With the rise of K-Pop and Korean fashion, the spotlight on half-Korean celebrities is shining brighter than ever. Many well-known Korean celebrities come from diverse origins, and because we love celebrating diversity, we've compiled a list of some of our favorites in this feature list.

Mixed Korean Celebrities You Should Know

Despite living in the twenty-first century, biracial or mixed Korean celebrities employed in the Korean entertainment business are still uncommon when it comes to who gets to take center stage. Models for commercials and extras in movies that specifically feature biracial or partially Korean characters are standard. However, being a native-level Korean speaker is a requirement for leading roles and becoming recognizable in Korea. This high standard is one of the most challenging obstacles for those who want to break into the industry. If a performer lacks Korean language proficiency, the roles and possibilities available to him or her will be severely limited. However, many do make it onto the big stage. We've compiled a list of biracial and half-Korean celebrities active in the entertainment industry, as well as a few internationally-recognized names of Korean origin.

Kiko Mizuhara 

Born to an American father and a Korean mother, Kiko Mizuhara (also known as Audrie Kiko Daniel) is a Japanese model and actress who was born and raised in Japan.

kiko mizuhara solo shot wearing a black dress

Julien Kang

Julien Kang is among the most well-known mixed Korean actors thanks to his role in the sitcom 'High Kick Through The Roof.' His Korean-French fusion (his father is Korean and his mother is French) is reflected in his unique looks.

Daniel Henney 

Half-white, half-Korean actor and model Daniel Henney is from the United States. Henney is the son of an American father and a Korean American mother.

David Lee Mclnnis 

Thanks to David's piercing eyes and mischievous grin, he’s one of the most recognizable half-Korean, half-white celebrities. He is half-Korean and half German-Scottish.

david lee mcinnis in a mysterious black and white theme photoshoot

Pascal Dior

Pascal Dior was born to a French-German father and a Korean mother and is a fashion model, bodybuilder, and actor.

Lee Dong-jun 

Lee Dong-jun, born Daniel Sandrin, is a Korean basketball player born in the United States. Eric, his older brother, accompanied him to Korea and was naturalized as a Korean citizen in 2009. Their father is American and their mother is Korean. 

Chanel Iman 

Chanel Iman is an American fashion model who was born in Atlanta and grew up in California before becoming one of the most well-known black-Korean celebrities. Her father is African-American and her mother is Korean.

chanel iman half korean in a close up solo shot

Kolleen Park

Kolleen Park is a musical director, conductor, and actor born in the United States. Park was born to a Korean father and a Lithuanian-American mother.


Tia is one of the most well-known half-Korean women and has appeared in almost every aspect of Korean entertainment. This mixed-race Korean, German, and Puerto Rican goddess is a sight to behold.

tia chocolat half korean in a music video screenshot

Ha Hee-ra 

Ha Hee-ra is a former child performer and actress from Korea. She was born to a Taiwanese immigrant father and a Korean mother.

Kangnam (M.I.B)

One of the leading half-Korean celebrities, Kangnam, who was born to a Korean mother and a Japanese father, is gaining fame quickly thanks to his unique and endearing personality.

kangnam half korean wearing a fedora in a black suit

Trending Mixed K-Pop Idols and Rappers

Shannon Williams

Shannon, a former member of the Five Dolls, is half-Korean and half-Welsh. She recently made her solo debut.

Melanie Aurora Lee

ChoColat's Melanie, who is half-Korean and half-German/Italian, is known for her killer smile.

melanie half korean in an all white mesh outfit close up

Juliane Alfieri

Juliane, another of the half-white K-Pop idols from ChoColat, is half-Korean and half-German/Italian and stunning by any cultural measure.

Crystal Kay

Crystal was born in Japan and raised in the United States by her Korean mother and American father. Her mother was a professional singer, and her father was a musician!

crystal kay half korean wearing a strappy silk top

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee is a singer born and raised by her mother in Korea. Her mother is Korean, while her father is African-American.

Tasha / Yoon Mirae

Tasha, aka Yoon Mira, is a half-black, half-Korean singer, renowned as the queen of hip hop. She is married to Tiger JK and the mother of a lovely son named Jordan, who is half-Korean and half-African-American.

yoon mi rae half korean with long high ponytail braid and a tattoo visble

Simon (DMTN)

Simon is a half-Korean, half-Japanese idol who is one of the hottest in the K-Pop industry.

Vernon / Hansol Choi

Following Vernon’s rap talents on 'Show Me The Money,' the half-Korean, half-American star captured our hearts as a member of the South Korean boy band Seventeen. 

hansol half korean in an oversized pink hoodie

Lee Joon-Kyung

Half-Korean, half-Spanish Dok2 (pronounced Dokki) is the stage name of Lee Joon-Kyung, a Korean rapper, producer, and co-founder of Illionaire Records. Lee's mother is Korean and his father is Filipino and Spanish.

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