Who is Ive, the latest Kpop Girl Group? 

You’re probably wondering, who is Ive and do they have the potential to become the Top Kpop Girl Group of All Time? Well, we’re about to find out! Ive (AKA 아이브) is the latest Kpop girl group to enter to spotlight, under the company Starship Entertainment. Ive’s kpop girl group name derived from the idea of “I have” in it’s shorten form. The phrase was said to imply the confidence of the members, under the idea of ‘showing what I have”. The six member girl group debuted last December in 2021 under their hit single “ELEVEN”, followed by their second side track “Take It”. Before that, their teaser video was launched in mid November, which garnered 2 million views in just under two days. Since Ive’s successful debut, they’ve launched a second single “Love Dive” which was received by just as much love and attention. 

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Ive Debut Song ELEVEN

Ive’s Eleven was released under their single album, under the same name on December 1, 2021. It is a dance-pop song about romance. The Hit single Eleven peaked number 2 in Korea’s Kpop Top 100 and was in the top 20 standard chart in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. Ive girl group also performed the song live twice for their promotion. ELEVEN was received very well by audiences, with people commending the slow pace pre-chorus that ramps up to their catchy chorus. It’s been said by the editor of Korea’s Best Kpop songs of 2021 that there has not been a debut song that has made as much of an impact in such a short period of time as Ive the new Kpop girl group. 

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Ive Second Single Love Dive 

Ive’s Love Dive was the second single released under their album Love Dive, which contained this single, as well as another one, Royal. The Album was released on April 5, 2022. Prior to the Ive new song release, Starship entertainment arranged a promotional teaser video on March 21. It was not until April 4, 2022 that their video teaser for Love Dive was released. In comparison to their Ive debut single, ELEVEN, this track has a bit more of a dark modern rhythm to it, while still retaining it’s pop base. 

The Six Members of Ive

Who is Yujin?

The first member of Ive is Yujin, also known as her real name An Yu-jin (안유진). She is Ive Kpop group’s leader and vocalist. Born on September 1, 2003 she is a Virgo and currently 18 years old. Her nationality is Korean. An interesting note to include is the fact that Yujin was a previous member of the Kpop girl group IZ*ONE. 

Who is Gaeul? 

The second member of Ive is Gaeul, also known as her real name Kim Ga-eul (김가을). She is Ive Kpop group’s rapper. Born on Sept 24, 2002 she is a Libra and currently 19 years old. Her nationality is Korean. 

Who is Rei?

The third member of Ive is Rei, also known as her real name Naoi Rei (直井れい). She is also the rapper and vocalist for Ive. Born on February 23, 2004 she is a Aquarius and currently 18 years old. Her nationality is Japanese. 

Who is WonYoung?

The fourth member of Ive is WonYoung, also known as her real name Jang Won-Young (장원영). She is the third vocalist for Ive Kpop group. Born on August 31, 2004 she is a Virgo and currently 17 years old. Her nationality is Korean and she was also formerly in the Kpop girl group IZ*ONE alongside Yujin. 

Who is Liz?

The fifth member of Ive is Liz, also known as her real name Kim Ji-won (김지원). She also plays the vocalist for Ive. Born on November 21, 2004 she is a Scorpio and currently 17 years old. Her nationality is Korean. 

Who is Leeseo?

The sixth and final member of Ive is Leeseo, also known as her real name Lee Hyun-seo (이현서). She plays the last vocalist for Ive Kpop girl group. Born on Feb 21, 2007 she is a Picses and the youngest member in the Kpop group at 15 years old. Her nationality is Korean.   

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April 13, 2022
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