What to Wear for Your Next EDC Music Festival 

Attending EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival, better known as EDC, is North America’s largest music festival in North America. Its presence has been around since arguably 1991, with Insomniac taking over in 1997 to our present day. The flagship location is famously held in Las Vegas, Nevada, but EDC has found itself across the globe in countries like Japan, China, Mexico, India, the U.K, and more. Suffice to say, EDC is a globally recognized music festival that has garnished attention from its high production and big headliners year after year. 

EDC is more than just a music festival, it’s a place where like-minded ravers come to connect on a common love and interest for rave culture. The festival typically contains 8 large stages to host their artists, but when you’re not listening to music you’re likely out and about on their massive carnival area where several attractions can be found including multiple Ferris wheels. 

Our tip for beginners looking to attend EDC is generally to genuinely enjoy the vibe and have fun. At the end of the day, EDC (amongst other raves) is a place of no judgment and all are welcomed. This means you have the ability to express yourself freely and bond with others that are just like you. Personally, we love to self-express through the clothes we wear and find that EDC is the perfect occasion to do so. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of our suggestions for the best EDC-themed outfits we can rock! 

Electrifying EDC Outfits to Rock

Strappy EDC Sets 

We can all agree that nothing feels as good and complete as rocking a full-blown matching set. While EDC clothes are all about creativity and uniqueness, if you need a look to ease into, we recommend going with a matching set first and foremost. Not only is it super easy, but you look like you spent forever on your look because of how complete it appears! Matching sets can go as far as theme, color coordination, or style. The choice is up to you, but it’s always a safe bet to work on.

strappy EDC outfits with matching black top and bottom set

Here at Lychee the Label, boring just isn’t part of our definition. You already know the matching set we have in mind is nothing but show-stopping. While it may not be loud in the ways you might be used to (we’re looking at you, reflective rave fashion), it’s loud in the way it makes a statement. Dashi strap and sleeve set top matched with Tare leg strap shorts are the go-to match made in heaven for your next EDC outfit. This form-fitting black-on-black duo is the definition of flattering. It hugs you in all the right places and has that streetwear edge through the straps found on both the top and bottom. The sleeves give the outfit a little something extra and are completely detachable. Our favorite part of this look is the adjustable straps on the shorts found on the waist and thigh. This means the utmost comfort for all-day raving. 

Reflective EDC Wear 

Feeling more comfortable with your outfit? Let’s level it up a notch and start adding some reflective into your look. Reflective rave gears are key in EDC clothing style. You don’t have to go the full-blown reflective rave bomber style, but you can incorporate reflective elements into your cute EDC outfits. This includes reflective accessories like bags or shoes, reflective accents that can be found in your top or shorts, and the like. Reflective rave wear is a great way to stand out while looking out of this world (in more ways than one). Here’s our suggestion for a rocking reflective EDC outfit. 

caviar reflective joggers with strappy bandeau top

Opting for a streetwear theme, the style here is more subtle with elements of black, complemented by reflective and strappy detailing. The top is a cross-strap bandeau, complemented with another adjustable waist strap. The star of this outfit is the Caviar joggers, which is a lightweight bottom with a partial mesh feature. The waist has a drawstring feature for comfort and adjustability. It comes packed with functional pockets that allow you to carry all your necessities, which is a must for any rave. The star here, however, is obviously the reflective straps and detailing found throughout the bottom. It’s a head-turner that gives you both a streetwear vibe that is totally appropriate for any rave occasion, especially an EDC outfit. 

Fishnet EDC Festival Outfits  

As we all know, fishnets continue to be the latest rage in fashion. It can be worn for nearly any occasion and can be dressed up or down, depending on the outfit you’re pairing it with! We are a fan of the versatility and love to rock them at music festivals too. One of our favorite picks on EDC outfits for girls definitely includes wearing fishnets (and if you haven’t already, check out our take on how to rock fishnets for your everyday fashion). Fishnets easily create a dark, edgy and sultry aura to any outfit, and we love how easy it is to pair with. Whether it’s fishnet socks, stockings, armbands, or more, this versatile piece can easily fit into your outfit anywhere. 

fishnet rave fashion with matching black top, tank and skirt

Start by selecting your go-to rave pieces and incorporate the fishnets into the final look. In this example, we have an all-black girly rave theme. The cropped mesh top with metallic detailing is a unique way to show off your tank and add a little extra detailing to your top. The bottoms are a flirty pleated slit skirt with a hidden strappy short underneath. To bring this outfit together, the fishnet stockings help round out the entire look and give you something head-turning and fierce in the end. 

And there you have it! Our top picks on EDC outfits to rock at your next event! Now that you are EDC outfit ready, don’t forget your other rave essentials that you should prep to pack for the trip. For more ravewear attire that you can mix and match your current EDC outfits with, don’t forget to check out our ravewear collection at Lychee the Label. Happy EDC raving!
September 09, 2021
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