5 Summer Vacation Outfits You Need to Pack to Korea 

Korea’s borders have been open for a while, and you know what that means. It’s been long overdue for a visit and we absolutely have been missing all the things Korea has to offer. If you’re like us, you might have an itinerary all lined up for all the activities you want to do and all the places you plan to see. The only thing missing now is figuring out what to wear for each occasion. After all, if we’re going to take bomb photos showing us traveling we need to make sure we look fabulous. Sure you might have seen our previous blog post on What to Wear to Your Trip to Korea, but we’re doing a whole new summer edition now. Today, we’re going to recommend to you the best summer vacation outfits to wear on your trip to Korea, for every occasion. 

Cute Cafe Outfits to Wear in Korea 

Strolling in the early hours in the busy city of Seoul, you’re bound to come across a ton of cute little cafes begging you to sit in and enjoy the morning. Traveling is not just about doing as much as you can, it’s also about taking the moment to unwind and relax. Korea is known to have some of the most interesting and unique cafes! Just take a look at their popular 2D-styled cafe that has everything painted in white and black. 

For the perfect morning cafe outfit in Korea, we want to go with something more laid-back and casual. You deserve a day to just chill out. Opt for an elevated tank top like the Croissant Mock Corset Top. It’s still casual and has the same shape and style as a regular tank top, but it’s one step above with the detailing it provides like the mock layer and zipper front. It’s the perfect top to pick when choosing between lounge wear and going out. Pair it with a pair of streetwear style sweatpants and you got yourself a complete look!

croissant mock corset tank top with oversized beige sweatpants on model

Edgy Kpop Outfits to Wear in Korea 

Korea is the country that birth what we know as Kpop. It’s impossible for us to not feel some type of way being in Korea, surrounded by everything we absolutely adore? Of course, with fashion at the forefront of Kpop, it’s hard not to be inspired by everything. You might have already seen our blog post on How to Dress Like a Kpop Star, so you know we take this seriously. We just want to be on par with our idols and rock our best edgy Kpop outfits when we’re in Korea. 

We’re opting for something that gives us a little more “wow factor” compared to your usual street style outfit. We’re starting off with the Cosmo cropped top. It features a fitted top with built-in padding and boning to ensure the most flattering fit a top could ask for. The double stretchy strap detailing also adds to the visual. For the bottoms, we’re going with the Cider Skort. This fitted high-waisted plaid skort is such an edgy Kpop-inspired outfit. It features an adjustable thigh leg strap that finishes off with a cute little heart clasp detailing. The skort has a pair of hidden shorts sewn into it, with the skirt portion flaring out to the perfect A-line shape. This outfit is such a looker and will no doubt have you looking straight out of a Kpop concert in Korea. 

cider leg strap skort with black crop top on purple hair model

Date Night Outfits to Wear in Korea 

Perhaps you and your partner planned for a romantic date night out in Korea. We love that. Who doesn’t want to be wine and dined in a foreign country? Date night outfits to wear on your vacation to Korea don’t have to be difficult. You want to look classy and elevated and we have just the outfit for you. 

Going for something a little lighter in the Color scheme, we want to go with an all-neutral tone outfit. For the top, we’re wearing Choux, a cropped polo top. The fabric is made with stretchy ribbing to not only flattery but fits perfectly. The V-neck and polo collar brings a bit of sophistication into the outfit. As for the skirt we’re going with a fitted leather pencil skirt. Going with the same beige neutral tone, the skirt is meant to perfectly complement the top. The waistline is decked with several crossing straps that dangle onto the side of the skirt. A seductive and classy outfit for your date-night outfit in Korea. 

choux cropped polo top with pleather taiyaki strap skirt on red hair model

Summer Day Outfit to Wear in Korea

On those hot summer days, you just want to make sure you’re not overdressed. The last thing you want is to suffer a heatstroke on vacation! You want to go for something that’s lightweight and breathable in case you plan to spend most of the day out and walking about. 

We recommend going for a summer dress if you’re looking for the perfect summer day outfit in Korea. It’s versatile and so easy to look put together. The Koucha summer dress is the perfect summer day dress in our opinion. It has a cheeky waist cut-out design accompanied by an adjustable drawstring to adjust the flare of the skirt. The top has a sweetheart neckline followed by a row of clasps. The bright-colored plaid fabric makes it the perfect summer day look you’re looking for! 

koucha plaid dress in staircase on purple hair model

Clubbing Outfit to Wear in Korea

When in Korea, it’s only natural to spend at least one night enjoying their amazing nightlife right? Especially if you find yourself in Hongdae where the crowd all seems to be heading into the best clubs and entertainment Korea has to offer. What’s the perfect clubbing outfit to wear in Korea? 

Try going for an all-black slick outfit, it’s hard to go wrong. For the chillier nights, throw on Maki, our mesh long sleeve crop top. Then layer our Shiso waist buckle bustier on top for that extra edgy aesthetic. For the bottoms, opt for the Affogato velvet shorts. These luxurious velvet short is decked out with cute asymmetrical detailing such as the pleather suspenders strap and stacking diagonal zippers. It’s an outfit that will have you turning heads for sure!

affogato velvet suspender strap shorts with black top and mesh sleeves on purple hair model

And there you have it, the perfect five outfits you can wear for your summer vacation trip to Korea! If you’re heading over to Korea during the colder months, you can check out our blog post on the Top 5 Korean Winter Fashion Styles for more ideas. For more Kpop-inspired fashion, you can check out our collection on K-fashion at Lychee the Label. 


June 13, 2022