5 Japanese Streetwear Outfits Inspired By Your Favorite Cities in Japan 

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dying to get your hand on a plane ticket to Japan the moment the border opens up. After all, it’s been nearly two years since tourists have been allowed to enter the country due to their strict Covid protocols and guidelines. We’re hoping that it’s the home stretch at this point, and we will all be allowed back into Japan by 2022. And if that is the case, we best come prepared with outfits to impress on this long overdue trip. Today, we’re going through some of our favorite cities in Japan, and our take on the best outfit choices for each place. If you need a refresher on The Types of Asian Streetwear, particularly Japanese streetwear, you can check back on our previous blog post!

Tokyo Streetwear 

It’s a no-brainer we have to start off with the most iconic city in all of Japan: Tokyo. It’s a modern bustling city that has endless sites to see. The options are nearly limitless as you get to enjoy all the luxuries of a city such as tourist attractions, amazing food, great views and more. When we think of Tokyo, the first thing that comes to our mind is the famous Tokyo station, which is riddled with all the hidden gems underground. We also think of the iconic Sky Tree, which we all know too well for anyone that watches anime. Fun fact, the Sky Tree also houses the One Piece theme park on selected floors! Either way, Tokyo is a hotspot for amazing Japanese life and a great place to start your trip. 

choux polo crop top with taiyaki beige pleather skirt on red hair model sitting down

Because Tokyo is such a metropolitan area, outfits that have a bit of a professional and put-together aspect would be the best angle for your Japanese streetwear outfit. Choux polo cropped top is a great example of this, having elements of professionalism through its style, but fun and laid back enough with the cropped fit. Taiyaki pleather strap skirt would also be a great complement to this top as it maintains the same neutral color scheme and has both professional elements with its pencil skirt style and edgy elements through the criss-cross dangling straps.

Shinjuku Streetwear

If you didn’t know, Shinjuku is where the nightlife is in Japan. One of the most densely populated areas, it is also known as Japan’s red-light district. There is no shortage of things to do in Shinjuku, where bars, clubs, and restaurants seemingly have no end. While it has plenty to do during the day, we recommend making your way over to Shinjuku at night to experience Japanese nightlife the way it’s intended. 

kombu pleather zipper shorts with black meringue tube top on purple hair model standing

Being in the center of the party scene, we recommend wearing Japanese streetwear that aligns more with party life. There’s nothing we love more than an all-black aesthetic, so you know our Japanese streetwear outfit will be exactly that. Starting with the top, the Meringue drop chain tube top would be a statement piece if there ever was one. It’s fitted, flattering, and has all these metallic elements that really allow it to stand out. To accompany the top, the Kombu pleather zip shorts adds another element of edge to your Japanese streetwear outfit. The shorts unzips at the thigh to reveal optional dangling straps, which really makes the look. If you’re looking for more options for Japanese clubwear, don’t forget to check our post on the Top 5 Edgy Clubwear For Women.   

Okinawa Streetwear

Off on the coast of Kyushu lies Okinawa, a place of subtropical climate that you won’t find back in the mainland of Japan. Some say Okinawa is like the Hawaii of Japan, and they’re not wrong! If you’re a fan of nature, wildlife, and all that good stuff, you’ll no doubt be a fan of Okinawa. The beaches are amazing, there are tons of hiking trails, underwater ruins to explore, and much more. It’s a place to wind down from society, turn off your phone, and just enjoy nature at its peak. 

vanilla oversized knitted sweater under overalls that are half on half off on red hair model

Due to the beach-like nature of Okinawa, we’re going with full-on beach day attire for our choice of Japanese streetwear. The Vanilla oversized knitted sweater is going to be your go-to top when exploring Okinawa. It’s breezy enough to stay cool but warm enough for those windy beach days. It has an open off-shoulder cut, cropped front fit, and oversized fit which makes it the perfect beachwear. Pair it with some overalls for a casual beach day look. 

Sapporo Streetwear 

Best visited in February, Sapporo is known for its annual snow festival which is home to some of the most amazing snow sculptures in the world. Their winter theme attractions are plenty, attracting tourists to visit during the coldest time of the year! Besides snow and winter attractions, Sapporo is home to some of the best ramen and beer in Japan. If you’re in Japan during the winter, be sure to make your way up north and give Sapporo a visit. 

shoyu oversized sweater on purple hair asian model

Due to the colder weather up north, we recommend bulkier and warmer Japanese streetwear when visiting. The Shoyu oversized cropped hoodie is a great choice to wear. It’s thick to withstand the cold but also an incredibly unique Japanese streetwear hoodie. The oversized hood and stacking straps on the arm make for a killer top. You can pair this with the Chardonnay oversized cargo pants to keep in line with the color scheme, but also to stay extremely cozy in this duo.   

Harajuku Streetwear

Known as Japan’s fashion district, Harajuku is no stranger to outlandish designs. In the streets of Harajuku, you’ll likely run into several interesting characters as people love to get dressed up here and shop. Harajuku is one of the busiest places in Japan and is especially bustling during the day when people gather to buy clothes, designer items, and Japanese sweets. If you’re coming to Japan, don’t forget to check out Japanese fashion at its core in the heart of Harajuku.  

parfait varsity top with matching pink and white skirt on red hair model

Our take for the perfect Japanese streetwear outfit in Harajuku is a matching top and skirt set that will surely stand out. The parfait striped top in pink and white gives off a casual varsity vibe. Matched together with the Sakura stripe slit skirt, the duo just works together so perfectly. This extra feminine but edgy Japanese streetwear set is sure to fit in with the Harajuku scene.

Now that you’re all set for your trip to Japan with the best Japanese streetwear, which place do you think you will hit up first? For more Japanese streetwear inspiration, don’t forget to check out our collection of Asian Streetwear at Lychee the Label or any shops on our list of the Top 7 Asian Clothing Stores. Interested in more topics like these? Check out our post on The Most Popular Asian Fashion Trends for more!  

May 04, 2022