5 Matching BTS Outfits For Every Mood

If our BTS outfit guide just wasn’t enough BTS for you, don’t worry we got you with more BTS content today! We’ll be going through our favorite matching BTS group outfits and guiding you on how to best match each of their iconic looks. Let’s just jump right into it! 

BTS Streetwear Outfit

In this photo here, you can see the popular Kpop boy band rocking a cool streetwear aesthetic. The theme of BTS grunge outfit is quite strong due to their uses of raw hemlines, dark colors and plaid. The BTS outfit here matches really well with the boys aura, which is very cool and collected. We think this is one of our top BTS outfits by far. 

bts members sitting around and posing in grunge streetwear

To mimic BTS’ streetwear outfit and mood, we wanted to go with a look that also has that grunge undertone that we saw here. The look we want to go with starts with the Assam Asymmetrical Tee. This fitted t-shirt has the same aesthetic as the BTS outfit we saw earlier due to the raw hemline, dark fabric and interesting cuts. The top also features a strapped metallic feature found on one side of the top, which totally suits the vibe of the BTS streetwear outfit. For bottoms we think a simple pair of distress shorts with an edgy Cobra Tactical Belt would do the trick. This outfit is the perfect matching BTS streetwear outfit to rock as it has all the elements you want in their aesthetic. 

assam slit tee on red hair model outside

Matching BTS Preppy Outfit

We love that BTS is no stranger to any fashion statement or style. One of our personal favorite is BTS’ iconic bright pink preppy outfit that they were all seen matching in. Decked out in various shades of pink and oversized blazers and dress pants, the crew was looking stylish, preppy and making a total statement. There were baseball hats and casual tees worn with their loose fitting blazer which implied an element of casualness in their matching BTS outfits. 

BTS preppy outfit with members all dressed in oversized pink clothes

For us, we thought about the perfecting matching BTS clothes to wear that would best represent this fun aesthetic. Going with the same overarching pink theme, we decided on a preppy white and pink BTS style outfit. The Parfait Zip Up Crop Top has various striped patterns of pink and white and perfectly complements the Sakura Slit Skort which features the same stripe of white detailing. The skirt itself is high waisted and has a touch of edginess while still remaining very soft and feminine. We think this combination best represent BTS’ preppy outfit seen here! 

sakura slit skort with matching pink and white sakura skirt on red hair model

Matching BTS Edgy Outfit

Is there anything more classic than a man in a leather jacket? I think not. In this case, the whole BTS group rocking leather jackets is just a dream. I mean, how can you not feel some type of way? We love BTS in this bad boy aesthetic, with them wearing various degree of oversized leather jackets, distress denim pants and tee shirts. It’s both casual and not at the same time. 

BTS edgy outfit with members all in matching edgy black clothes together

We wanted to create a fit inspired by this edgy BTS outfit worn in the photo so we went about to create a slightly different take of our own. Instead of a leather jacket, we thought of going with a pleather short instead. It still has that great leather aesthetic, but vegan and more affordable! Kombu Zipper Pleather Shorts are so edgy in the way it’s designed and can be worn zipped or unzipped. For the top we went with a similar vibe, Shiso, a stretchy bustier with metallic waist detailing. This edgy outfit is the perfect look to match BTS’ look.

kombu pleather zipper shorts with black shiso tank top on purple hair model

Matching BTS Stage Outfit

This all white BTS outfit is sight a site to be seen! The boys are looking cool and clean in their all-white fits, with varying elements of tech-wear and streetwear in the mix. There’s a lot going on but from what we can tell, there’s a lot of layered and straps, which we absolutely love. Individually, you might find some of the boys rocking themes closer to a punk-like aesthetic, while other boys are going slightly semi-formal with their oversized blazers. Either way, the boys came together to create a crisp all-white stage outfit that we have to stan. 

bts all white outfit matching together in a group shot

For us, we can never say no to a clean white outfit. After all, having an all white fit can be such a statement piece of its own. For this matching BTS outfit, a simple white dress would do. Rose Hip is a fitted white dress that is made for the stage. It has an adjustable leg strap with a cute heart buckle detailing. The dress itself comes with various straps and metallic features that really make it pop and stand out. This white dress is our take on th perfect matching BTS stage outfit. For more about general Kpop concert outfit ideas, you can also check out blog post on How to dress for a Kpop concert!

rose hip leg strap dress on purple hair model

Matching BTS Casual Outfits 

While we love when the boys go all out when dressing up, there’s obviously a lot of charm when they’re dress down and more casual too. After all, home outfits can feel so cozy. In this photo you can see the boys rocking an all beige-tan outfit, mostly in oversized dress shirt and pants. It’s rather casual and there’s not much to it, but we love the overall color tone of this group photo. 

bts casual outfit matching in a neutral and beige color scheme together

To match BTS tan outfits, we are going with our own take of a casual beige outfit. To start we have Choux, a ribbed cropped polo top. It’s fitted and flattering and has a beautiful deep beige shade that is so flattering on all skin tones. To match the top, we went with Yuzu, a fluttery pleated tan skirt. This skirt has a hidden slit detailing on the side, held up by three pin detailings. The skirt also has a hidden short underneath with an adjustable strap leg. 

choux cropped polo top matched with yuzu skirt in a beige color scheme on model

There you have it, your full guide on How to dress like a Kpop star, but BTS edition! How do you feel about our favorite BTS outfits and their matching counterparts? If you are loving Kpop inspired clothes, don’t forget to check out our Kpop Fashion collection over at Lychee the label!
May 12, 2022
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