Lychee the Label Collection

After covering our last Winter 2021 drop, we wanted to continue on with the tradition and cover the next seasons too! We’re taking an exclusive look at our Spring/Summer 2021 streetwear collection from Lychee the Label today, highlighting some of our favorite drops so far these last two seasons. Let’s take a look back at our 10 latest drops, starting from the top.

Tofu Slit Tank

Coming into Spring, we got our first sleeveless statement top to steal the show. This fitted black high neckline tank top was the perfect slick number to start the season with. With a subtle slit right at the waistline, accompanied by a thick band, the edgy factor really makes a statement here. But it’s not without surprises though! Peek this fitted tank at night and you’ll notice reflective piping all throughout the front and back of this crop top. 

tofu slit tank worn by lychee the label model

Red Velvet Drop Back Velour Hoodie

For those colder Spring nights, we wanted to bring in an ultra cozy hoodie. What better material than the softest velour you’ll ever touch? This hoodie is mid-length to cropped and while it sits oversized at the shoulder, it is not meant to drown you out completely. The unique factor in this hoodie is the zip back detailing which allows for the hoodie to sit open backed, cascading the fabric down to your lower back. This works really well if you have a cute detailed tank underneath to show off! 

red velvet drop back hoodie worn by lychee the label model

Vanilla Off-Shoulder Knit

While this is a knit, it’s actually quite cool and refreshing even to wear for the Springtime. It’s a great layering piece as the knit is rather wide, allowing for tons of breathability. It’s made off-shouldered for more of a chill vibe. The knit is madee slightly oversized to allow for a casual bunching when worn, with the top slightly more cropped in the front than it is in the back. 

vanilla knit sweater worn by lychee the label model

Coconut Duo Plaid BF Flannel

This BF flannel was inspired by our need for more layering pieces with our Lychee the Label essentials. It has a duo plaid print which splits right at the front and back. Coconut has more of a boyish oversized fit to play into the theme of a BF flannel. It’s slightly longer in the back and sits at a U-shape while the front is very linear. This flannel can be worn as a casual and loose layering piece or can pair up with our other accessories such as the Passionfruit harness to allow for more of a secure fit. 

coconut bf flannel worn by lychee the label model

Assam Zip Shoulder Fitted Tee

The first fitted tee in our collection, and just about time for the Summer. This edgy and casual streetwear tee is such a looker. It’s simple enough to wear on the daily, but has just about the right detail to make it interesting. The shoulder has one zip detail that allows you to slightly open up the top and reveal a bit of your shoulder. On the other side of the top you have a cut-out detail that attaches a strap to your side. It sits asymmetrical pointed at the bottom for some visual appeal. This top has a lot of raw edges which contributes to that casual and edgy factor we were looking for. 

assam slit fitted tee worn by lychee the label model

Bonbon Corset Waist Belt

With the popularity of our harness accessory, we decided to create another accessory that would pair nicely with our loose tops such as Coconut BF Flannel and Chia Sheer Dress Shirt. This fitted waist corset features three pin detailing on the front and securely zips to place in the back. The waist belt has some interesting details including metallic hoops to hold down four dangling ribbons found on the front and back. This allows for the belt to have more interest and movement as an accessory. 

bonbon corset waist belt worn by lychee the label model

Shiso Waist Buckle Detail Bustier 

A highly anticipated bustier, shiso was a bestseller to start! Featuring a very flattering cropped fitted shape, this bustier had a roomy elastic back and elastic straps for the most optimal and snug fit. The details here can be seen right at the front and center where two buckle details are placed on top of one another. The top has an inverted V cut right behind the buckles that give off a subtle reveal of skin. It’s a stretchy material that is slightly glittery that can be worn day or night. 

shiso buckle waist bustier worn by lychee the label model

Lotus Cross-Body Bag

This is our first streetwear bag that we released at Lychee the Label! It can be worn crossbody or on the waist as  the straps are adjustable and there is a buckle that allows you to fully open it up. The bag itself is rather roomy, being able to hold much more than just an iPhone max! It has a lot of visual details, including straps, buckles and clips. It’s a great finishing accessory to any streetwear outfit you choose to pair it with! 

lotus crossbody streetwear bag worn by lychee the label model

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August 17, 2021