 

Look no further for how best to prep for the entire festival and, of course, how best to dress.

Attending Ultra Music Festival 

When it comes to attending Ultra Music Festival, a tip we might have for you is to download their Ultra Worldwide app. This is your all in one source for the upcoming line-up as well as the times they are set to play. You can even turn your notification on and ensure you won’t miss a thing. The app is also handy as it allows you to activate your wristband for the event, allowing you to gather points and perks for various entrances.

We also recommend you come in early for one of the days, preferably day one so you don’t miss out on any exclusive merch that might sell out later on in the day. This gives you a chance to check out all the vendors before it gets too busy and get everything you want all in one-shot without the crowd. 

Lastly, don’t forget that Ultra Music Festival takes place at the same time as Miami Music Week! This means there are likely a ton of after parties you can scope out and attend post-rave to guarantee that the party doesn’t end! 


3 Ultra Music Festival Outfits 

Fishnet Ultra Music Festival Clothing Style

If we could incorporate fishnet into every outfit, we would. I mean, what’s not to love about it? It’s edgy, it can spice up an outfit effortlessly and it’s so easy to acquire. It’s basically a cheat code for jazzing up any outfit. In fact, if you haven’t already, you can check out our guide on How to Style your Fishnets here! With that being said, we love working it into our Ultra Music Festival clothes because it just adds that extra something to an otherwise plain outfit. In this photo here we can see the model rocking a streetwear style fit. It’s still feminine with the plaid skirt, but the side slit detail gives it a slight edge. She’s rocking a pair of strap shorts underneath and pairing it with a buckled strap tank top to tie in the streetwear theme altogether. An Ultra Music Festival outfit that is absolutely fine as is for sure, but given the fishnet stockings, we strongly believe it adds a whole other layer and dimension to the look. 

ultra music festival outfit with matching black and plaid style


Assassin Style Ultra Music Festival Themed Outfit 

We love our black on black outfits. It’s low-key, easy to match and honestly the only thing in our closet. When doing dark outfits for raves, we love to go all out on all things extra to make up for the lack of color if you will. With that being said, a streetwear assassin-type look is always a good choice for your next Ultra Music Festival outfit for girls. In this photo here you can see the model rocking a very simple but edgy set. The mesh long sleeve top is complemented with its adjustable buckle waist and harness detail. The bottoms on the other hand play into the strappy theme of the top. Both these pieces complement each other perfectly to create an edgy and streetwear inspired Ultra Music Festival clothing style. 

streetwear ultra music festival outfits in matching black strappy aesthetic


Plaid Ultra Music Festival Wear 

There’s something about adding an element of soft grunge into an outfit that really gives it that charismatic look. Maybe it’s the contrasting colors, the raw-hem edges and the layered dimensions that often is associated with grunge style. Either way, we find that it can easily be implemented into ravewear as well, specifically for Ultra Music Festival Outfits. In this photo, we can see a fairly simple outfit that is undeniably eye-catching. She’s rocking a simple black tee but a vibrant plaid red skirt. The key is in the detail, as you can see it’s got a flair to the skirt. The slit leg detail reveals a laced up black short with a thigh strap. Paired with thigh high lace up boots and you got yourself a grunge Ultra Music Festival outfit. 


Plaid Ultra Music Festival outfits with black top and red plaid skirt

And there you have it! Your all-in-one guide on the basics of Ultra Music Festival. In addition to the UMF tips we provided, don't forget the other tips we provided to you for all the essentials you need to pack for your next rave. For more tips on outfits you can put together for the next Ultra Music Festival, you can also check out our Music Festival Outfit Guide. Stay up-to-date on all the latest rave wear and check in on our Rave Outfits for Women collection over on our website Lychee the label.  

October 05, 2021
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