Top 3 Holiday Party Outfits to Sleigh in This Year

Looks like it’s already that time of the year! There’s Christmas music on the radio, the snow is falling, and holiday preparations are in full blast. For us, our favorite thing about the holidays is the people we get to spend it with, and we know there’s no shortage of socialization when it comes to all these parties that are hosted at the end of the year. Whether it’s a work holiday party, family holiday party, or a get-together party amongst friends, there’s always something happening that we got to prepare for. But that’s where you’re in luck! Today we’ll be sharing with you some of our tips for attending holiday parties in our experience, and the best women holiday party outfits you can rock this year. Don’t forget Essential Winter Outerwear you need to pair with your holiday party look as well!

Tips for Attending Holiday Parties 

Knowing the Dress Code 

This one is a big one. What’s worse than feeling over or underdressed for an important occasion? Always ask to clarify the type of event and what wear is considered appropriate for it. Is it just a casual dinner with friends and family? Or is it taking place at a venue where you are expected to wear something a little more formal? It’s better safe than sorry, so ask ahead so you can plan your holiday party outfit ahead. 

Bring a Small Purse or Bag

In addition to complementing our outfit, a small purse or bag can be extremely handy in emergency situations. Pack all your essentials like make-up for touching up, a pen stain remover for any unfortunate wine spillage, an external battery for your phone, and anything else that might prove useful at the party. 

Comfortable Shoes

This goes without saying but in case you forget, comfortable shoes are a must for any event that you might find yourself standing around in to socialize for a few hours. We would suggest a pair of fancy flats or cute block heels as the optimal choice. However, for those that insist on wearing stiletto heels or the like, just remember to test drive them for a couple of days to break them in, or go with a pair that you’re already familiar with. You never want to immediately wear a brand new pair of heels!

Top 3 Holiday-Party Looks to try this year 

Dress to Impress

Why not rock a head-turning dress? Dresses are always a safe and feminine choice to wear for a holiday party outfit. Comfortable, flowy, and classy, holiday party dresses have so much variety to choose from depending on the occasion. A plain loose dress for a casual party, a fitted short party dress for the semi-formal, and perhaps a long gown for a formal event. 

rose hip waist buckle leg strap dress in white

In this photo here you can see the model rocking a semi-formal short dress with a slightly edgy twist. The snow-white color of the dress is perfect for holiday party wear. It’s decked out with unique designs such as metallic waist buckles, additional shoulder straps, and cheeky thigh strap. A dress like this would be such a hit and a conversation starter to boot. We also mentioned this stunning dress on a similar post for Stylish Birthday Party outfits. You can find the Rose Hip Waist Buckle Dress here. 

Two-Piece Sets

If a whole holiday party dress is not for you, and you’d rather wear pieces you can mix and match together, that is totally possible too for a cute holiday party outfit. With mixing and matching existing pieces in your closet, you have a lot more freedom to work around the casual or formal theme. An elaborate top can be toned down with a muted bottom and vice versa. Typically we recommend staying within the same color theme when pairing two different pieces together. 

In this photo here you can see the model has mixed and matched two similar color tones to create a unified two-piece set for her holiday party look. The top is a casual tank top with unique details like a buckle strap and dainty clasps. For the bottom, she is wearing a festive red plaid slit skirt. This holiday party outfit is perfect for something a little more casual for a party hosted at home. You can find the Uni Buckle Crop Top here and the Goji Plaid Slit Skirt here.

Little Black Number

You cannot go wrong with a little black dress. Or perhaps you want to split it into a two-piece set once again. Either way, black is such a classy and flattering color and can be worn for any occasion. 

mirin a line slit skirt with chains and matching black crop top

In this photo here you can see the model is rocking a fitted and semi-formal top. The top itself has boning elements and built-in padding for ease of wear. There is a zipper back and V-shaped detailing in the front to add a sense of design. To match, the model is wearing a classy slit A-line skirt that features hidden short and danging chain elements - very festive indeed. You can find the Cosmo Crop V-Bottom Top here and the Mirin A-Line Slit Skirt here. 

We hope you will now have some inspiration for your next holiday party outfit! You can also check out our blog post on Cute Party Outfit Ideas for similar inspiration. Remember the choices are endless and you have all the power to mix it up based on the formalness of an event. If you’re looking for more party wear, don’t forget to check Lychee the Label’s New arrivals regularly. Good luck and have a great time at your holiday party!
October 19, 2021