4 Ways to Rock a Reflective Jacket 

Reflective clothing can be a little intimidating to dip your toes into. Perhaps you’re worried that it’s too loud, or too in your face, and it’s making you hesitant to try it. Let us tell you right now, it’s way better to learn how to incorporate something into your style and outfit than to straight out avoid it. Especially these days where reflective pieces are incorporated into all sorts of streetwear clothing, such as our example in the Reflective Rave Trend blog post. Learning to work reflective clothing into an outfit is as easy as you want to make it, and with the help of our tips and guide, you’ll be a pro at it in no time. 

Gelato Cropped Reflective Jacket

For today’s guide, we’re going to focus specifically on reflective jackets. We’ll be taking one reflective cropped jacket in particular, the Gelato Reflective Jacket,  and showing you how a piece can be worn in more than one way. We will also give you tips to style it to fit your look. For reference, this reflective streetwear jacket has a super cropped front to allow the wearer to showcase their inner outfit. There’s a secure buckle right under the neck that holds the jacket together. The reflective material can be front all around the main areas of the jacket, minus the cuffs, which happen to feature thumbholes. The jacket also has a mini pocket sewed onto one side of the sleeve. 

4 Reflective Jacket Looks to Own

Dress it Up

What we love about a reflective bomber like this is the super-cropped cut. Not only is it very trendy in streetwear fashion right now, but it also allows us the ability to play with showcasing our inner outfit as well. We love pairing a dress with a super cropped reflective bomber like this because most of the dress is still visible and the star of the outfit. The reflective bomber is only a complement to it. By only wearing a dress with a reflective cropped bomber like this, you won’t have to worry about overdoing your look since it’s still relatively simple and toned down. 

reflective cropped bomber on a dress at night

In this photo, the model is rocking her Gelato Reflective Cropped Bomber with a simple fitted black dress. The black from the dress works well with the bomber as it also has black as the main color contrast for the piece. She finishes off with leather thigh-high boots to complete the reflective streetwear look. 

Stacks on Stacks 

It’s clear that on a day-to-day basis, we don’t want to overdo pairing too much reflective clothing together in the same outfit. But on the rare occasion that we do recommend it, it would be for an event such as a rave or music festival (speaking of raves, don’t forget to check out our Rave Essential List for your next outing!). Wearing a matching reflective set is the only way we’d love to do a rave. How many opportunities do you normally have where you can shine as loud and bright as you want? Pair this reflective rave jacket with reflective joggers, reflective masks, reflective cross body bags, or even reflective shoes. The possibility is endless when you stack them together for the optimal rave outfit

reflective rave bomber with matching reflective joggers

In this photo, the model is rocking a reflective cropped jacket, paired with a reflective jogger. Her outfit is very on the theme of black in contrast with the reflective white tone, with the black and white color continuing onto pieces like her face mask, shirt, and shoes. This duo reflective set is loud and powerful and is perfectly appropriate to rock at your next event. 

Casual Days 

Alright, so what if you’re not going to a music festival but still want to incorporate reflective pieces into your outfit? No problem at all, because reflective pieces can be dressed down despite how loud they can be. Try pairing more casual elements with your reflective jackets, such as a cropped hoodie or jogger within the same color tone or darker. 

reflective streetwear bomber out at night

In this photo here, the model is toning down the reflective jacket, while still making it look fierce and streetwear appropriate. She rocks a cropped hoodie underneath, pulling the hood over the back of the jacket. The contrast in color, as well as its cozy fit and shape really tones the look down. When paired with a neutral or dark legging, the reflective nature of the jacket is further reduced to something more tone and everyday-wear. 

Lean into Streetwear

For the happy medium between rave-style reflective fashion and comfort style reflective fashion, we have the midway point of reflective style. The reflective nature of the top will always give your outfit a little more edge, and this is perfect in helping you achieve a streetwear outfit without trying too hard. Pieces that work in favor of streetwear styles and have elements like straps, chains, belts, Neon and buckles work really well to complement the reflective style. 

reflective streetwear jacket and strappy shorts

In this photo here, the model is rocking the reflective jacket with an equally edgy cropped tank top. The top is decked out in a dainty metallic clasp and the straps have matching buckles that complement the buckle of the reflective cropped jacket. Her bottoms are streetwear-inspired denim shorts with a double thigh strap design. The overall outfit works together to give us the perfect reflective streetwear outfit. 

And there you have it! Our take on the best ways to style a reflective cropped jacket, depending on the occasion and style you’re looking to rock. Feel free to mix it up and personalize the look to your liking. For more style inspo, check out our bestseller collection at lychee the label to mix and match more reflective pieces into your closet.
October 30, 2021
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