Top 10 Kpop Inspired Bottoms You Need in Your Closet 

We often look to our favorite Kpop artists and yearn to be as iconic as our idols. How do they look so effortlessly fashionable? How can we emulate their style in our everyday closet? While we already covered our take on How to Dress Like a Kpop Star, what if we want to dress in a way that’s more appropriate for everyday wear, while still incorporating Kpop elements into our clothes? There’s a certain look when it comes to Kpop clothes and today we’re going to be looking at styles that closely resemble the Kpop aesthetic. Particularly, we’ll be honing in on Kpop inspired shorts you can easily incorporate into your everyday outfit! Let’s start with our take on the top ten Kpop inspired bottoms we think you need in your closet.

Kpop Inspired Shorts

Kombu Pleather Zip Short

Kombu is an edgy pair of pleather shorts that we can easily see Kpop stars rock on the big stage. It has the rockstar aesthetic with its pleather material and multiple zipper details. Its star feature is the double zippers found on both sides of the short’s thighs which can be left as, or unzipped partially to mimic a slightly cascading effect. The unique design is so eye-catching, it’s something we can see Lisa from Blackpink wear, and it’ll make for one of the best Kpop inspired shorts you’ll have in your closet in our humble opinion. 

kombu pleather zipper leg short with beige polo crop top on purple hair model

Tare Leg Strap Short

Tare is an easy pair of Kpop inspired bottoms you can rock on casual days or dressy nights. It's basic and comfortable material allows it to be easily dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Made from Rayon, Polyester, and Spandex, these shorts are made to hug and flatter, while maintaining breathability. Its bodycon flattering shape is accompanied by a strappy thigh and waist detail that allow for these shorts to stand out in a subtle but edgy way. This is a short truly made to wear for a Kpop artist. These Kpop shorts are 10/10 in our books!

tare strap shorts with velvet off shoulder grey sweater on red hair model

Affogato Velour Suspender Shorts

Affogato is the perfect Kpop inspired shorts when you want something that borders between casual and dressy. It still has the typical look of a pair of shorts, but it is designed with edgy details that allow for it to immediately stand out. For example, the shorts are made entirely from velour as their base. There are mock zipper details stacked on one side of the shorts, while the other side features a dangling pleather suspender strap, which can be worn or hung down. Affogato are the next best Kpop shorts to have in your closet.

affogato velour suspender shorts with black top on purple hair model

Peppercorn Double Strap Shorts

Peppercorn is a classic pair of strappy denim shorts that we can see Kpop stars rock on and off the stage. It’s made from a stretchy denim material that allows it to fit and flatter. The double stacking straps found on both thighs are the selling point of the shorts, giving it that unique flair you can’t find in a regular pair of shorts. These are the only denim Kpop bottoms on this list, so if you love a good pair of jean shorts, these are the one for you! 

peppercorn double strap short and black bustier and cross body bag on red hair model

Truffle Strap Shorts

Truffle is our take on the starter Kpop inspired shorts you can easily incorporate into your outfit. It is simple in its design, with the base as a pair of simple black shorts. The shorts feature a single strap found on either side of the thigh, held together with a single metal hoop. If you're looking for a timeless Kpop inspired bottom, these are the one for you. 

truffle strap short and black bustier on purple hair model

Kpop Inspired Skirts 

Cider Leg Strap Skort

Cider is not your typical skirt. This Kpop inspired skirt has everything you’d want! It’s made with a fit and flare design to flatter and cinch in your waist. The skirt also has a lightweight pair of shorts hidden underneath, which attaches to the leg strap found on one thigh. The leg strap is made with the same plaid fabric and features a cute and dainty heart buckle detail. These details allow for the ultimate cute Kpop inspired skirt that you’ll absolutely want to have in your closet! 

cider leg strap skirt and black crop top on red hair model with two high braids

Mirin Chain Skort

Mirin is a subtle Kpop inspired skirt that has a classy vibe to it. This skirt screams Jennie from Blackpink. It’s made from high quality and sturdy material that allows for the skirt to flare to its A-line shape. It comes with a strappy belt and has dangling metal chains attached to the shorts. This classy Kpop inspired skirt will do well for a night-out outfit or to a Kpop concert! It's the classiest Kpop skirt on this list and we highly recommend it. 

mirin chain skort and black crop top on purple hair model

Mochi Chain Skort 

Mochi is a classic strap leg skort with a buckle leg design and dangling chains. It’s what you would imagine Kpop stars to wear on stage or in their debut music videos. This classic pleated black skirt is such a versatile piece, it can easily be mixed and matched with any existing top in your closet. Mochi is one of our favorite picks for Kpop skirts you can rock on the daily. 

mochi chain skirt and pin tube top on purple hair model

Azuki Plaid Lace-Up Skort 

Azuki is another pair of Kpop skort that is very similar to our Mochi recommendation above. Much like Mochi, Azuki has the same base and features the slit skort with a leg strap design. Azuki differs through the way it adds a little more to the basic look. Azuki comes in a bright plaid red pattern throughout the skirt. One side of the short has a lace-up design that allows for the whole piece to really pop. If you’re looking for a Kpop skirt that is a little louder, Azuki is it! 

azuki lace up skirt and black mesh top on red hair model

Taiyaki Pleather Lace-Up Skirt

Taiyaki is a fitted skirt that we can see our favorite Kpop stars wear for classy photoshoots or bold music videos. It’s made with a pleather material and has multiple lace-up features. Its high-waisted shape allows for a flattering fit for all body types. Taiyaki would be a great Kpop inspired skirt to add to your night-out outfits. 

taiyaki lace up skirt and matching beige polo top on red hair model

Now that you have a list of the best Kpop inspired bottoms you can find, which ones are your top picks?  For more inspiration to mix and match your Kpop bottoms with, don’t forget to check out our collection of Kpop fashion over at Lychee the Label.

April 06, 2022
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