4 Valentine’s Outfit to Wear for Different Occasions 

With Valentine’s Day just right around the corner, some of us last-minute planners might just be starting to figure out our Valentine's Day outfits. Are we going with something a little more done-up and sultry? Are we planning to have a cozy date-in? Or are we planning a cute little Valentine’s picnic (for those with the luxury of a warmer February)? Either way, different occasions mean completely different Valentine outfits. Today, we’re going to help you figure out the best Valentine's day outfits you can wear this February 14.  

Casual Valentine’s Day Date Outfit

Maybe you’re feeling like it’s a stay-in kind of date this Valentine’s. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, in fact, we love that just as much for us! At the end of the day, what matters is that you get to celebrate your love together with your boo. Staying in only adds to the fact that you’re both perfectly comfortable and happy to just be in the presence of each other - what’s better than take-out pizza, a bottle of red wine, and your fur babies to join you by the fireplace this Valentine’s? Honestly, can’t really think of anything. 

For these cozy stay-in Valentine’s Day date outfits, we love to rock something that’s slightly more casual, but festive in the color (red) or fabric (sultry like velvet). Our go-to valentine’s day outfit for a date-in is this combo right here! 

red velvet zip back oversized cropped hoodie with denim shorts

We’re opting for our Red Velvet Zip-Back Hoodie to start. This luxuriously soft and cozy hoodie can transform from casual to streetwear edgy. You get that comfy oversized feel that makes you want to just melt inside the hoodie. At the same time, you can unzip the back feature and it will drop by the shoulder, revealing an ultra-edgy streetwear style hoodie with a unique twist. Both the red color and velour fabric just screams Valentine’s to us, so what better pick than a hoodie like this for your date in. To match, we paired this hoodie with casual acid-washed denim short that features a dangling side pocket. We slapped on a chunky peppermint chain to the belt loop of the shorts to accentuate the streetwear casual vibes we’re trying to create for this Valentine’s date look. 

Concert Valentine’s Day Date Outfit 

There’s really no shortage of concerts and events that target this exact date. We love that because there’s really no excuse to not have any plans if you don’t know what to do right? With the excess of events going on, let’s say you’re bound to hit up a concert this Valentine’s Day. What type of outfit screams going-out-to-a-party-but-still-wanting-to-look-semi-romantic-and-festive? We may have some suggestions. 

For Valentine’s date outfit that will have the best of both worlds (romantic and concert-ready), we recommend something that’s a little more concert focus and edgy, with pops of red to reinforce the festivities. 

azuki-red-plaid-slit-skort with lotus cross body bag

We’re going to start off by listing some clothing items that are a little more streetwear-heavy that would be perfect for a concert. If you’re looking for concert inspirations that don’t have anything to do with Valentine’s day, you might be interested in our previous post on The Best Concert Attire. With that being said, for this particular Valentine’s Day date outfit, we’re going with Uni, a buckle strap cropped tank top that features a row of statement clasps. To accompany this top, we’re rocking it with some long detachable sleeves with thumbholes, found from our Dashi Top and Sleeve Set. We have a cross-body strap bag that will help you hold all your essentials while rocking out to your favorite hits. Adding a pop of a chunky peppermint chain to the bag really adds to that concert rocker element we’re going for right now. Lastly, we’re going with a vibrant edgy red plaid skort that features a sultry lace-up detail on one side of the strap shorts. Name a better Valentine’s Day date outfit for a concert - we’ll wait. 

Club Valentine’s Day Date Outfit 

Some of us just love hitting up the club, and what better day than Valentine’s to enjoy a bit of that rambunctious fun? Maybe we’re just looking for an excuse to go regardless, but let’s say it’s for Valentine’s Day right? If you’re here from our previous post citing The Best Edgy Clubwear for Women, then congrats here is an extra idea you can add to your inspiration list! 

We’re thinking of something form-fitted, edgy, and youthful if we’re headed out to a clubbing Valentine’s Day event. Of course, this also takes into account that you’re a Lychee-babe that doesn't really opt for anything too plain and you have streetwear at the back of your mind at all times. Then yes, we do have an outfit just for you. In fact, we think you’re really going to like it too. 

raspberry-plaid-buckle-waist-top with pleather zipper shorts

First and foremost we’re going to use Raspberry, our red plaid buckle crop tank top as the base to this club Valentine’s Day outfit. It’s punky, rich, and quite frankly, perfect for this occasion. We’re throwing on a pair of Passionfruit strappy adjustable harness to add to the layers and edgy factor of this outfit. The metallic belt from the tank top also complements and highlights the straps on the harness. To pair with the tops above, we’re going with a Kombu, a pleather zipper strap short (and side note, leather/pleather is totally Valentine’s day worthy right?). Slapping on a long strappy Cobra tactical belt and a black chunky Peppermint chain, your club Valentine’s outfit is complete. 

Romantic Valentine’s Date Night Outfit

Okay, maybe you’re having the classic Valentine’s Day Date out. You want an outfit that works for a nice dinner, maybe something that compliments going to the bar after for a few drinks and a dance. If that’s the goal, we also have a banging Valentine’s Day Outfit that suits just that if you didn’t get enough inspiration from our Going Out Outfits blog post a while back! 

We want to really emphasize matching outfits or pieces that either complement each other through their style or color. In this case, we want to pair the top and bottom through their color choice, which will be wine. We’re also throwing in one other neutral shade just to tone down all that red going on as well. Ultimately, this streetwear-inspired romantic date-night outfit will definitely turn your date’s head. 

shiso-wine-waist-buckle-bustier with red plaid skort

To start, we have a Shiso, a sultry wine color bustier with spaghetti strap detail, and stacking waist buckles. This romantic satin-like finish top is top-tier for a valentine’s day event. To match, we have Goji, a red plaid-colored skort with an adjustable waist. These two are a perfect color match and a great Valentine’s day outfit combo. To finish it off, we have a light-cropped and open-front jacket that is meant to tone down the red and give your outfit a little more streetwear flair. The sleeves on Angel hair jacket have a zipper that rises to the elbow and dangling double straps found on each sleeve. 

So what are you choosing to wear this Valentine’s date? For more romantic date night options, you can check out our Bestselling collection to gather more outfit ideas or be on the lookout for the latest Lychee the Label pieces in our New Arrivals.
February 11, 2022