What is BTS’ Anthology Album Proof, and Why is it Important?

If you know anything about us, it’s the fact that we are always on top of BTS center news. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be? From prepping fans on the Must-Have Concert essentials, to breaking down Jimin’s iconic fashion senses, we just don’t miss. The news now is that BTS is making their comeback next month with a brand new album titled Proof which is available to pre-order for eager fans waiting to support the boys. Pre-order is available as early as May 5th, with the actual album set to release on June 10 at 1PM Korean Time. Proof by BTS’ Suga, Jin, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook and J-Hope is no ordinary album, however, it is comprised of 3 CDs that feature their releases over the course of their last 9 years of stardom. 

The trailer for BTS Proof album was introduced through a series of their album’s successes over the course of their 9 year in Kpop stardom, with the shining logo for Proof in the end. It was a very well-executed trailer that certainly added to the hype of their highly anticipated album. Big Hit Music has been slowly releasing the tracklist of each disc, with the final track announced on May 10.   

proof album BTS banner in all black with release date 2022. 6. 10

What is in BTS Proof CD 1? 

The first CD featured in the Proof Anthology album is a tracklist consisting of BTS’ journey. It has 19 hit tracks and a remastered edition of some of their songs. The album begins with Born Singer, which was inspired by J.Cole hit single Born Sinner, and ends with their single Yet to come. The order of the album and song placement seems intentional, outlining BTS’ emotional journey to Kpop stardom. 

The tracklist for the first BTS Proof CD is as followed

  • Born Singer
  • No More Dream
  • N.O
  • Boy in Luv
  • Danger
  • I NEED U
  • RUN
  • Burning Up (Fire)
  • Blood Sweat & Years
  • Spring Day
  • DNA
  • IDOL
  • Boy With Luv (Ft. Halsey)
  • ON
  • Dynamite
  • Life Goes On
  • Butter
  • Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)

What is in BTS Proof CD 2?

The second CD in BTS’ Proof album is comprised of 15 track list, all hand-picked by the boys themselves. This album also features a brand new track exclusive to Proof, which is titled Run BTS. The album contains both solo and sub-unit tracks and illustrates all the BTS’ boys' variety in their taste in music. 

The tracklist for the second BTS Proof CD is as followed

  • Run BTS
  • Intro: Persona
  • Stay
  • Moon
  • Jamais Vu
  • Travia: Seesaw
  • BTS Cypher Pt.3 KILLER (Ft. Supreme Boi)
  • Outro: Ego
  • Her
  • Filter
  • Friends
  • Singularity
  • 00:00 (Zero O’ Clock)
  • Euphoria
  • Dimple

What is in BTS Proof CD 3?

Last but certainly not least is their third CD which is solely dedicated to their hardcore fans, A.K.A ARMY. This album contains two brand new songs titled Young Love and Quotation Mark, which is a song made for ARMY, as well as For Youth, which is a song made to express the BTS boy’s appreciation to their fans. In addition to these new releases, there are also demos and various versions of tracks previously released. 


The tracklist for the third BTS Proof CD is as followed

  • Jump (Demo)
  • Young Love
  • Boy in Luv (Demo)
  • Quotation Mark
  • I NEED YOU (Demo)
  • Boyz with Fun (Demo)
  • Tony Montana 
  • Young Forever (Demo)
  • Spring Day (Demo)
  • DNA (J-hope Demo)
  • Epiphany (Jin Demo)
  • Seesaw (Demo)
  • Still With You (Acapella)
  • For Youth 
BTS proof album track list

Fans Reactions to Proof

The album was met with a mixed reaction from the ARMY. On one hand, their fans are overjoyed to consume more of BTS’ content and new music, but on the other hand there were heavy criticisms regarding the release in CD form only. For those that are unable to grab a copy of BTS’ Proof album, they will not be able to stream their music on any local streaming platforms. Some were vocal enough to tweet out that they were gatekeeping what is anticipated to be their most popular release with their new songs unable to be heard by those who just don’t have CD players. This means that fans were frantically searching to buy CD players just to listen and support the BTS members on their new album release. Regardless of these criticisms, their entertainment group did not express any plans to change anything as CD releases are simply common in Korea. 

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May 25, 2022
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