Kpop Inspired Outerwear and Jackets You Must Have

Don’t you feel like Kpop stars are always rocking the coolest outfits? How do they look so effortlessly stylish all the time? When it comes to Kpop stars, the secret to looking so good goes hand in hand with selecting very specific stylish pieces that stand out or make the outfit. Some pieces are just worth the investment due to how often you might wear them, and when it comes to Kpop jackets or Kpop outerwear, it makes even more sense as they’re worn nearly all the time. Selecting unique Kpop-inspired jackets will help elevate your look and achieve that Kpop star aesthetic that we all know and love. With the help of our previous post discussing the best Kpop Inspired Tops You Need and Must-Have Kpop Bottoms, you’re well on your way to a killer Kpop wardrobe. So buckle in while we go through our take on the unique and must-have Kpop jackets and outerwear you need in your closet right now.  

Dorayaki Asymmetrical Knitted Shawl

This Kpop-inspired outerwear is as unique as it comes. This asymmetrical shawl falls long on one side of the body, with stacking pleather straps attached on one side. It has a turtle neck design that keeps you warm and cozy. It’s also made from a soft knitted fabric that allows you to stay warm during the colder seasons, while still being quite light-weighted. This Kpop jacket is one-of-a-kind and definitely a statement piece if we have ever seen one. Pair this Kpop outerwear with your favorite mesh top and strappy shorts over some thigh-high boots and you got yourself an incredible Kpop-inspired outfit. 

dorayaki shawl and matching black bottoms on purple hair model

Angel Hair Strap Detail Jacket

We can think of no better cover-up than Angel Hair, the strap detail jacket. It’s for those lighter days that might still get a little chilly. You just throw this on and you’re pretty much good to go! It’s unique in the way it’s designed and cut, with an open front and oversized sleeves. It has a ribbed texture that adds a lot of interest to this Kpop-inspired jacket. The sleeves also come attached with two dangling satin straps on both sides, with a zipper that goes up to the elbow. It’s definitely a unique Kpop jacket that is sure to make any outfit truly stand out with an edge. Try pairing it with a bustier-style top and strappy denim shorts to complete the look! 

angel hair jacket on a black on black outfit with distress details on model

Soju Buckle Detail Super Crop Top

This is such a unique Kpop outerwear piece that would finish off any look. It’s really the perfect ending piece. Soju is a super cropped top that was designed to show off your inner outfit to its full glory. The top is made from a lightweight and thin knitted material that is soft to the touch. The bell sleeves themselves have a stripe of mesh that adds interest to the top as well. The detail we love most about this Kpop-inspired outerwear is the buckle detail found on the mock turtleneck. It adds that layer of edge that Kpop artists always have to their outfits. Pair this super crop top with a plaid crop tank and A-line slit skort for the full Kpop Concert Outfit effect. 

soju super cropped top with matching black tank top and shorts on purple hair model

Shoyu Oversized Cropped Colorblock Sweater

This is such a statement piece, it just screams Kpop outerwear! It has everything you’d ever want in a unique sweater. The color block creates that bold and loud statement. The oversized fit implies the casual aesthetic, while the cropped cut still gives it a bit of flare. The detail we love the most are the double adjustable strap found on both side of the sleeves. It gives it an edgy undertone that really makes the sweater stand out and have that Kpop aesthetic we’re looking for. Pair this with an edgy strappy short to complete the look! 

shoyu beige strap hoodie with red hair model sitting on a couch

Red Velvet Open Back Hoodie

If you’re looking for unique and edgy all in one, there’s nothing quite like the Red Velvet Open Back Hoodie. This Kpop inspired sweater is seriously one of a kind. It has a soft-to-the-touch velour material that it is made from. The hoodie is made to be slightly oversized as it prioritizes comfort. The selling point of this hoodie is the open zipper back detail that allows for the top to drop down the back, revealing an open-back aesthetic. It can be worn both ways, making this such a versatile piece to have in your Kpop inspired closet. 

red velvet open back hoodie with purple hair model leaning on couch

And there you have it, our complete list of the top five Kpop inspired outerwears you must have! These are the perfect compliment to the prior list we made so don’t forget to check them out, along with our section of Kpop Fashion over at Lychee the Label!


May 04, 2022
Tags: kpop fashion