Essentials to pack for your Korea trip

Before we can get into the good stuff like traveling and sightseeing, we have to take care of the mundane stuff like packing. Don't worry, we'll make this as painless as possible because we're going to list everything you need to pack for your trip to Korea. 

Essentials to Pack for Korea

Let’s get all the basics covered first and foremost to make sure you know what to bring to Korea. This list is going to be your most essential things to pack for Korea so make sure these are good to go before moving on to the fun things to pack!


You’re going to need this to board your flight first of all. When in Korea, sometimes you will be required to have multiple forms of identification. When your driver’s license is not enough, be sure to have your passport ready in Korea. 

Unlocked Phone

If you’re thinking about purchasing a sim card for data when you are traveling to Korea, be sure that your phone is unlocked. This ensures a no-fuss trip since you will be able to interchange your sim card seamlessly with the one you purchase in Korea. If your phone is unlocked, you will not be able to use a different carrier, therefore you will not be able to purchase a sim card overseas. 

Credit Cards

Besides having cash on you for emergencies, credit cards have become widely accepted by most vendors in Korea. Be sure to call your bank ahead of time to notify them about your trip to Korea so there will not be any fraud alerts or mishaps while you are overseas. One of the most essential things to pack for Korea is a credit card!

Electrical Plug Adaptor 

If you’re like me during my first trip abroad, it might have not crossed your mind that they use different adaptors over there. Be sure to buy multiple so you have them handy when you need to charge your phones and electronics.  


While they have great pharmacies in Korea, be sure to bring along all essential medications you might be able to get your hands on while abroad. To save yourself the trouble of translation and misunderstanding what medication you are taking, bring what you have at home that you think you will need to pack for your Korea trip. 

What Not to Pack for Korea 

These are based on our own suggestions for what you do not need to pack for Korea. Of course, if you need to or prefer to, you may still consider packing them along with you for Korea. 


Korea has an abundance of trendy and high-quality beauty shops that supply some of the best-smelling beauty products you may ever come across. With that being said, don’t risk bringing over your own shampoo, taking up space, and causing a potential leak in your luggage when you can just grab a small bottle of shampoo in Korea during your stay.  


Similar reasoning for the shampoo. We recommend you pack lightly for Korea in terms of makeup because you will find yourself shopping for some of the best beauty products available over there. Pack the essential makeup for Korea and supplement it with some new goodies when you’re shopping. 

Hair Dryer

Eliminate another unnecessary bulk product in your luggage. Your hotel or Airbnb will likely have one ready for you. If you pack your own, be sure to bring an additional adaptor for the plug. 

What to Bring to Korea 

Moving onto some of the general things you might want to consider packing for Korea, we’re going to cover the basics. This includes things you may or may not want to bring depending on if you want to shop for these products while you are there. With that in mind, we will list them in case you forget when packing for Korea.


While you might plan to do a bit of shopping while you’re in Korea, don’t forget to have a few sets of clothes on hand in case you don’t find what you’re looking for. Depending on the season and weather, you want to pack what you find appropriate. For the hotter seasons, check out our post on The Best Summer Vacation Outfits to Pack for Korea. Alternatively, if you are planning to visit in the winter, you can check out our post on Korean Winter Styles You Need in Your Closet. If you are looking for just a broad guideline on what to pack for Korea, you can check out our blog post on What Clothes to Pack for Korea

croissant mock corset tank top and joggers on purple hair model
koucha plaid summer dress on red hair model sitting down


Can anyone go anywhere without a camera these days? If your phone isn’t quite doing it for you and you want to savor some high-quality moments, don’t forget to pack a camera to capture your trip to Korea! Be sure to pack the chargers, batteries and SD card as well.  


Backpacks are a necessity for making sure you have everything you need on you at all times, especially when you’re out and about in a foreign place. Be sure to opt for a lightweight backpack. If you’re walking around for hours on end, the last thing you want is to carry a bag that’s heavier than what you’re carrying inside it. If you only need a bag that fits your phone and card, try going for a smaller bag like the Lotus cross-body bag

lotus cross body bag flat lay close up


If you’re planning to spend some time working abroad, don’t forget to pack your laptop. Preferably one that is lightweight so you don’t have to feel the burn of carrying it everywhere with you from the airport to cafes. Make sure to bring your laptop charger while you are at it.  

There you have it. Your comprehensive guide on what to pack for your trip to Korea. Of course, the list is interchangeable depending on your needs and what you plan on doing, but will hopefully serve as a guideline for the basics of what to bring to Korea. For more Kpop-related news, be sure to check out our blog post or visit our K-fashion selection over at Lychee the Label. 

June 29, 2022
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