Veld Music Festival Tips and Must-Haves 

For those that have waited a full two years to finally return to Veld Music Festival again, let’s hope veld 2022 is finally open for business. After cancellations year after year, we know everyone’s just itching to go back, and for good reason - the lineup for Veld 2022 is insane. From a two-day event turned three, we have banging headlines like Alesso, Marshmello, Armin Van Buuren, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, and Porter Robinson. Not to mention other A-list artists like Galantis, Dvbbs, Gryffin, and more. Today we’re going to go through some tips for attending Veld 2022 as well as must-have for Veld 2022 to bring this year. 

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Tips for Veld 2022 Music Festival 


Rave veterans might recall their first rave experience and all their mishaps associated with it. It seems like every year, there is a first-time rave goer that tightest the wristband straps without putting it on their wrist first - or way before the festival itself. Remember, the wristbands are meant to be worn during the days of the festival and are only removable if you cut them off -  so make sure you do not tug or wear them anytime prior to the rave. 

Additionally, be sure to register your wristband online prior to the rave. This will save you so much time, and give you easy access to all the essentials such as your electronic wallet since the event is cash-free. 

No Re-entry 

It’s important to check which raves allow for re-entry, and in the case of Veld Music Festival, there is a strict re-entry policy. Keep this in mind and plan accordingly! Bring everything you need to in one go as you will not be allowed to go back and forth once you are in for the day. 


If you are driving to the event, you might want to prepare for some chaos when it comes to parking. You will be paying for additional parking in a large roped-off field of grass. If you can, try to park as close to the exit as possible (at the expense that you would have a longer walk to the festival and back) as sometimes it can take up to an hour to leave the parking lot by the end of the night. 

Must-Have Veld Accessories 

Comfortable and Secure Footwear 

Arguably, shoes might be the most important outfit factor when planning for a rave and one of the Top Rave Essentials to Pack in our opinion. You plan on standing, running, and jumping around at the rave you better prepare some comfortable shoes to wear. Ditch the new shoes - you want something worn in so that you don’t run across any unexpected pain issues. Something without a heel or thick platforms will be your best bet for comfort and mobility, which is why we always recommend a pair of good ol’ sneakers. Avoid any open-toe shoes as you will definitely get stepped on in the pit of it all. 

Veld Music Festival takes place on a huge grassy field, and by the chance that it rains (since it tends to end of July), you better prepare for a messy time. As we mentioned, old sneakers are great because its comfortable, but you also aren’t going to feel bad if it gets extremely dirty or destroyed from the day. If you’re scared of the mess, opt for a pair of sturdy (but not overly heavy) boots for the ultimate protection. 

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Outfit Details: Sesame Crop Top, Mochi Chain Skort


Bags are a must-have for your Veld 2022 outfits because how else will you carry all your essentials. Veld Music Festival allows for bags size 12x12 so make sure you are within the size range! We recommend a bag that has a zipper or even a lock since there tends to be a lot of pickpocketers at raves these last few years. If you’re wearing a fanny pack, prepare to have it worn cross shoulder or in front of you so you have a view of its access point at all times. Cross-body bags with zippers are always great as they distribute the weight well and are secure enough. 

veld 2022 rave outfit two friends raving

Outfit Details: Clove Mesh Top, Mochi Chain Skort

Reflective Rave Wear

Okay, I guess “must-haves” are subjective, but we’re going to put it on the list because you’re at a music festival and why would you not want to look a million bucks? There are few places you can rock a matching set of reflective bombers and reflective joggers and not get a weird look, but at Veld Music Festival, it’s only second nature to look totally out of this world right. Try throwing in some reflective pieces for your Veld rave outfit and get into the spirit of rave fashion. They also make for really awesome photos, trust us! If you have a hard time dipping your feet into the reflective fashion, you can start with our tips on How To Style Reflective Jackets to start! 

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Outfit Details: Sesame Crop Top, Chardonnay Cargo Pants, Caviar Reflective Joggers

There you have it, a comprehensive tip and outfit must-have guide on what to bring to Veld Music Festival 2022! We are hoping this is the year everyone can jump back into the rave scene and just have a great time. If you’re looking for more rave-wear inspiration, don’t forget to check out our blog post on What to Wear to an EDM Concert or browse through our Rave Wear collection at Lychee the Label. 

February 24, 2022
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