Lychee the Label 2021 & 2022 Arrivals by Season 

Time for another round up of Lychee the label’s latest arrival by season. Previously we covered our last bit of arrivals on our SS 2021 and Fall 2021 blog post. This time we’re looking into our Winter 2021 releases as well as our Spring 2022 arrivals. 


Our Shoyu oversized cropped sweater was actually a product we released the year before, but altered slightly and made it a permanent item in our collection. While the black variant was a limited edition piece, we have launched the beige colour as a regular in our shop. If we had to describe Shoyu, we would say that it is a perfect cozy sweater for the colder season. Made from a thicker fabric, it’s meant to keep you bundled and warm. That isn’t to say that it sacrifices any of the fashionable element to it, as the strappy sleeve, Color block design and cropped fit allows it to still be a hot pick for your winter outfit choice. 

shoyu cropped sweater flat lay close up


Inspired by other best sellers from our website, particularly clove, we wanted to create a similar top that was more winter appropriate as the mesh fabric from clove wasn’t enough to keep us warm. Soju is made from a light and breathable knitted material. It has a subtle mesh lining that can be found across both sleeves. The selling point of this top however, is the edgy buckle strap design across the neck. It has a fully functional buckle that can be detached. Soju is a great layering piece for your winter outfit, especially if you want to show off that inner top.

soju super cropped sweater flat lay close up


This thick knitted shawl is one of our most unique Winter designed released at lychee the label. Dorayaki is an asymmetrical knitted shawl that drapes over on one side of your shoulder. It has stacking leather straps for that added extra edginess. It also has a turtleneck design, which we kept in mind for the colder weather. It’s a great street style outerwear piece for the winter that is just a must-have for your closet. 

dorayaki shawl flat lay close up

Angel Hair

Our Angel hair strap sleeve jacket is another great layering piece to have for your winter closet essential. This jacket has an open front design, which means it is meant to be casually draped over your outfit with no additional need of buttons, zippers or clasps to keep it in place. The sleeves had two dangling satin straps on both side that adds a little element of fun to the piece. In addition to the straps, the sleeve also have a zipper that goes up to the elbow which allows the user to wear it either way. Angel hair is a fun and edgy jacket that goes great with any outfit if you’re looking for a layering piece. 

angel hair jacket flat lay close up

Pumpkin Spice

Previously, our original pumpkin spice sweater was released a year prior, but due to the overwhelming love for this best selling cropped sweater, we had to bring it back in another colorway. By popular demand, pumpkin spice is now available in black. This soft velvety cropped sweater features a zipper by the elbow which allows users to wear it zipped up or off. It has a slight off-shoulder cut which lets you wear the sweater asymmetrically for that streetwear appeal. 

pumpkin spice velvet cropped sweater flat lay close up


One of our most recently best sellers, shiso has been extremely popular since it’s release. With that being said, we also decided to bring in a whole new Color way for this popular design. Shiso is now available in wine. It is a stretchy bustier with a flattering crop cut and buckle waist that is sure to elevate any outfit and bring that element of edge. 

shiso wine bustier flat lay close up


A much needed pleather pencil skirt in our collection, taiyaki is a strappy fitted beige skirt that we absolutely love. Moving slightly away from the darker colors with the warmer weather, we went with something a little brighter and warm-toned. This edgy strappy skirt can be dressed up and worn for a night out or can be dressed down for a morning brunch.

taiyaki strap skirt flat lay close up


The perfect pair for our Taiyaki pleather skirt, choux is a warm toned cropped polo top. It has a stretchy ribbed fabric that allows it to flatter all body types and shape. Choux is a casual top that can be worn for your day to day wear or to work. It’s more toned down to allow you to pair it with pieces that might make more of a statement and help it shine. Choux is such an easy wear and can be paired with nearly anything due to its casual nature. 

choux cropped polo flat lay close up


If there’s anything we know about fans of Lychee the label, its the fact that you love strappy skirts. So we went ahead and created another fitted plaid skirt, this time with a high waisted finish and hidden zipper design. The statement piece of this skirt is the strap that falls from the hidden short under the skirt. The plaid strap wraps around one thigh and is fully adjustable through its heart shape clasp, a romantic finish if we do say so ourselves. 

cider leg strap skirt flat lay close up


Sometimes we feel like there’s not nearly enough basics in our collection. That’s why we launched Maki, a cropped mesh long sleeve top. Maki is such a great piece to wear over or under some of your favorite lychee pieces, particularly Musubi, Meringue, Shiso and Raspberry. It just adds another layer to an outfit and brings in a darker finish to your overall look. It’s a must-have if you always love to rock a particular outfit and want to change it up slightly! 

maki mesh top flat lay close up


Another casual top for the spring time! Croissant is a cropped tank top with a mock corset finish and zipper front. It slightly elongates at the center and dips up on the side. It’s such a unique top that it can really make a statement of its own, despite being so casual! Dress it down with a pair of sweatpants or go casual and rock it with a pair of denim shorts. 

croissant tank top flat lay close up


It’s about time that we made another dress. Koucha is the second dress featured at Lychee the label. It’s a light and casual plaid dress with a sweetheart neckline, clasp center and cut-out waist. The waist also features a drawstring detail that allows users to cinch in or let out. Koucha is such a great dress to flaunt in this summer for the warmer weather.

koucha plaid dress flat lay close up

Need tips on how to style these streetwear pieces? Don’t worry we got you on that too! Check out our blog post on Streetwear Styling for Women for the best styling tips. Curious about our full collection? Head over to our New Arrivals at lychee the label to see the latest releases the moment they come out! 

June 13, 2022