The Best Kpop Groups Debuting This Year in 2022

It’s inevitable that Kpop is taking over the world. We will always remember the iconic OG Kpop groups like BIGBANG and 2NE1 that started it all back in 2006. Who would have thought to see such an explosion in Korean Kpop culture so globally today though? As avid Kpop stans ourselves, nothing makes us happier than to see the rise and domination of our favorite Kpop groups. Of course, with such a huge demand in the Kpop industry now, thanks to powerhouses like BLACKPINK and BTS that have even performed overseas in the US, there have been so many new Kpop groups anticipated to debut. How do we know who to look out for in a sea of debuts? No worries! After our research on The Best Kpop Girl Group of All Time, we’re here to give you all the insider scoop on our take on the top ten debuting Kpop groups to look out for. 


You probably already heard of NMIXX already from our other blog post Everything You Need to Know About JYPn. JYPn was originally the placeholder name for the Kpop girl group NMIXX during their teaser to debut, set by their entertainment label, JYP, and sub-label SQU4D. Their name is derived from the concept of diversity (hence the mix), with the N symbolizing the now and new. NMIXX’s Kpop girl group consists of seven members, which include Jinni, Bae, Kyujin, Jiwoo, Haewon, Lily, and Sullyoon. They were set to debut two months ago on February 22, 2022. 

NMIXX Kpop girl group in beige and white matching


If you are up to date with the hit reality TV show Girls Planet 999, you already know about this rising Kpop girl group Kep1er. The Kpop girl group formed through this competition show, ultimately ending in a 9-member group managed by WAKEONE and Swing Entertainment. What makes them unique is that the members are so racially diverse, with girls coming from all over Japan, China, and South Korea. Kep1er’s Kpop Group member includes Yujin, Mashiro, Dayeon, Chaehyun, Xiaoting, Hikaru, Yeseo, and Huening Bahiyyih. Notably, Yujin was previously apart of the group CLC while Yeseo was from Busters and Cutiel. They were set to debut back on January 3, 2022.   

KEP1ER Kpop girl group matching in a group photo of pinks, whites and black

Mamadol (M.M.D)

Another reality show that focuses on idol life, Mama The Idol is a show that follows the life of former popular idols that have left the Kpop scene to become mothers. These mothers will now band together and once again join the Kpop world in an iconic comeback. The members include Jungah, Byul, Kahl, Hyun Jyuni and Sunye. These names might sound familiar to you if you’ve been in the Kpop scene for a long time as some were former members of After School, Jewelry, and Wonder Girls. They were set to debut back on January 28, 2022. 

Mamadol kpop girl group in matching all black outfits

GOT the beat

SM Entertainment is trying something new for the first time ever and creating their first sub-unit group for their newest project Girls on Top. Each sub-unit will have its own theme, with GOT the beat being under the category of “intense dance songs/performances”. The seven members of Got the beat Kpop group consists of superstars such as Taeyeon, BoA, and Hyohyeon from Girl’s Generation, Wendy and Seulgi from Red Velvet and Karina, and Winter from Aespa. SM Entertainment debuted them on January 3, 2022. 

got the beat kpop girl group photo in matching black and red outfits


This is BPM Entertainment’s first Kpop girl group. Their members consist of Eunha, SinB and Umji from the former popular Kpop group GFRIEND. The name of the group is the short form of VIVId dayZ and represents the girl’s expressing their vivids colors to their audience. This three-member Kpop girl group VIVIZ was set to debut back on February 9, 2022. 

viviz kpop girl group three member in matching pastel outfits close up

Trainee A 

One of the most highly anticipated Kpop boy groups to come out in 2022 is Trainee A, under the record label Big Hit Music. Their members are not only multinational but also multilingual as well. The seven boys in Trainee A are JJ, Sangwon, James, Leo, WooChan, Yongsin, and Jihoon. This group is anticipated to blow up globally due to their diverse and multicultural backgrounds with Thai-Chinese members such as James, Japanese American members such as JJ, Australian members such as Leo, and the remaining being from South Korea. On top of this, these boys have millions of followers on Tik Tok and Instagram which will surely garner them a lot of support even prior to their launch.  

trainee a kpop boy group shot in all black


Tan is a new Kpop boy group that is set to debut in March of 2022. Their name TAN is an acronym for To All Nations. Much like the former two we mentioned, TAN also derived from a reality TV show called Wild Idol. In this show, 45 men set out to perform rigorous outdoor activities and physical training for a chance to be a part of a Kpop group and secure their spot to debut. The seven members in the Kpop boy band TAN are Hyunyeop, Jooan, Taehoon, Sunghyuk, Jaejun, Jiseong and Changsun. 

Tan kpop boy group solo photo collaged together outdoors


The latest Kpop boy group Tempest is under YueHua Entertainment. The members consist of Lee Euiwoong and Ahn HyeongSeop (both were contests on the show Produce 101 Season 2) and Han Bin (who was a contestant on I-LAND). They made their debut on March 2, 2002 with their album It’s ME, it’s WE under the track Bad News.

tempest Kpop boy group photo of them all looking up at the camera


This all girl Kpop group consist of six members, Hana, Rona, Ara, Ririka in particular were former contestants on the hit reality show Girls Planet 999. Their Kpop band name, ILY:1 stands for “I Love You” with the number 1 symbolizing the unique charm of each member. They were set to debut on April 4, 2022 under their entertainment label FC ENM.  

ILY:1 Kpop girl group matching in a tropical and white theme photo


This all-girl Kpop group reads its name as “High-Key” and bases its motto on confidence and beauty. One of the band members, Rina, used to be a contest on a Kpop girl group survival reality TV show called Produce 48, and was also a former member of a pre-debut group that went by the name of WM Ggumnamu. H1-KEY is set to debut on January 5, 2022, under their entertainment label GLG. 

There you have it! Our take on the top ten best debut groups to look out for in 2022. If Kpop girl group IVE didn’t debut late into December 2021, we would have definitely included them on this list! For all the latest on Kpop news and Kpop fashion, don’t forget to check us out at Lychee the Label! 

April 19, 2022
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