What to Wear for Tomorrowland Outfit Inspo

Stumped on outfit ideas to pack for your trip to Tomorrowland? We've got the perfect outfits needed to inspire your (and your squad's) rave outfits.

Attending Tomorrowland

For those new to the rave scene, you might be wondering what Tomorrowland is. For those rave veterans, you know Tomorrowland as one of the most hype music festivals that happens year after year. Since 2005, Tomorrowland has been held in the town of Boom in Belgium and takes place over the course of 6 days and two weekends. Some may even say it rivals the popular festival Coachella (and if you don’t know what that is either, check out our blog post about Coachella Festival Outfits to stay in the loop!) With about 400,000 attendees annually, raving is no joke for those that know of Tomorrowland’s glory. This incredible music festival is known for it’s insane visual and music production. With over 10 massive stages to perform, it’s no wonder they have one of the best line-ups of any festival.   

But Tomorrowland isn’t just for music (although yes, that’s an overwhelming reason for it). This music festival has cultivated it’s own rave culture that goes beyond music. People get together to bond, to share outlandish Tomorrowland outfits, play games and eat at the many vendors that make themselves readily available to the audience. Regardless of the reason, this music festival brings people together to share a mutual love of raving. If it’s your first time attending Tomorrowland, we’re about to walk you to the first most important step: Tomorrowland Music Festival Outfit Ideas.  

6 Show-Stopping Tomorrowland Outfit Ideas to Stand Out in a Crowd

Classy Corset 

If you’re looking for Tomorrowland corset ideas, we got you covered. As one of our picks for classy Tomorrowland outfits, this one shows a little less skin than the others, but arguably just as sexy. To achieve this look, you can rock any black crop top and a strappy black cut-out short for the base. While you can technically rock it as is (especially when it gets hot), we choose to layer on a few eye-catching pieces to make the look. We have a sheer oversized boyfriend dress shirt that is loose fitting to start, but cinched in perfectly with a corset inspired pin waist belt that zips up from the back. This brings back shape to this tomorrowland corset idea and gives you a killer edgy look. The Tomorrowland clothes recommended in this outfit are interchangeable with a few pieces, and you can substitute for a different strappy bottom that will work with the outfit just as well. 

purple hair model wearing bon bon waist corset and sheer black dress shirt


Reflective Raving 

You know, at the end of the day, reflective outfits don’t always have to be so over the top. Sometimes you just want something subtle enough to be noticed, but not the center of the show. If a bit of reflectiveness is what you’re looking for in your Tomorrowland costume ideas, we have just the outfit for you. Here, what looks to be a simple crop tank is actually a top that has reflective piping lined on the front and back. The high neckline top complements the cheeky slit waistband. For the bottoms, an edgy black fitted pants that is lined with zippers will perfectly complement each other. While simple, we pick this as one of our favorite Tomorrowland costumes on this list! 

red hair model wearing tofu reflective slit tank top



Does your group have a Tomorrowland dress code that strictly requires you to wear a single color? While the edgy assassin black rave outfits have certainly made an impression every year, let’s not forget the vibes of an all white outfit too. The tomorrowland clothing of choice for this next outfit is white on white. The model here is rocking a white crop tube top decked out with a row of pins and held up by a dangling halter chain. To match, the model sports an all white cargo pants that is decorated with hanging chains, pockets and drawstring. This classy tomorrowland outfit is a fit worth recreating for bright white streetwear vibes at your next Tomorrowland event. 

purple hair model wearing all white with oversized cargo pants


Gray on Gray

Alternatively, we’re going to provide you an all gray tomorrowland outfit option too, because why not. Similar concept to our White-out look, we have a gray on gray women's streetwear style fit, with a slightly more feminine twist. Here the model is wearing a gray stripe textured crop top, accompanied by a matching gray cut-out short. The real head-turning for this outfit here is the plaid slit skirt, an edgy take on your traditional school girl skirt. This gray on gray look for your next tomorrowland clothing is a winner in our eyes!  

red hair model wearing macchiato plaid slit skirt


Straps For Days

We love a good harness outfit, and the more straps the better. For these next tomorrowland outfit ideas, we’re really focusing on the harness as the item of choice, and all accompanying pieces can be interchangeable. In this look we have the model rocking a simple crop tee and strap shorts. While a simple look, the outfit is instantly transformed through the use of harness as it adds so many more layers of dimension and appeal to the outfit. The numerous straps play well with the shorts and the studded and clasp detail are a nice metallic touch for this Tomorrowland costume idea. 

purple hair model wearing passionfruit strap harness


Matchy Sets

Matching sets work for all occasions and Tomorrowland costumes are no exception. Why not go for something a little more light and fun? We love a cute colored set, and this one gives us preppy vibes for sure! The model is wearing a varsity style zip-up tank top accompanied with matching pink joggers with stripe detailing on the side. For this Tomorrowland outfit idea, you can mix and match similar pieces with the same preppy vibe to achieve this look!

And there you have it! Our top picks for the best Tomorrowland outfit ideas that will surely give you some inspiration for your next look. Looking to shop the pieces mentioned in this post? Check out our Rave Outfits For Women section at Lychee the Label to shop these exact looks! Before you set off to the festival however, don’t forget to check out some rave tips from our other blog post that recommend the Best Rave Shoes for Music Festivals and our pick on the Top 10 Rave Essentials You Must Pack. Goodluck, and have fun raving at Tomorrowland!

August 04, 2021
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