How To Style Fishnets

While fishnet fashion has been around for a very long time, the shift in the way we wear it has changed drastically since it was first created. Originally popularized in the 1900s, fishnets were initially very sexualized and not worn on a casual basis. It wasn’t until the mid 1900’s where we saw celebrity figures like Marilyn Monroe sporting the fishnet look with an evening dress that it became widely acceptable as fashion. Today, we take it one step further and wear our fishnet fashion as day to day wear, whether it’s with ripped jeans, underneath casual tees or oversized tops. With fishnets becoming very popular in today’s casual fashion, we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite styles to wear it with. 

Types of Fishnets


There are a ton of options when it comes to styling fishnets. First and foremost, which fishnet pieces are you focused on? These days, there’s a fishnet product for everything, whether you’re looking to create a fishnet socks outfit, a fishnet halter top, fishnet sleeves, fishnet tights, the options are limitless. Alternatively, you can mix and match and work with two styles simultaneously. 


Remember that fishnet fashion is not exclusively worn in black! We can definitely have fun with colors to spice up your outfit in different ways. While black fishnet fashion is more common for day to day grunge wear, breaking out the colors are extremely popular at events! In fact, wearing loud and proud fishnet style colors might be more popular during raves. Whether it’s full blown neon outfits with fishnets, rainbow fishnets or just a solid colored fishnet, you’re definitely not limited to colors when it comes to this style. For more music festival inspired outfits, you can check out our post on Music Festival Outfit Guide.

blonde girl wearing neon fishnet at a rave



Before we get to the meat of what to wear with fishnets, we must decide on the exact fishnet design you want to carry on with first. There is a lot of variety when it comes to this style, and choosing the right design for you is just as important as how to style fishnet tights. We have bedazzled fishnet stockings for your boujee nights, fishnets with striped detailing for that extra sultry finish, and a selection of criss cross sizes that vary from very small to large. 

5 different fishnet styles side by side

What to Wear With Fishnets to Create an Eye-Catching Look

Distress Jeans & Tights

One of our favorite looks, and most popular choice with how to wear fishnet tights is with distressed denim, hands down. This is such a indie grunge streetwear look that never fails to look good. For this casual look, we recommend going with a fishnet tight that has a larger criss cross design. Pair this with your favorite distressed denim pants that are slightly oversized and leaning towards the mom jean aesthetic. Roll up the pant cuffs and you got yourself a styled fishnet distress denim look. Not feeling the long pants? This formula is exactly how to wear fishnet tights with shorts as well! Swap the pants for a distressed denim short and you got yourself a whole new look. 

model wearing distress jeans and fishnet tights

Fishnet Socks & The Perfect Shoe

The beauty about fishnet socks is that there really is no specific formula when it comes to how to wear fishnet socks. The most crucial part is actually the shoes you pair it with. With the focus shifting directly to your foot, you want to dress it up as much as possible to work seamlessly together. Shoes that expose a lot of the skin often works well with fishnet as it gives more room to show off the design. This goes for heels and sandals which automatically elevate the look to something slightly more sultry and sexy. Alternatively, you could opt for slick platform shorts that need an extra little pop at the ankle. 

four images collaged of fishnet with shoes

Oversized Tops & Thigh High Boots

While fishnet stockings fashion is so versatile, one of our favorite go to looks will always be an oversized top worn like a dress, paired with fishnet tights and thigh high boots. This look is a head-turner with it’s casual aura but slightly edgy finish. We love the fact that you can get a subtle fishnet peek between where the dress ends and where the boots begin. It automatically creates more depth to an otherwise laid-back outfit. 

model with oversized top with fishnet stockings

Now that you have seen our top picks for outfits with fishnets, we hope you got some idea for how to style fishnet tights! If you’re looking for more inspiration on aesthetic grunge outfit ideas, don’t forget to check out our blog post. For more grunge style outfits to pair your fishnets with, check out our collection of Women Grunge Clothing.
August 18, 2021