3 Times Aespa Outfits Slayed + Inspirational Dupes You Can Find

If you need a refresher on what this dominant all-girl Kpop group Aespa is about, have a seat as we enlighten you. Aespa is under SM Entertainment, a company well known for its abstract and exciting new concepts when debuting Kpop groups, as previously seen with EXO, SuperM, and so on. Aespa is created under the concept of the digital world, with each member having their own exclusive avatar for their online/offline persona. We cover a bit more about the group’s history and members over in our post The Rise of Kpop Group Aespa if you’re looking for a deeper dive into their story. 

Today we’re looking at some of Aespa’s hottest looks and breaking down our top three styles we’ve seen them rock. In addition, we’ll be giving you some tips and tricks to emulate their style along with some dupes you can mix and match to integrate into your own style! 

Sophisticated Aespa Outfit 

For this first look, you can see that Aespa’s outfits have a common theme. It’s a very mature, elegant, and sophisticated look. We see the use of blazers with golden buttons, dress shirts with ruffles, collared tops, and leather gloves. This Kpop girl group Aespa ain’t playing around when it comes to class, and it’s clear as day to see from this shot. We love the simplicity in their monochromatic choice of color, and overall playing towards the darker side of the aesthetic.  

aespa outfit in all black with sophisticated theme

We’ll be taking some elements from Aespa’s clothes here and creating our own inspiration based on what we think is similar in style. The first on our list is the Mirin A-Line Slit Skirt. This skirt exudes the same sophisticated aura as Aespa’s outfits. It’s a clean-cut all black skirt that is edgy while being minimal. We particularly love the buttons with the dangling chain since it resembles the golden buttons worn as a theme for Aespa’s style in this outfit. 

mirin dangling chain slit skirt flat lay close up

Another piece that we think suits Aespa’s outfit perfectly here is the Rose Hip Leg Strap Dress. This dress has an open-shoulder look and wears like a halter for the neckline, resembling NingNing’s outfit and dress. The metallic waist buckles also give that same pop of contrast against the darker fabric, which is a common theme for Aespa’s look here. 

Pink Pop Aespa Outfit

In contrast to the first look, we have something a little more fun, youthful and playful. The girls are dressed up in white, black, and pink with the military pattern found throughout the look. If this look is familiar, this Aespa outfit was actually worn in their hit Kpop music video Next Level. 

aespa pink outfit matching on stage

Something we noticed in their outfit is Karina’s streetwear inspired necklace that she is rocking. It appears to be a cobra clasp, a style of clasp you might typically see in streetwear belts like the Cobra Tactical Strap Belt. This style is very popular in streetwear and can be worn for both genders, making it an easy and versatile piece to incorporate into your Kpop inspired outfit. 

cobra tactical belt flat lay close up

Ningning’s waist corset is such a cool layering piece to bring more dimension to your outfit! The Bonbon Waist Corset is a really great dupe to get a similar streetwear style look that you can layer on top of dress shirts, fitted tops, and dresses. 

The chunky chain aesthetic in Aespa’s style is a really bold statement piece that really helps your accessories stand out against such bright outfits. Similarly, the Peppermint Chunky Chain can be thrown onto any outfit provided there are hooks to snap it to. The chain also comes in a black, white, or silver colorway so you get the variety to choose what you’re in the mood for today. 


Streetwear Aespa Outfit

Last but not least we have this extremely cool Aespa outfit that just screams baddie. These girls are decked out in straps, layers, crop tops, and oversized joggers. We love this streetwear style because there is a lot of room for creativity as you can pretty much layer how you want to and it’ll still work. If you’re confident enough, you can pull off anything that looks too bold or extra initially. 

aespa streetwear outfit in matching red and black theme

The straps found on Aespa’s look for this outfit is very reminiscent of the Passionfruit Adjustable Harness. This harness is meant to be layered onto any top that might need a little more shape brought back in. It has a double layer strappy waist with a lot of metallic detailing that really makes it stand out and bring so much more character to your streetwear-inspired outfit. 

These oversized joggers can be substituted for the Caviar Reflective Joggers, which give off the same streetwear vibe that Aespa’s pants are giving off here. The joggers have an adjustable drawstring and elastic waist that gives you the most control over your fit, but also allows for the waist to look snatched since it slightly flares from under the waist. There are a ton of pockets that adds-on as a great utility detailing. The zippers and reflective detailing on the joggers are just a bonus! 

caviar reflective jogger flat lay close up

And there you have it! Our top three Aespa outfit and some inspiration dupes you can cop to emulate that very same style. For more Kpop news about Aespa such as our speculation on who the new member is, as well as more outfit inspiration from Karina herself, make sure to check out our page. Still hungry for more? Don’t forget to visit our Kpop Fashion collection over on Lychee the Label!
July 07, 2022
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