Top 3 Hard Summer Outfits to Wear This Year 

Hard Summer Music Festival, also referred to as “Hardfest” by the fans, is an annual Rave that was first founded in 2007. It is held at the end of July, continuing into early August. Initially, it began as a strictly EDM music festival but as the years went by they began to incorporate other types of music into the mix, such as hip hop, tropical house, bass, and dubstep as well. Due to Covid-19, the event was temporarily suspended in 2020, but typically it would have been hosted at the Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California. 

Attending Hard Summer Music Festival

Hard Summer typically has over six stages for its attendees to choose from. Depending on the line-up and genre, fans would make their way to the designated artist they desired to see. The VIP area is reminiscent of a Vegas pool party, with multiple food vendors, two pools, and cabanas. On top of a fantastic line-up year after year, Hard Summer also has a ton of entertainment on their fairground. From mesmerizing light displays to a fully operational Ferris wheel, Hard Summer will have you feeling like you’re at a mini EDC. 

Due to the time of year the event is held, it can get extremely hot. So we warn fans to come prepared. With temperatures rising to over 100 Fahrenheit, our most important tip is to stay hydrated. Luckily, Insomniac is very keen on providing a number of free water stations around the venue, as well as implementing numerous misting stations for their attendees to chill out. You also have the added benefit of a couple of grassy shaded areas if you’re feeling parched. 

We also recommend ravers plan ahead and make arrangements for their trips from there and back. Typically services like Uber or Lyft will surcharge you due to the event and you will end up spending way more than you’re prepared to. In addition, Hard Summer tends to have a bad rep when it comes to their shuttle system which can be described as disorganized and flawed with wait time up to several hours. 

Top 3 Hard Summer Outfits to Flaunt

Plaid Hard Summer Themed Outfit

We love incorporating a little bit of soft grunge for our Hard Summer outfits for girls. Dark tones, grungy finishes, and plaid prints are our favorite way to rock Hard Summer outfits. It mixes elements of comfort casual and eccentric ravewear that we just love. Plaid can be worn up or down depending on what you choose to pair it with. In this case, we want to put your Hard Summer outfit in the limelight so we suggest rocking statement pieces that can complement your plaid prints. 

plaid hard summer outfit of asian model with bubbled hair

In this photo, you can see the model rocking all the right elements for this Hard Summer themed outfit. She’s rocking a plaid skirt with a red and black contrasting pattern. If the skirt’s color wasn’t loud enough, you can also see that it’s designed with a unique twist as it has a slit opening to reveal a strap short and lace-up detailing. To add to her Hard Summer clothing style, she pairs the skort with a cross strap bandeau decked with metallic detailing. With accessories like a pleather heart choker, glitter face stickers, and must-have rave hair, she’s looking 100% ready for a day of dancing away. 

Matching Streetwear Hard Summer Clothes

I know you love a themed outfit just as much as we do, and it’s even better when it can be accomplished with a group because what’s better than Matching Rave outfits? Streetwear fits are always such an easy but killer choice for Hard Summer wear. All you need is to coordinate with your group on having the same elements that you want to showcase for your Hard summer outfit. Elements you can incorporate are face masks, harnesses and belts, straps, and anything that has a little bit of edge. 

matching hard summer outfit with three friends in all black

In this photo, we can see this trio rocking an all-black Hard Summer Outfit. Matching in just the face masks, the girls sport a variety of streetwear clothes to complement one another. The mesh buckle waist top for example is an excellent choice as it is lightweight enough for the blazing heat, but also has all the streetwear detail we know and love. Strappy shorts like our Truffle Strap Short make for the perfect pair to match it with. Harnesses are also a great way to add to an outfit and bring more character, as seen from these Hard Summer clothes.  

One-Piece Cute Hard Summer Outfits 

It’s not unconventional at all for girls (and boys!) to walk around in a one-piece bathing suit as their Hard Summer wear. In fact, we totally get it. It’s just simple, easy, and free. But for some of us, we might not be too comfortable with just getting away in a one-piece swimsuit as our Hard Summer outfit. Perhaps we just want the ease of something that can be worn on its own. Our solution? An edgy but casual dress. You just have to slip it on and it does all the work for you. Honestly, it’s a win-win for everyone. 

hard summer dress outfit of black dress model

In this photo here you can see her rocking out this cute Hard Summer outfit. She wears a simple black dress with waist buckle detailing, extra shoulder straps, mini slits on the bottom of the dress, and a cheeky leg strap to tie it all together. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and very freeing. The Rose Hip Waist Buckle Leg Strap Dress might be one of the more appropriate dresses you can wear for an event like this, as it’s within the theme of the festival. 

And there you have it! Tips for attending your next Hard Summer Music Festivals and some of our picks for the top Hard Summer outfits you can choose from. Be sure to check out our post on the Top Rave Essentials before you go to make sure you’re fully prepared as well. For more outfit inspirations, check out our Rave Collection at Lychee the Label! 

October 19, 2021
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