Lychee the Label Fall 2021 Collection

Another season, another set of new arrivals! After the success of launching our Spring and Summer collection, we wanted to continue showcasing each new arrival one by one.This fall we had the pleasure of creating some of our favorite pieces leading up to the colder weather. Let’s stroll down memory lane to see what were some of the newest bestsellers this season. 
November 10, 2021

The Best Loungewear for Home

After nearly 2 years since we first encountered the coronavirus, many of us have gotten comfortable with the aspect of staying in more than usual. After all, the countless lockdowns, quarantine, and restrictions have allowed us to make the best out of our unfortunate situation and get real comfy right at home. For us, this mean it has an opportunity to enjoy some introverted me time. But while self-pampering is great, we do miss glamming up and showing off our cute party outfits from time to time. This has really allowed us to think about our current situation and why we feel like it’s only appropriate to dress up for the presence of other people? Shouldn’t looking cute for ourselves be a part of self-love and pampering? The answer is yes. Living in old PJs while we wait for the world to sort itself out can get a little depressing. That’s why we decided it’s time to really shine for cute lounge clothes this year. Having the opportunity to look good in the comforts of our own home can really motivate us mentally and encourage us to feel good even if it’s just a minor detail. So with that being, we compiled a list of the best loungewear to rock at home during this pandemic. Let’s start! 
September 03, 2021

SS2021 Lychee the Label Collection

After covering our last Winter 2021 drop, we wanted to continue on with the tradition and cover the next seasons too! We’re taking an exclusive look at our Spring/Summer 2021 streetwear collection from Lychee the Label today, highlighting some of our favorite drops so far these last two seasons. Let’s take a look back at our 10 latest drops, starting from the top.
August 17, 2021

Lychee the Label: One Year Anniversary

In light of our one year anniversary since launch, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that believed and supported us. Our first year with Lychee the Label was truly an incredible journey that would not have been the same without the amazing community we built around our #LycheeGirls. To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to share a bit about our brand and its humble beginnings with our fans.
July 09, 2020