Cute and Cozy Loungewear to Rock Right at Home 

After nearly 2 years since we first encountered the coronavirus, many of us have gotten comfortable with the aspect of staying in more than usual. After all, the countless lockdowns, quarantine, and restrictions have allowed us to make the best out of our unfortunate situation and get real comfy right at home. For us, this mean it has an opportunity to enjoy some introverted me time. But while self-pampering is great, we do miss glamming up and showing off our cute party outfits from time to time. This has really allowed us to think about our current situation and why we feel like it’s only appropriate to dress up for the presence of other people? Shouldn’t looking cute for ourselves be a part of self-love and pampering? The answer is yes. Living in old PJs while we wait for the world to sort itself out can get a little depressing. That’s why we decided it’s time to really shine for cute lounge clothes this year. Having the opportunity to look good in the comforts of our own home can really motivate us mentally and encourage us to feel good even if it’s just a minor detail. So with that being, we compiled a list of the best loungewear to rock at home during this pandemic. Let’s start! 

Cozy Oversized Cardigans 

The word oversized and loungewear should go hand in hand. Why wear something restricting and uncomfortable when you’re just trying to chill? Cardigans in particular are fantastic due to the fact that you can simply throw it on or off whenever without having to do a complete wardrobe change. Too hot? Take it off. Too cold? Throw it on. It’s an extra piece to your outfit that adds to the comfort and cozy loungewear aspect. Cardigans are great for colder nights or when you want to curl up in the corner with a good book. 

lychee model wearing honey oversized varsity cardigan in black with matching black bottoms and socks

The Honey Oversized Varsity Cardigan is a great example of a cardigan that works both indoor and out. It has a very soft aesthetic that caters to the comfort side of fashion. The boxy fit allows for ample room to drown yourself in, with big buttons, long sleeves and thick cozy material. It comes in both white with pink or black with white, depending on the mood you’re in. 

Fashionable Hoodies

While some can argue that hoodies are the symbol of cozy loungewear, most can also agree that they’re typically a little too homey if you know what we mean. What we’re in search of is a hoodie that makes you feel both cozy and cute, no compromises. Details, designs and fabrics can really change up the feel of a hoodie, so don’t just opt for something plain and boring, go for something a little extra to give you that wow feeling. In Korean fashion, hoodies are actually quite fashionable and come in a variety of designs that suite both indoor wear or out. 

lychee model wearing red velvet hoodie

Red Velvet Zip Back Hoodie is an excellent example of when comfort means fashion in loungewear. It’s stil a hoodie that is made comfortably oversized, but it’s got a luxurious factor due to the extremely soft velour material. In addition to the texture, the hoodie also has unique detailings such as the zip drop back design that adds a very cute edge to an otherwise cozy home hoodie.      

Silky Joggers

Sweatpants and joggers are our go-to bottoms when we think about comfortable loungewear for home. Because who doesn’t love a elastic waistband that can adjust as we eat our lives away at home. They’re roomy, soft, comfortable and everything you can possibly ask for when you think about comfort clothes for home. We just want you to consider ramping it up a bit from the basics and opting for something slightly cuter than your average pants. 

lychee model wearing hibiscus joggers

Hibiscus Stripe Joggers are our favorite choice for loungewear pants at home. It’s got a thick elastic waistband that is secured with by a drawstring. The material is extremely breathable on the outside, and comes with a cooling and silky inner lining on the inside. It’s got a cute athletic design to them that is always a classic to wear in or out. They come in 3 different colors that interchange between black, pink and white. 

Not-So-Basic Tank

We all have our lounge tank tops that we wear around at home and sleep in. But they’re probably not the most interesting thing in your closet right? If we’re talking about looking good at home in our loungewear, we suggest adding a little sparkle to your average tank top, whether that’s a cut, design or style. 

Uni Buckle Crop Tank is our take on the next best loungewear top for home. It’s just like your regular tank top in the sense that it’s easy to wear, comfortable and basically matches with anything. The biggest difference is that it’s not boring. The straps come with two buckles found on each side to give your look a little more edge. The center of the tank top comes with a row of metallic clasps, and the top is slightly crop for a cheekier look. This top comes in both black and lilac to give you double the chance to rock it. 

And there you have it! Our favorite picks for loungewear at home during the pandemic. We are big believers that feeling good about ourselves significantly influences our mentality, and a big part of that can come from simply pampering ourselves with looking good. Dressing up doesn’t have to be for going out and seeing other people, it can simply be for ourselves. For more lounge clothes at home, don’t forget to check out our New Arrivals at Lychee the Label or from one of our recommended Top 7 Asian Clothing Stores Online. Mix and match what makes you feel good and go from there!  

September 03, 2021