Must-Have Kpop Tops Inspired by Your Favorite Kpop Artists 

There’s nothing we love more than dressing up like our favorite Kpop artists. I mean, what’s not to love about it? These women are both style and confidence inspirations, showing us how to feel empowered in what we choose to wear. It’s no surprise that we tend to gravitate toward fashion trends that our favorite Kpop stars like to wear. Just look at our entire analysis on how to dress like Lisa from Blackpink. Suffice to say, we love our Kpop star style and we are not afraid to try to emulate it in our everyday wear. Here are some of our takes on the best Kpop inspired tops that you can incorporate into your closet to create your Kpop closet dream. 

Assam Cutout Zipper T-Shirt

Assam is what a Kpop star would wear as their version of the casual tee. It has all the basic elements we love in a t-shirt, it’s simple, comfortable, and easy to just pull out from your closet. Assam is a worthy Kpop-inspired top due to the fact that it incorporated subtle but edgy elements to elevate something basic to something not-so-basic, all while retaining the integrity of the simple tee. It has a fitted design to flatter, but its cotton material allows for it to still be loose, stretchy, and comfortable for everyday wear. It featured a unique asymmetrical but and strap side which gives it an edgy character. It also has a small and functional zipper found on the shoulder of the top. This K-pop t-shirt is a must-have when building your closet as it is an essential casual piece (that still has that K-pop element we love) that you can pick up time and time again.

assam strap cutout tee on asian red hair model

Shiso Waist Buckle Detail Bustier Top

We think every Kpop closet needs a show-stopping bustier top. One that has all the elements of a good Kpop top. We’re talking straps, buckles, and quality material. Shiso is one of the bustiers we think would perfectly fit into any K-pop star's closet. This cropped bustier has stacking buckles found at the center front of the top, which is edgy and is a statement piece of its own. The top is made from a stretchy material and has a slight glittery sheen which we love for a night out. It has stretchy spaghetti straps and an elastic back for the most comfortable and best fit. Shiso bustier would be a great pick for your next Kpop-inspired top because it hits all the right points when looking for K-pop clothes. 

shiso waist buckle bustier over a mesh top and distress shorts on model

Bento Layered Buckle Detail Sweater

Bento is just one of those Kpop-inspired tops that we can see worn by Kpop artists on the big stage. It has all the right designs that make it so perfect. It is a long sleeve black top that features a double cold shoulder and a mock layered buckle found right at the neckline. It has a slightly cropped fit, thumbhole sleeve, and buttoned turtleneck back. Much like Kpop clothes we see being rocked by our favorite Kpop artists, the edgy details and interesting cuts make it the perfect Kpop top to wear to a Kpop concert or a stylish night out. 

bento layered buckle top with strappy black dress pants on model

Meringue Draped Chain Detail Tube Top

Another Kpop top we think would do wildly well for a night out or if you’re trying to mimic the closet of a Kpop star is Meringue. It’s a tube top that can be worn with or without the draped chain. The tube top features stacking pins and has a zippered back. While it’s rather simple. In its silhouette, the K-pop appeal comes from all the metallic features and dangling details which make it so perfect in anyone's Kpop closet. 

meringue draped chain tube top and kombu pleather shorts on model

Sesame Cross Strap Crop Top

This bandeau is such a striking piece we can totally see Kpop artists wear this for the Kpop music video or as their final outfit change for their concert. It’s a little more daring with its very cropped fit. There are two straps that give this top its appeal which are the cross strap found across the neck and the mini strap found by the waist. The dangling strap detail gives a lot of interest to the top and is very eye-catching. This Kpop top goes really well with other loud and edgy pieces to accompany it, such as the dangling suspender shorts in the photo. 

sesame cross strap top and velvet strap shorts on model

Uni Buckle Strap Crop Top

This is one of the items on this list that categorizes itself into the more casual collection of Kpop-inspired tops. It’s more subtle in the sense that it is just a tank top, but don’t be fooled by its simplicity as it still has elements of edge that make it a great casual Kpop top. The straps on both sides have buckle details that are fully functional. The center has a row of clasps that can be worn as is or adjusted for a lower neckline. This cropped strap buckle tank top is a great basic to have when building your Kpop closet! 

uni buckle strap top and black joggers on model

And there you have it! Our take on the best Kpop inspired tops you need in your closet! What was your favorite on the list and what would you pair with it to complete your Kpop inspired outfit? Don’t forget to check our previous post on the Best Kpop Inspired Bottoms You Need in Your Closet to finish up your entire look! For more inspiration, you can also check out lychee the label’s collection of Kpop clothes. 
April 06, 2022
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