Top 5 Streetwear Black Friday Deals to Shop Online this Year

It’s that time of the year again! We’re talking about extreme retail therapy that is perfectly justified from amazing deals. Some people wait all year for this since it’s hard to find a day with deals any better than this. So Black Friday sales just around the corner, we know you’re just as savvy as us when it comes to sale prioritization. After all, one mistake and you could be missing out on the next back Black Friday streetwear deal. That’s why you got us this year - we’ve compiled together our top streetwear Black Friday deals 2021 for you to take note of and be the first to snag the best sales before anyone else. Here is our take on the best streetwear Black Friday deals.

Lychee the Label 

If you’re looking for unique and edgy streetwear fits inspired by Asian streetwear and K-pop fashion, look no further. Lychee the Label is a female-owned streetwear brand straight from the US. It is also one of the many top Asian-Owned streetwear brands we recommended to support. They focus on affordable and quality female streetwear clothes and appeal to their message of female empowerment through their branding consistently. Lychee the Label’s clothes range from a variety of styles that could be mixed and match for raving, clubbing, and casual streetwear. Their Black Friday streetwear deal the previous year was their largest sale to date, with all products marked 20% off site-wide. Free shipping is given for orders over $75. Lychee the Label is definitely worth your time to browse around this Black Friday 2021. Check out their latest summer releases that will likely go on sale this November! 

lychee the label black friday 2021 flash sale banner


A fashion household name in London, ASOS is an e-commerce giant that you likely already know about. This streetwear brand is all about body positivity and caterers to a wide selection of sizes (whether that is curvy, petite or tall) as their selling point. Last year they hosted a site-wide 25% off discount for their Black Friday streetwear deal. We anticipate a similar discount being given out this year for Black Friday 2021. 

asos black friday 2021 in yellow dresses product photo


Looking to shop Black Friday Streetwear deals abroad? Kooding might be the shop for you! This brand operates in Korea and is popular amongst its Asian fanbase. Their clothes are minimalistic, with a youthful streetwear flair, and cater to both men’s and women’s fashion. But that’s not all, they also sell a variety of accessories, skincare, and more on their website. Previously they offered a whopping 50% off site-wide with an extra %10 off orders over $100. Kooding was featured on our list of the Top 7 Asian & Korean Clothing store to shop at and it’s obvious why! Try your luck this Black Friday 2021 at Koodings. 

kooding black friday 2021 product photo of website screenshot


Another look at an Asian streetwear brand that is based outside the US, but worth a look for Black Friday 2021. Their price point might be higher than most on this list but typically this brand offers some pretty sweet deals for their customers right through their mobile app. We can expect their streetwear Black Friday deals to be even better. They primary feature streetwear clothes that are a little more vibrant, youthful and feminine, so for those that are looking for that niche, Pomelo would be the perfect fit. Last year they offered 25% off site-wide with the exception that $100USD was spent at minimum. Hopefully they offer something similar this year for those waiting to make a purchase! 

pomelo black friday banner screenshot on website



A total powerhouse in the Korean fashion world, Stylenanda is as big to the Asian fashion industry as brands like H&M or Urban Outfitters is to us. This brand is a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need in the world of beauty and fashion - with streetwear and skincare all in one, it’s an easy choice to do all your shopping in one place. In the last few years, their Black Friday deals have wavered back and forth with 30% off site-wide one year and 20% off site-wide another. Just a fair warning however, due to it being based in Korea, there is a high possibility for import fees when ordering - so be aware to factor that into your budget when looking for deals. Either way, it’s a brand that’s worth looking out for when shopping this coming Black Friday. 

stylenanda black friday pink iconic store

And there you have it! What is on your top list to shop at this Black Friday 2021? If you’re loving our picks for these asian inspired clothing, why not check out our take on the Top 5 best Kpop shops online as well? Have your wishlist for Black Friday ready and explore our Asian Streetwear selection at Lychee the Label, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to grab the best deals this year.

September 17, 2021