The Best Kpop Hair You Must Try + Matching Outfits 

We can all agree that Kpop culture doesn’t simply stop at great music, it’s really the whole performative package that it comes in. Not only are the songs all banger in their own right, but there’s also just as much visual awe when it comes to their dancing, Kpop outfits, and to-die-for Kpop hairstyles. Part of what makes Kpop so Kpop is the fact that a huge part of their appeal comes from the fact that these artists don’t just make music, but are also fashion icons to the public eye. The way they present themselves, what they choose to wear on stage, how they do their make-up, and the way they wear their hair are all observed and admired by their millions of fans. It’s no wonder they always look so good! As Kpop enthusiastic ourselves, one of our favorite aspects of Kpop is their amazing and often time unique hairstyles. It’s got us wondering, what’s stopping us from pulling off this exact style ourselves? Sure, we don’t have a stage per se, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt their Kpop hairstyle and Kpop fashion choices to better suit our casual and everyday lives. We’re going to share with you our take on possible Kpop hairstyles (and their matching outfits) we can incorporate into our own lives. 

Messy Double Dutch Braids

Half Updo

Double High Pigtails

Space Bun Half Updo

Messy double-dutch braids

Double dutch braids are a classic in streetwear. It’s an easy-to-wear Kpop hairstyle that is no fuss and can be done fairly quickly depending on how skilled you are with your hands. We love this style because it looks great on any hair length (short hair? No problem, it’s cute. long hair? No problem, is alluring). Not only that, it’s workable for most hair textures as it controls and keeps all your hair in place very well. It’s a versatile Kpop hairstyle that can be worn with casual-style outfits like a fitted tee and denim shorts. 

kpop hairstyle double dutch braid on korean kpop idol

In this photo here, the model is also rocking a fitted t-shirt like how Jennie from Blackpink is dressed. However, the model's Tee has an asymmetrical fit with a metal strap waist detail. The top points to a sharp V and has that raw hem-styled aesthetic to it. She’s wearing a pair of loose denim shorts that are tied together with a strappy tactical belt. 

Top: Assam Fitted Asymmetrical Tee 

Belt: Cobra Tactical Strap Belt 

assam asymmetrical crop tee on red hair lychee the label model

Half Updo 

What we love most about half updo hairstyles is the fact that you get the best of both worlds. You get to keep the length but you also get the volume. Half up-do Kpop hairstyles are easy to replicate and come in a variety of styles. You can have your hair curled, straightened, or braided in between and it will still look fabulous. What we also love about this Kpop hairstyle is the fact that you always look so put together as if you spent a long time getting ready (and who’s to say you didn’t?). 

rose kpop hairstyle hair up half down in adidas tank top

In this photo here, you can see the model rocking this half updo Kpop hairstyle with a little bit of a wavy texture. It’s elegant, effortless, and great for a casual or decorated outfit. For this particular look, the model is choosing the latter and sporting a streetwear heavy outfit. She’s wearing a cropped strappy tank top, accompanied by long detachable sleeves that have thumbholes. For her skirt, she’s wearing a fitted pencil skirt that features an adjustable belt and slit detailing that has a pop of pink and white. 

Top: Dashi Top and Sleeve Set

Bottom: Dragonfruit Pencil Skirt

dragonfruit slit skirt with strappy crop tank top on staircase on purple hair model

Double High Pigtails 

We’re a fan of this hairstyle because who doesn’t love looking a little more youthful? This Kpop hairstyle screams fun, energy, and a good time and that’s something we can always get behind. The high double pigtails are super easy to do, as you simply just need two secure scrunchies, and a comb to smooth it all out. A Kpop hairstyle such as this one suites outfits that are a little more on the youthful side, preferable outfits with brighter colors, looser fits, and the like. 

jennie kpop hairstyle with double high pony tail wearing red

In this photo here, the model is rocking the double high pigtails with an oversized cropped beige sweater. The sweater is no ordinary hoodie but is made with strappy sleeves and a color block design. The hood is also oversized and as roomy as the sweater itself. The model is wearing a light-colored high-waisted short to accompany it. 

Top: Shoyu Oversized Cropped Hoodie

shoyu oversized hoodie in beige with red hair model sitting on a couch

Space Bun Half Updo

Space buns have always been such a cute hairstyle to rock, but many might find a hard time with the right occasion to wear them. While we do agree it’s a little bit farther fetched than the other hairstyles on this list, it’s not impossible by any means. By adapting the original space buns we know and love and opting for something less loud, we have what you call the space bun half updo. Smaller buns, longer hair. This adaptation is more versatile for everyday wear and definitely leans towards the cuter side. 

half updo kpop hairstyle space bun style

In this photo here the model is rocking this exact hairstyle and leaning towards an edgier streetwear outfit. She rocks a plain fitted tee under a strappy adjustable harness. Additionally, she matches the strappy harness with a pair of fitted shorts that feature the same strap detailing by the thighs. 

Accessory: Passionfruit Adjustable Harness

Bottom: Truffle Strap Short

passionfruit harness with purple hair model in space buns

Now that you have your Kpop hairstyle down, don’t forget to pair it with the best matching streetwear outfit you can find! For more inspiration on Kpop fashion. or how to dress like a Kpop star, don’t forget to check out our collection of Kpop clothes over at Lychee the Label.

March 18, 2022
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