Things You Can Do to Be Involved With International Women’s Day 

International Women’s Day has been around for over a century, with the single purpose of celebrating women and their social, economic, cultural, and political wins. It’s a day that reminds us to always fight for the equality of women’s rights - particularly major issues revolving around reproductive rights, gender equality, and the awareness of violence and abuse towards women. 

A great way to show your support for women is to donate to charities revolving around works that support women’s rights. Some large charities include Girls Not Brides, Global Fund for Women, Futures Without Violence, and Planned Parenthood. Research what topics hold value to you and donate to a cause that will not only have meaning to you but will also positively impact the women’s community. 

Support Small Businesses Owned by Women

Previously we made a list of the Top Asian-Owned Streetwear brands to support during the height of Asian hate crimes occurring. Similarly, you can contribute to women-owned small businesses by supporting them during International Women’s Day. This can mean purchasing from their business, or something small like following their socials and liking their post for more exposure. Here are a few brands we think are worth a look at. 

Lychee the Label

This is a small women-owned business that is run by two POC women. Lychee the label is a trendy clothing store that caters to rave-wear and streetwear fashion. Their brand advocates for female empowerment through clothing - which is a strong theme for everything they do. The idea is to create clothes that make women feel confident and look as good as they feel inside. In addition to advocating for women to embrace their confidence, they also aim to bring greater representation to Asians in mainstream media. If you are looking to help a brand that continuously advocates for women and wants to support its mission, you can check out Lychee the Label. 

lychee the label international womens day


The Arise Box

This is a subscription box-based business that is woman-owned. At around $55USD each month, you receive a surprise box of ethical, sustainable, and fair trade products. Their angle is that with every purchase, 10% of the profits go straight to survivors of human trafficking within the USA. The contents of these boxes range per month and can be anything from utensils, candles, food, bath bombs, and more. Check out The Arise Box if you are looking to support a woman-owned business that further contributes to aiding those that suffer from human trafficking. 

The Arise Box

Astor + Orion 

Astor + Orion is an ethical jewelry small business based in Seattle. Their jewelry is ethically made in Thailand through workers with sustainable wages. They emphasize the use of recycled materials as their main branding, stating that there is no additional processing in their jewelry to allow them to be easily recycled once more. They promise guiltless shopping in the jewelry community and aim to create a more sustainable practice to help our earth. If you are looking to support a women-owned small business that advocates for sustainability and recycling, you might want to give Astor + Orion a look! 

sustainable jewelry international womens day

Leave a Message of Appreciation 

If you have impactful or strong women in your life that you feel deserve some appreciation, now is the best time to let them know! Send a message of gratitude to those that have positively affected your growth or those you think to deserve recognition for their efforts. There is no shortage of ways we could always spread positivity, and sending those women a message to let them know they are seen, appreciated, and loved is a great way to personally contribute to what International Women’s Day is all about. 

Watch Movies with Strong Female Leads

If you’re feeling festive enough, why not go on a binge of movies that advocate for strong female roles? We love seeing mainstream media lean into women’s rights and having them seen as equals in society. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Hunger Games 

Too often women are shown to be the damsel in distress that needs to be saved. But why is that always the narrative being shown to society and young girls? The Hunger Games not only has a strong female lead, but this female lead also takes on the role of the protector for all the characters she cares for and loves in the movie. Why wait for a man when you can do it yourself? 

Spirited Away

An old classic animation that stars a young girl who works her butt off to make it out alive in a strange world and saves her family. Although she is small and weak, her will is unwavering and this allows her to strive for goals that might seem impossible if not for her strong optimism and fighting spirit. It is a heart-warming story about a strong girl that will be perfect to watch this International Women’s Day. 


We love this movie, and it’s no surprise why most kids are head over heels for it. Growing up we are fed so many fairy tales that are disguised as quite misogynistic storylines. Frozen is the modern equivalent of a princess story that focuses strongly on the relationship of two strong sisters that overcome it all. It pokes fun at the traditional narrative of a princess meeting a man and immediately falling in love. It highlights the importance of trust, getting to know someone truly and family. Frozen is a feel-good princess story that will have you proud to watch and share with your daughter. 

How will you be spending International Women’s Day this year? Don’t forget to check out our website at Lychee the Label to keep updated with all our latest arrivals. Stand with us on our mission to spread female empowerment through clothing and follow us on social to share your support! 

February 17, 2022