Four Summer Accessories You Must Have 

With the warmer weather approaching, you might find yourself wondering what are the next trendy accessories to have ready for the season. When it comes to summer streetwear accessories, there’s a lot of variety in what you can wear, mix and match with your outfit. Not sure how? You can make a little detour on our tips on ways to style streetwear accessories before making your way back here! Now luckily, most accessories are easy to blend into your outfits as the accessories are rarely the star of your summer streetwear outfit. We’re going to check out our take on what’s going to be the top five 2022 summer streetwear accessories you’re going to want to grab for the hotter weather. Let’s begin!

Basic Mesh Top

You might be saying to yourself right now, is this really considered an accessory? Well, yes and no. For the purpose of this list, we’re going to group it together as an accessory as it is something that we believe plays the role of accompanying an outfit to elevate itself, but not be the star of the look. With that in mind, we find that a basic mesh top is often used as just the under a layer of a top, and supports the look and streetwear aesthetic of the layered top that is often worn over it. A basic mesh top is a really quick and easy way to add dimension to your outfit. Especially when it comes to the summertime, anything too bulky or big can just be plain annoying to haul around or wear. This lightweight mesh top is such a simple and easy piece of your outfit that would help draw attention to the top you’re overlaying on top. 

maki mesh top with cider plaid skort on lychee the label model

Specifically for this summer streetwear accessory, a great basic mesh top that you could use as a base would be the Maki mesh crop top. It has a simple high scoop neckline that is flatter on all types of body shapes and easily works with most tops you will overlay on it. The sleeves are ¾ in length which gives it a slightly more casual vibe. It’s slightly cropped where it sits so that there is no extra fabric bulking where you don’t need it. To accompany this look, you can pair it with a statement top that you want to stand out. For example, Raspberry, an edgy plaid crop top with a bulky buckle waist strap. The constant in colors really help the plaid top pop out against the black and overall adds a more intense streetwear vibe that you otherwise wouldn’t have had if not for this summer streetwear accessory.

Lightweight Cross-Body Bag

I don’t know about you, but we alternate bags every season. Personally, we love dedicating a main bag for the season. Also, it can be such a pain to move all your essentials around. For the summertime, a bag we’d recommend you rock would be something lightweight and compact. You don’t want to be carrying a leather bag that is hot, heavy, and will easily weigh you down in the heat. Crossbody straps also work great for the summertime as they’re easy to have on you without fumbling with that awkward elbow handle situation. 

lotus cross body bag on matching black on black outfit

A great summer streetwear bag we recommend that fits those requirements would be the Lotus Strap Detail Crossbody Bag. This summer streetwear bag has everything you need for the season. It’s small and compact so you won’t have to be lugging around anything big or bulky. It’s also made from a lightweight material that is easy to clean and wash off - a convenience we can never have too much of. This streetwear bag is not only the perfect summer accessory for your outfit, but it’s also incredibly on-brand with your streetwear outfit. Featuring cute details like extra straps, clasp, and compartments, this Lotus Strap Detail Crossbody Bag should be the next item on your to-buy list this summer. 


What better way to spruce up your outfit for the summertime than a quick and easy accessory that you can just throw on like a harness? If you haven’t gotten a harness in your closet just yet, now’s the perfect time to add it for your must-have summer accessory. Harnesses add to an outfit in a way other accessories sometimes simply cannot. They bring such an element of edgy streetwear to an otherwise plain outfit. You could literally Throw a harness over an oversized T-shirt and it’ll instantly look like there was an effort in your outfit. Harnesses give your look more shape if you choose to tighten and cinch in your waist with it, but it also gives elements of streetwear casualness if you choose to let all the straps hang off and wear it as mainly an aesthetic summer accessory.

model wearing a strap harness over an oversized sheer dress shirt

Of course, there are so many different types of harnesses you can choose from to wear this summer. Our personal favorite is the Passion Fruit Adjustable Strap Harness. This particular harness is great for a summer streetwear accessory for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s made from cotton so you can put comfort as a priority as many other harnesses can come off ridging and unpleasant to wear for long periods of time. Passion fruit harness also comes with a number of adjustable details, including both shoulder straps and waist straps, allowing the best fit possible. Try pairing a harness like this over an oversized black dress shirt that needs a bit of pop.

Chain Belts 

Chain belts are easily one of the best pieces you can grab for your summer streetwear accessory. It’s one of the most affordable things on this list and can usually be bought for under $20. Chain belts add a level of streetwear quality to your overall outfit. It gives your bottom half a little more attention with its dangling movement and metallic finish. When done correctly, it can be eye-catching in an effortless way to elevate your streetwear look. Chain belts, while usually worn on the belt loop of your pants or skirts, are really not limited to just that. You can get creative this summer and add your chain belts on the zipper handle of your jacket, the hook off your backpack, and many more. 

A great entry chain belt you might want to look into for your summer streetwear accessory can be found on our website under Peppermint Statement Chain. It comes in 3 popular colors: Black, White, and Silver. It’s purposely main to be slightly bulky looking so that it can stand out against your outfit. It’s long and lightweight to ensure the best comfort when pairing it with any outfit. The hoop to clip onto your outfit is sturdy, simple, and easy to use. Try adding a chain to your outfit as the next standout summer accessory. 

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January 10, 2022