Strappy Kpop Tops You Need in Your Closet

Maybe you have a thing for scouting the best Kpop clothes you can find to incorporate into your outfit. Maybe you came across our Blackpink Pink Venom Music Video Outfit Dupes or Aespa Outfit Dupes blog post. Whatever the reason may be, we know you are a fan of Kpop inspired outfits as much as we are. Today though, we’re zooming in on one particular Kpop style we love, and that is straps and strappy details. We’ll be looking at the best strappy Kpop-inspired tops that you need to add to your closet right now!

Genmaicha Asymmetrical Tie Strap Top

If you’re looking for a versatile Kpop-inspired strap top, our Genmaicha Asymmetrical Tie Strap Top is the one for you. This top is casual enough to be worn daily, but can also be dressed up for a Kpop strappy dance outfit. Genmaicha is a plain back long-sleeve top, the perfect base to start with. It’s simplistic at a glance, but it pulls you in with its unique cuts and design. The top also features a strappy asymmetrical neckline. It rides slightly higher on one side of the top. Attached to it is an extra-long strap that allows you to loop once or twice around your waist, depending on how long you want the straps to dangle. The sleeves are long and fitted, with thumb holes. 

genmaicha strap top with streetwear black joggers on red hair model

If you want to match this top with a casual day outfit, try wearing our Genmaicha Asymmetrical Tie Strap Top with our Viola Pleather Belt Zippered Pants. These two together will create the ultimate edgy streetwear style outfit that is sure to impress. Looking to create the ultimate Kpop-inspired strappy top outfit? Then try matching Genmaicha with our Milk Tea Strap Leg Shorts. This double strap-on strap outfit, paired with dangling metallic detailings is the perfect Kpop dance outfit you can wear. 

Ume Asymmetrical Slit Top

If unique is what you’re looking for in a strappy Kpop inspired top, then this is it. Our Ume Asymmetrical Slit Top is like none other and sure to make a statement. The top half fits like a flattering tank top, with an asymmetrical strap across the neckline, followed by a dangling off-shoulder strap on one side of your arm. The top drapes down lower on one side, giving a very edgy and unique aesthetic to the overall look of the piece. 

ume kpop strap top with black shorts on purple hair model

This Kpop slit top can be worn with a number of pieces, as its simplistic design and solid grey neutral color give it an easy base to work with. We like to give Ume a feminine edge so we recommend pairing it with a full flared skirt such as our Cider Plaid Leg Strap Short

Longan Mesh Sleeve Button-Up Top 

If you are looking for something right in between business casual and Kpop star, here you have it. Our Longan Mesh Sleeve Button-Up Top is the perfect mix between the two. Longan is an all-black fitted button-up collared top. It is designed and cut like a halter, with an off-shoulder, fitted mesh sleeve. The sleeve also comes with thumb holes as well. Where the sleeve starts, you will find a long strap on both ends that is meant to come together and tie a little bow in the front. The bottom of the top is designed in a classic pointed shape. 

longan mesh kpop strap top with red hair model

If you’re going for something a little more business casual forward, try pairing this strappy Kpop-inspired top with a strappy matching Kpop-inspired bottom, our Toffee Zipper Detail Lace Up Pants. Going for an all-out Kpop strappy outfit look? Pair Longan with our Mirin Double Chain A-Line Skort. This black-on-black duo is the ultimate strappy Kpop outfit dream.

Match Ruched Mesh Bustier Crop Top

Maybe you want to add some color to your strappy Kpop-inspired outfit. Then our Matcha Ruched Mesh Bustier Crop Top is for you. This is a matcha green crop bustier with dangling strap tags and a criss-cross neckline as its selling piece. The soft mesh ruched detail can be found all around the top, with a sturdy zipper hidden in the back. 

matcha strap kpop top and pleather shorts on purple hair model

Go on and rock this top with our Kombu Pleather Zipper Leg Shorts for the ultimate edgy Kpop strap outfit combo. This outfit is a head-turning number that will have you feeling like a Kpop star. 

Dashi Strap Detail Top and Sleeve Set

If you want a full-on strappy Kpop-inspired top that you can definitely envision our favorite Kpop groups wearing in their music videos, then you have to check out Dashi Strap Detail Top and Sleeve Set. This is a simple black tank top with a hidden zipper found on one side of the top. The straps on the shoulders are adjustable for the best fit, and the top has a cut-out strap design found on one side of the waist. Dashi also comes with a set of long detachable sleeves. 

dashi strap kpop top with matching sleeve on red hair model

We recommend pairing Dashi with its match made in heaven, Tare Strap Detail Shorts. These two are a set made together that will surely make all your Kpop strappy outfit dreams come true. The bottoms have complementary strappy details as well, such as the adjustable waist strap and the single-leg thigh strap. 

There you have it. Our recommendations on the best strappy Kpop-inspired tops you need in your closet right now. Check out our recommendations for the 10 Must-Have Kpop-inspired Skirts and Shorts if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to check out our Kpop fashion selection over at Lychee the label for more Kpop finds!

November 25, 2022
Tags: kpop fashion