Surprise Giveaway Winners

Big congratulations to our three winners! Earlier this month, we hosted a surprise giveaway where three lucky winners would have the opportunity to win a $250/$50/$50 Lychee the Label gift card, as well as an exclusive feature on our site. Today we are announcing those winners right here! Please see the giveaway terms below for reference. 

lychee the label giveaway banner with details about the giveaway

First Place: @Christy_r_b_

lychee giveaway winner in all black and purple hair

Second Place: @kk9_astrotattoo

lychee giveaway winner 2 with a half black half pink hair

Third Place: @Jinmingly 

lychee giveaway winner in rosehip dress in white at a concert

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway! We were especially blown away by the number of story tags we received on a daily basis (it wasn’t unusual to get 9 tags from one user in a single day). We loved seeing your posts and you proudly representing the empowering lychee babes that you all are. We hope to do this again for those that want to participate in the future as well. Feel free to DM us or give us a message on some of the giveaway ideas you might have in mind for us to host. Until next time, take care! 

April 22, 2022