Fall Collection 2021

Another season, another set of new arrivals! After the success of launching our Spring and Summer collection, we wanted to continue showcasing each new arrival one by one. This fall we had the pleasure of creating some of our favorite pieces leading up to the colder weather. Let’s stroll down memory lane to see what were some of the newest bestsellers this season. 

Tare Strap Leg Detail Shorts

Following the success of our original Truffle Strap Shorts, we wanted to create another alternative that would suit the taste of our followers! The demand for more strap shorts was high, so we wanted to create something along the lines of that, but still different enough to have its own style and personality. Tare features two adjustable straps found along the waist and one of the thighs. This double-strapped look is so edgy and stands out as a statement piece of its own. 

tare strap leg shorts Flat Lay close up

Dashi Top and Sleeve Set

Both Dashi and Tare were made to be our first matching set. These two work so well together as they feature the same strap aesthetic and fabric. Dashi is a strap detail tank top that has a stretchy adjustable strap and a hidden zipper on the side. It also comes with arm sleeves with thumbholes. This edgy top and sleeve set is also a statement piece on its own, but when worn together with tare, you have the best streetwear synergy. 

dashi top and sleeve set Flat Lay close up

Sakura High Waisted Slit Skirt

There is simply no such thing as too many slit skirts. And as you know here at Lychee the label, it’s one of our signatures. The Sakura slit skirt is slightly different from all our other products because it leans slightly into the girly and soft side of streetwear. It’s a beautiful pastel pink color and is designed to be high-waisted. The pink matches perfectly with many of our existing products such as Parfait Varsity Stripe Top, Cosmo V Bottom Crop Top, and Honey Stripe Cardigan. 

sakura pink slit skirt  Flat Lay close up

Kombu Pleather Zipper Shorts

Nothing screams Fall like pumpkin spices, candles, and pleather. We wanted to create an edgy short that is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Kombu is a full pleather short that stands out with its interesting zippered design. It has a zipper thigh detail that allows the shorts to be worn with the straps slightly hanging down. Zippers are a big theme for these shorts as you can find a fully functional one at the center, and two mock zippers on either side of the short. 

kombu pleather zipper shorts Flat Lay close up

Cosmo V Bottom Crop Top

Cosmo was the balance between a basic and edgy streetwear top. It’s basic at first glance with its solid-colored design and simplicity. However, the top is actually quite detailed and complicated. The top features a straight neckline with the top dipping down to a V-shape. There is boning found on the front of the top to keep its shape and add dimension. The top also has build-in padding for the most ultimate comfort to reduce the use of strapless bras. It has double elastic straps and a zip-up detail in the back for security. A basic that isn’t so basic after all. 

cosmo v bottom crop top  Flat Lay close up

Mirin Chain Detail Skort

We love designing Kpop inspired clothes and Mirin is just one example of that. This A-line skirt is made with thick and high-quality fabric to ensure its structure and shape are held in place. It has build-in shorts hidden inside that are slightly exposed through the slit skirt design you know and love. The skort’s highlighting piece is definitely the dangling chain detail found attached to one side of the shorts. These chains are complemented by the metal hardware found on the adjustable belt that comes with the skort. 

mirin chain skort Flat Lay close up

Affogato Velvet Zipper Suspender Shorts

As much as pleather screams Fall, we’d like to argue that velvet is just as popular as a fabric choice for the season. Our first velvet short is made with an interesting twist. It features a single dangling pleather suspender strap on one side of the leg and features a fully functional buckle as well. The shorts have double mock zippers stacked on one side of the leg as well. These shorts are perfect for the season and can be worn with a number of our Lychee the Label clothes. 

affogato velvet pleather strap shorts Flat Lay close up

Toffee Lace Up Zipper Pants

Longer weather calls for warmer clothes, and with the success of our Viola pleather belt pants last year, we wanted to create something very similar but still interesting enough to be different. Instead of going with a pleather accent piece, we decided to go with satin. These fitted skinny pants have a thick stain band detail that hugs around the waist and is accented by a lace-up design. The pants also feature two mock zippers found on either side of the thigh. It has a hidden zipper in the back as well. These pants are not only a staple to have in your closet, but will be great to wear well into the wintertime. 

toffee lace up pants Flat Lay close up

Musubi Cropped Triangle Bralette 

The first in our basics collection, Musubi is the solution for toning down and balancing your streetwear outfit. Many times we try to overdo and add too much to a look, which can often drown you. Having a staple piece such as Musubi is a great way to keep the streetwear look clean. This is a high-quality triangle cropped bralette that can be worn over mesh tops, or under your favorite Coconut BF Flannel. 

musubi triangle cropped bralette  Flat Lay close up

Dragonfruit Belted Stripe Skirt

As a last hurrah, we came out with one more skirt for the season. This is a fitted pencil skirt that exudes a little bit of Kpop vibes. It has an adjustable belt and a slit thigh detail, accented with a pink and white stripe. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and a piece that you can always count on to look stylish. 

dragonfruit stripe leg skirt Flat Lay close up

Bento Buckle Layered Top 

The most anticipated release of the Fall was our Bento Layered Buckle Top. It is a thick ribbed long sleeve top that has thumbholes as a little streetwear detail. It also features a mock layered harness design, with single buckle detail. The turtle neck has a keyhole button at the back of the neck as well. This top was made for the colder weather and for those that still want to rock their streetwear attire without having to worry about the cold. An essential for the Fall time. 

bento layered buckle top  Flat Lay close up

Be sure to keep on the lookout for our Winter arrivals coming soon or tips on how you can prepare for Winter Streetwear Fashion! You can keep updated by checking our New Arrivals at Lychee the Label. For more inspiration on the best online clothing site to get your fix of streetwear clothes, check out our post to browse for more!
November 10, 2021