How to style your outfit like Karina from GOT the beat and Aespa

For those that don’t know the iconic Karina from the Kpop girl group Aespa, we’re about to give you a quick background and refresher on everything you need to know about this queen. Karina, also known as Yu Ji-Min, was born on April 11, 2000, which makes her currently just 22 years old. While you may know her from GOT the beat, let’s not forget where we first learnt about her, which was from the Kpop girl group Aespa, which debuted back in November 2020. She is currently the leader of the rising Kpop girl group Aespa, and is a member of the female unit GOT the beat alongside iconic female superstars like BoA, Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation), Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation), Wendy (Red Velvet), and Seulgi (Red Velvet). 

Detachable Arm Sleeves

One thing we’ve noticed about Karina is her love for detachable arm sleeves. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of look she’s going for, whether it’s casual or dressed up, she finds a way to incorporate arm sleeves into a lot of her outfits. And why not? We absolutely love the opportunity to rock them whenever we can as well. Something about having that extra layer brings so much more to an outfit. It gives it a visual boost that really adds character to your look. 

karina-aespa-style solo shot wearing all blue
aespa-karina-how-to-style solo shot

Our favorite top set that comes with detachable sleeve is Dashi. This strappy tank top set has a stretchy and fitted top that is secured with the hidden side zipper. The straps are adjustable so you can get that perfected fit. Of course, our favorite part of this top is the star of the show here and Aespa Karina’s favorite: the arm sleeves. They are soft, stretchy, and breathable which allows you to wear it long term. The thumb hold lets it fit snugly and comfortably as well. Such a looker that is an easy way to build up your closet to resemble Kpop star Karina from Aespa. 

Strappy Necklines 

If our queen loves strappy necklines, apparently so do all of us now. Not that we didn’t like it before as you can clearly tell from our closet, but there’s just more reason to now right? Something about an outfit that is decked out in straps that have us feeling some type of way. Is it the fact that it feels so edgy that you suddenly get this huge confidence boost? Possibly. We won’t fight it. We particularly love the strappy detail when it’s done in a simple and sleek way, for example, with just a black dress. The straps speak for itself so the rest of the dress can tone down, and that’s honestly what balance looks like. 

how-to-dress-like-karina-aespa solo shot of her performing

If you’re looking for the perfect black strappy dress that GOT the beat Karina would rock in a heart beat, we found the one for you. The Rose hip leg strap dress is straps on straps if there was one way of describing it. This dress features strappy shoulder details and strappy leg thigh straps. I mean, what more could you want? It’s got all the edgy elements you would need in a dress that is clearly inspired by the style icon Karina from Aespa. 

Oversized Pink Knits

When Karina isn’t in her Kpop concert gear, you might find her out and about in something a little more casual. We noticed that she seems to be a fan of oversized pink knits. Honestly this girl can style herself with the whole spectrum of aesthetic and can still pull it off. We love anything oversized because at the end of the day it means our comfort is at its priority. Pair that with a cute pink color and you got us sold. So how to look like Karina from Aespa when styling ourselves? Easy we got an example for you

karina aespa in a fluffy pink cardigan

It seems like the key is really an oversized cute aesthetic, but in this case we will focus on the pink knit. The Honey knit varsity cardigan is an aesthetic that we can see Aespa’s Karina rock on her casual days. It’s oversized and easy to pair with anything. Added on to the fact that it’s quite heavy and thick, you can count that it will keep you secure and warm all night long. It’s a winner in our eyes. 


If you want to dress like Karina from Aespa you cannot shy away from pleather. This girl got herself dress in pleather from head to toe. It’s a tricky fabric to get use to since it could be a little stuffy and thick, but boy when you get it right, you look like an absolute baddie. Obviously, take Aespa karina for example. Pleather has a way of taking the stage, it’s seductive and hard to look away from. We love that karina likes to rock it on and off the stage as it’s really her personal style choice!

Aespa pleather karina in all black pleather outfit on stageaespa karina in an all black pleather outfit

Something we can see Aespa karina style in is our Kombu zipper shorts. These edgy pleather shorts come in a variety of function zipper placed throughout it, but most notable on either side of the thigh to reveal a slit thigh aesthetic. We reckon style icon Karina would love these shorts based on Aespa Karina’s closet. You heard it here first. 

Light Tone and Strappy

Okay, it’s not a cop out to say strappy twice if they’re totally from a different aesthetic. You’ll see why. Karina once worn this stunning matching set that we declare as her best look yet. It’s so iconic to us that easily, it has to make this list. This nude color fitted top and skirt just flatters and fits to a T. The strappy wrist and bow aesthetic just adds that layer of wow factor to her look. Who doesn’t want to look like an angelic mermaid that just came out of the ocean. I mean, if we can pull it off as well as Karina of course. 

aespa light beige outfit with straps

Karina’s strappy nude color top reminds us of Taiyaki, this pleather strappy pencil skirt that has the same strap like style. It criss cross the top portion of this skirt to create this lacey look. Even though it’s a nude color fit, the fact that it’s strappy and pleather instantly adds that layer of edge right back into it. We believe that this skirt totally symbolizes Karina’s fierce and bright style. 

Tell us what your favorite look from this entire list was! It’s hard for us to choose a favorite since we think she looks absolutely stunning in anything she chooses to wear. Looking for more Kpop inspired clothes? Don’t forget to check out our Kfashion section over at lychee the label for more inspiration. Want more news about Aespa? You can check out our post on who we speculate as the newest member of Aespa. For more news on Kpop fashion and how to dress like your favorite Kstar, you can check out our blog!

June 29, 2022
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