Coachella Outfits To Stand Out

Attending Coachella

First things first, let’s talk about what Coachella is, and why it is so iconic. Coachella is one of the largest music festivals held annually in America, and is situated in Indio, California. Every April for two weekends, you will be able to purchase the very expensive, and arguably very worth it tickets of around $400+ to attend the festival. While it might cost an arm or a leg now to attend Coachella, its humble beginnings can be traced all the way back to 1999 and has since grown exponentially to symbolize much more than just a festival for music. Coachella is also a place of imaginative art installations, a place where us common folks can hang out with A-list celebrities (we’re talking about Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, Beyonce and the likes), and a place of iconic Coachella festival outfits. 

The festival itself takes place across an expansive field that holds five main stages, respectively known as the Coachella Stage, the Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent and Sahara Tent. The bigger the artist you are, the more likely you are to be playing on one of the major stages, likely towards the last few acts as smaller artists usually play first. 

As we mentioned earlier though, such an iconic festival will always have eyes. And making a fashion statement is an absolute must when being spotted in Coachella. If you’ve already taken tips from out basics on the Music Festival Outfits Guide, we’re about to ramp it up and give you more tips and tricks for the perfect Coachella outfits. 


Trendy Coachella Outfits to Inspire Your Desert Fashion  

Boho Denim 

Bohemian Coachella clothes are all the rage, and we see this year after year with varying designs that empasses knits, woven fabrics, beads, lace and more. We love the boho look for Coachella wear because it’s casual, comfortable and hip. In this photo we can see the model rocking a bohemian style knitted crop sweater. The top is off-shouldered, slits slighter higher at the sides, and extends longer in the back. Paired with acid wash overalls worn asymmetrically over only one shoulder, this boho denim Coachella outfit is complete. 

red hair model with boho coachella outfit


Slick in Black

Another Coachella outfit for girls we love seeing is the all black assassin aesthetic. This mysterious Coachella clothing style gives a little extra edge to your vibes. Whether it’s with straps, harness, pins or leather, the underlying theme of an all black outfit will have you turning heads. In this photo we can see the model rocking a mesh buckle top with drawstring details, accompanied by a simple but fierce strap cut out shorts. Both the top and bottom perfectly complements each other to bring us the ultimate Coachella outfit. 


pink hair model wearing edgy black coachella outfits

KPop Festival Ready 

Ever since Blackpink stepped onto the Coachella stage for the first time, nothing has been the same. The hype for Kpop only grew, and the same can be said for their amazing Kpop concert outfits. There’s something about the extravagant clothes they wore that made a statement of confidence. Now, we find girls wearing KPop inspired clothes for their Coachella outfits. In this photo here we can see the model rocking a studded cross strap bandeau that has an adjustable waist strap. For the bottoms, she’s wearing a strappy cut out short accompanied with a pleated plaid adjustable slit skirt. Our top picks for cute Coachella outfits definitely have this one as our favorite. 


red hair model wearing kpop coachella outfit

Reflective Raving

No Coachella outfits girls are complete without some reflective goodies to finish off that outfit. With the music festival raging until nightfall, sometimes we just don’t want to be missed even in total darkness. Reflective clothes help keep that attention back to you no matter how late it gets. In this photo we can see the model rocking a reflective strap jogger, finished with an asymmetrical mesh panel detailing. She pairs the bottom with a black top with white stripe details and a zip up directly at the center of the top. It screams casual streetwear with a reflective twist that you only notice at night. 

purple hair model wearing reflective coachella outfits


The Comfy Casual

While most Coachella themed outfits are quite extravagant, let’s not leave out the girls that like to take it easy but still look good while doing so. As we know, Coachella wear doesn’t always have to blow your mind, and while most people take the opportunity to make a fashion statement, we need to remember that at the end of the day, it is a long festival and you want to be sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. In this photo here, the model is rocking a lightweight asymmetrical tee that is decked with subtle detailing of raw hemming and straps. She has on a pair of low riding denim shorts, accompanied by a heavy duty tactical belt that hangs off the shorts. A fierce Coachella outfit that doesn’t require much work but will still give off the same effect. 

red hair model wearing comfy coachella outfits


And there we have it! Our picks for the best Coachella outfits to rock next. Don’t forget to finish off your Coachella looks with the Top 10 Must Have Essentials to Pack while you’re at it! All outfits and looks can be recreated from Lychee the Label’s collection of Rave Outfits For Girls, so take a chance and browse our selection for the best Coachella outfits for girls!
July 30, 2021
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