Aespa’s Highly Anticipated New Members 

When we last covered the rising Kpop girl group Aespa, we explored a bit about their backstory, debut, and what we expect to see from them in the future. To quickly recap, Aespa is the latest girl group to launch under SM Entertainment. For those that are familiar, SM Entertainment loves to create alluring backstories for their Kpop group, and Aespa was no different. For instance, EXO was created under the theme of supernatural beings, SuperM was heavily inspired by superheroes, and so on. Aespa in particular focused on the concept of digital space, something we can all relate to in this day and age. The Kpop girl group Aespa derives from the idea of Avatar Experience and Aspect put together. With that being said, the girls are known as Karina, Winter, NingNing and Giselle, with their Avatar counterparts known as ae-Karina, ae-Winter, ae-NingNing and ae-Giselle. We were so impressed with their debut, theme and overall hype they were attracting, that we expected them to achieve our list of the Top Kpop Girl Groups of All Time

aespa kpop girl group with their respected ae

The Rise of Aespa

When Aespa first debuted with their hit single Black Mamba, they were the first Kpop group to reach 100 million views in the quickest amount of time for a debut, that being just 51 days. They followed up with their second hit single Forever, and their third hit single Next Level. After releasing their first mini-album titled Savage, they were able to acquire over 400,000 in presales, with the song Savage hitting all major Korean billboards. Their debut and rising popularity make them a group to keep your eye out for.

Rumors of Adding New Members

The rumors first circulated during a radio show hosting Aespa, the Kpop girl group in question. In an interview with Winter, she accidentally let slip and said “with the others [new] member’s ae…”. She proceeded to gasp, realizing this was information she could not share. This has caused the whole Kpop fandom to speculate about potential new members that could be joining Aespa. Fans believed that there could be more than one new member, as it’s possible SM Entertainment might want to have a member for every letter of KWANGYA. For those that need a refresher, KWANGYA in Aespa’s term is another dimension that takes place between the flat and the real world, the flat being the digital universe in which their avatar exists. The thought of additional members being added much after their debut is not highly unusual as SM Entertainment had done this once before with Red Velvet. Yeri had actually joined the Kpop girl group as far as 8 months after they debuted. Fans are hoping the addition of new members play into their multiverse storyline, with members being saved by the new additions as a way to introduce the girls into the group! It certainly would be on brand. 

aespa avatar posing together in a group shot

Potential New Members 


One of the highly speculated candidates to join Aespa is SM Entertainment known trainee Helen. Helen is of Korean-Australian descent, born in South Korea. She is currently 19 years old and was born in 2003. Helen from SM Entertainment was formerly a student at a different entertainment training company which goes by the name SL Studio. Her time there certainly helped her into SM Entertainment back in 2019. She is a strong dancer and was speculated to join Aespa even before the group’s debut.


While still relatively new to the Kpop scene, there’s not a lot of information known about this particular trainee. In fact, there isn’t even an official photo of Ouju yet. Some theories, however, state that she was potentially one of the girls that appeared in one of Aespa’s earlier videos. The reason for fan believing in this theory is because this is exactly how Yeri of Red Velvet was introduced, as she appeared in Red Velvet’s debut song Happiness. With this tactic that SM Entertainment used in mind, it’s certainly a possibility!  


Another potenital addition could include a trainee by the name of Rino. She is of Japanese descent and previously made an appearance over on a BBC documentary about Kpop that aired back in 2019. Similarly to Ouju, there is not a lot of information about Rino as of right now. However, base on the documentary we can deduce that she’s got the skills to be an excellent vocalist. 

Jo Hwihyeon

This trainee was actually part of YG Entertainment’s sister brand The Black Label back in the year 2018. She stayed for two years and was rumoured to have auditioned for SM Entertainment. Not much else is known about Hwihyeon at the moment.

So who do you think the newest member of Aespa will be? We hope that there will be more than just one addition like what happened with Red Velvet. Having more members join will be such an interesting way to see how the dynamic of all these girls will work among the theme and storyline of their digital avatar. For more Kpop news and rising Kpop groups like JYPN and IVE, don’t forget to check our weekly blog updates and stay in the know. Inspired? Check out our collection of Kpop fashion at Lychee the Label for more!
May 25, 2022
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