What to Pack For Your First BTS Concert 

So you’re attending a BTS concert? Congrats! What’s the next step after celebrating this monumental moment to look forward to? Being sure you’re 100% ready for the moment of course. As avid BTS fans (as you know through out work studying Iconic Jimin fashion and BTS clothing inspiration) we created a list of the must-have BTS concert things to pack to prep you for your big event! Being able to go to a BTS concert feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we want to make sure you are fully prepared when you arrive. So with that being said, let’s dive right into it! 

Purple Face Mask 

For safety reasons and the fact that we are still in a global pandemic, we recommend bringing a face mask when you find yourself enclosed in a large venue with a lot of people! In order to stay festive and show that are you serious when it comes to being a part of the BTS ARMY, why not rock a face mask that is purple in color? Now you will have a practical and fashionable piece of accessories to bring to your BTS concert. 

ARMY Bomb Light Stick

If you don’t know what an ARMY bomb light is, you’ll be happy to discover that it is the official lightstick of BTS. Here is your chance to show your dedication as an ARMY member by waving around the ARMY bomb lightstick! If you are worried about not being able to secure one online during their launches, you don’t have to worry! Typically BTS concerts have them readily available for purchase on-site. If you’re beginning one from home, be sure to have AAA battery ready! 

army light bomb stick product photo

Bonus Tip: Your ARMY bomb light is connectable through an app. On the day of the concert, be sure to connect your ARMY bomb light and enjoy the way it lights up in sync throughout the entire concert. 

Kpop Concert Outfit

If you missed our last post detailing everything you need to know about what to wear to a Kpop concert, that’s okay because here we’re give you another comprehensive break down and outfit suggestion. Part of the fun in partaking in a concert is having the ability to dress up and stand out! As a member of the ARMY, you want to do right by your favorite Kpop boy band and look fabulous while sporting anything that shows your support. We recommend going with the Kpop aestheic when choosing your Kpop concert outfit. 

A top we would recommend is this Uni Buckle Strap Cropped Tank Top. We love this top for a number of reasons, one being the fact that it is purple. Is it even a question whether or not you want to wear purple to a BTS concert? I think not. This Uni Tank Top comes in a beautiful lavender shade and is accompanied by edgy Kpop details such as the buckle straps and line of clasps. 

uni buckle strap tank top flat lay close up

For bottoms, you can go with a Kpop streetwear look by sporting a pair of oversized joggers. Anything with pockets is always a plus to us! The jogger is lightweight, breathable and comfortable to ensure you have a no-fuss BTS concert experience. The Caviar Joggers here also have Kpop elements in the sense that it is flashy and reflective! It also has an asymmetrical mesh detailing on the bottom half of the joggers and drawstring ankles for adjustability. 

caviar reflective jogger flat lay close up

Mini Bag 

Depending on which stadium BTS is hosting their concert, there might be rules or limitations on the type of bags you can bring in. For example, larger established stadiums might require you to bring bags that are only see-through to ensure nothing suspicious is slipped through their security. Typically there is a size restriction as well, but to be certain you should always check up on the venue’s website prior to the event. For your reference, typically you can bring sizes up to 12” x 6” x 12” for a clear bag, and 4” x 6” for smaller bags. 

Bags are a necessity for events since they help you carry all your must-have concert gear. Do yourself a favor and keep it all in one secure place by bringing yourself a mini bag! We recommend something similar to the Lotus Cross-Body Mini Bag, which can carry all your essentials like your ID, wallet, an iPhone Max, make-up touch-up, and more. 

lotus cross body bag flat lay close up

Water Bottle 

Don’t forget to stay hydrated - do not depend on your adrenaline to keep you going, especially when you’re going to a multi-day concert! We know that the last thing we think about when we’re in the heat of the moment is staying hydrated, but trust us it’s super important if you want to be safe and energized for the entirety of the BTS concert. Make sure you and your friends are feeling well while you’re screaming and cheering for your favorite BTS member!

Power Bank

If it’s your first BTS concert, we have a feeling you’re phone battery is going to drain quicker than you think. Chances are you’ll want to record every moment and every song. By the first hour, your battery will quickly deplete between the series of videos you’re trying to capture and photos of you at this iconic BTS event. Bringing a power bank ensures your phone will always be fully charged so you don’t get lost without it later. 

Fan Signs 

Another way to show your love and support is to bring with you a custom made fan-sign! Show your care and bring it along with you to wave around when you’re live at the BTS concert! Just be sure to keep the size in check and be aware of other fan members behind you that might be blocked from the sign! 

BTS concert fan sign stating J-HOPE

And there you have it! Our comprehensive guide on things you must-have at your next BTS concert. Of course, you can make your own judgement call on what else might be considered an essential to you! If you’re looking for more kpop concert outfit inspiration, you can check out Lychee the Label’s collection of Kpop Fashion. Why not go the extra mile while you’re already at it and check out our post on Kpop hairstyle inspiration you can rock to match that Kpop concert outfit you’re wearing. All in all, just remember to stay safe and have a great time!  

March 23, 2022
Tags: kpop fashion